1. whinecellar

    Logic Remote on iPad Pro specifically

    Hey Guys, Anyone using Logic Remote on an iPad *Pro*? I can't find much in the way of screen shots or other details. I know it now shows 12 faders instead of 9 no normal-sized iPads, but I'd love to see some screen shots of it in use, especially with the key command fields, etc. I'm thinking...
  2. G

    Logic and VEP recommendations

    I know this has probably been mentioned quite a few times here and I've read through some of the posts but just wanted to double check how you guys recommend working with Logic (on the master) and VEP (on the slave). I've just gotten into VEP, and the networking is great, now onto making a...
  3. G

    Cubase - Why better on Windows than Mac?

    Hi Guys, I've just recently got Cubase. And I've seen it pop up a lot here that it runs better on Windows than Mac. I'm a super Mac fanboy (still using Logic, but maybe I'll be swayed completely onto Cubase). But how come does it run better under Windows than the Mac OS. Just wanted to know...
  4. Y

    Sample libraries and DAW templates

    I know Native Instruments has been working directly with numerous VI companies to optimize their new keyboards... So here's a thought: What if sample library companies created custom templates for the different DAWs out there?? I am a Logic user... So that would be first on my list! Hehehe...
  5. Vik

    Controlling Dynamics etc In Logic Pro

    It's that time of the year ago, you know – Christmas, which is when we rebuild our workflow, try new gadgets and maybe even make some new templates. :-] There are several ways to set up the automation of dynamics etc in Kontakt libraries, with or without HyperDraw/Automation, with/without Smart...
  6. J

    Smpte lock in ableton (like in logic)

    I recently made the switch from logic to ableton and I'm working to video for the first time. I want to change the tempo of the project while keeping some clips in place with the video (locked to smpte) Anyone know if/how this can be done? Thanks for any help.
  7. jonathanwright

    Speed up Logic X connection to VEP

    This may be something I just need to put up with, but whenever I connect to VEP on my PC slave from my Mac, it takes an absolute age compared to connecting to a local VEP instance on my Mac. I can handle this if I'm just connecting at the start of the day, but when I need to change the audio...
  8. bjderganc

    From Logic X to Cubse 8 -- A ton of questions!

    Hi All! New Cubase 8 user coming from Logic X! I'm generally doing really well with Cubase, but have ton of questions that have been bogging me down for a couple days: 1. Is there a way to mute individual MIDI notes within the Key Editor? 2. In Logic, it's easy to move around in a...
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