1. R

    Free Logic articulation set for VSL Dimension Strings

    I've made a Logic articulation set for VSL Dimension Strings (full). Because Logic 10.4 cannot currently control the VSL matrices (which need more than one message to set the X/Y axis), there is a corresponding Scripter script which interprets the articulation IDs. If you use this with the...
  2. R

    XFade Considered Harmful (free Logic script for VSL)

    Have you ever noticed that while most sample libs feature dynamic crossfade (henceforth 'xfade') for expression control, many of the best demos rarely use it? xfade is an inherent compromise between limited sample levels and the continuous, within-note, dynamics afforded by wind and string...
  3. Vik

    Recalling track stacks with Instruments in Logic

    Hi all, I have created some track stacks which contains various instruments in Logic, eg one stack with only violins, another one with only violas etc, and saved them. I'm trying to find out what the simplest and most obvious (if any) way to get access to what I have saved in all projects is...
  4. ARC Samples

    Presenting... ARC Samples: String Textures.

    Hello, It is fantastic to be apart of an engaging and talented community. As an avid watcher of Christian Henson's vlogs, I was inspired to explore the world of sampling. I've loved playing with Spitfire Audio's; Olafur Arnolds' Chamber Evolutions, so I decided to try and come up with my own...
  5. Wunderhorn

    Logic Pro Memory Leak?

    After having my template open for a while I am seeing that Logic Pro is taking up around 22GB of application memory while I only have VE-Pro instances running within Logic itself and those should not cause such a memory hogging scenario... VE-Pro is also using around 20+GB but that of course I...
  6. composerguy78

    Logic System Overload fix?

    I am in the process of setting up and testing my new template. The new big change is that I have a new powerful slave machine with 128GB RAM. The new template now has every virtual instrument and sample library loaded onto the slave machine. My slave machine is way more powerful than my DAW...
  7. G

    TouchOSC Help with Logic

    I'm trying to get TouchOSC working with Logic, and don't seem to be having much luck. I have setup my iPad as a Controller in the MIDI Controllers in Logic. If I use the Logic iPad template it all works fine. But I now want to create my own layout in ToucOSC to control CC parameters like CC1...
  8. hozierschurch

    Keeping track of ideas (everything and anything ...)

    Wondering how you guys keep track of your musical ideas (I'm thinking more chord progressions / melodies / themes e.t.c. which come to you as you are improvising). At the moment I keep coming up with ideas which I save in whichever project I have open at the time in Logic but that ironically is...
  9. tav.one

    MIDI Out from MIDI FX Plugins in Logic

    In case someone is interested, this plugin (free) will do just that: http://www.audiocr.com/midi-fx-freeze/ Small demonstration video from the developer: For my workflow (Arp, Chord Trigger, Scaler, etc.) this plugin came in as a godsend. Now if I could just get something simple like this...
  10. hozierschurch

    Logic Track On/Off

    I am creating a large-ish template but only have 24GB RAM. Is having most tracks switched off by default a workable solution? In reality, does the On/Off button mean the track and plugins do not affect CPU at all or is it just a glorified mute button? I’ve read conflicting opinions on this...
  11. Amusics

    Logic 10.4.1 Automation/Midi error

    I have an interesting issue that showed up this morning. Updated to Logic 10.4.1 over the weekend. Starting writing today and I'm noticing the options to change the Automation/Midi drop down aren't showing up in my piano roll. Anyone else having this issue? I'm able to see it on other files, but...
  12. Kyle Preston

    Programming Midi in Logic Pro X (cc 64)

    I recently picked up the Spitfire Labs Soft Piano. I have a hard drive filled entirely with piano VIs and am almost annoyed at how much better the Soft Piano is than my others. Except. For some reason, cc 64 sustain is a bit wonky. There's a threshold somewhere between 100-119 where if I...
  13. Akarin

    [Tutorial] Set up VEPro on a slave and connect from Cubase and Logic

    In the following video, I’m going to show you how you can repurpose a spare computer to handle your VST libraries while keeping CPU power on your main machine by using VEPro 6: Let me know if you have any question and I'll try my best to answer!
  14. Wunderhorn

    Sierra vs. High Sierra for Logic 10.4

    I am still on El Capitan at the moment but as we now know, Logic now requires one of the Sierra's. In addition to Logic I am running mostly VE-Pro6, Kontakt 5.66 and occasionally PLAY and the Best Service player. High Sierra has promised a lot of under-the-hood improvements, not to speak of...
  15. tav.one

    Logic's big offensive Tooltips

    Can someone help me get rid of these? In the pic below I'm trying to drag the region to match another region upstairs but can't see where I am because of that black tooltip (MIDI data doesn't start at the start of the region so that white vertical line doesn't help much) Its impossible to work...
  16. JT3_Jon

    Logic “Select Highest / Lowest Note” function - Cubase equivalent?

    Is there a way to quickly select the top or bottom notes of a polyphonic midi part? In logic this was possible with the great feature - Function > Note Events > Select Highest Notes (or Select Lowest Notes) which I used all the time and really miss. Does Cubase have a way to do this as well? I...
  17. derekkirkup

    Sculpture Backwards Compatibility

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to make some Sculpture patches I created in Logic 7 available for later versions. Does anyone know if compatibility is seamless or whether there are issues? Thanks, D
  18. E

    MIDI Export issue in Logic

    A significant part of my current workflow involves exporting MIDI data as .mid files, but I’m experiencing a glitch. I select the region I’d like to export, and save the file. The .mid file can then be imported into other software, and the data itself seems fine. However, unlike bouncing a...
  19. K

    Logic X: aux track not visible in main window

    Hi, I can see the aux tracks in my mixer window, but not all of them are visible in the main window. How do I do that? It's probably simple, but I can't seem to find it. :-O Thanks for your help! Koen
  20. M

    Imac 2017 buying question

    Hello, My 2011 MacBook Pro (500Gb SSD and 16GB RAM) has started lagging (a lot of fan noise and it's slower) so sadly it's time to get a new computer... I currently also own a MacBook Air (8GBs of ram and 1.6ghz) which I haven't used for composing yet. Is is possible to compose with Logic and...
  21. fedacuric

    Logic Pro X 10.3.2 MIDI pencil tool keyboard shortcut

    Hi, I usually use Ableton but bought Logic a while back and want to play around with the piano roll. I am trying to find / create good key commands for the different tools in the piano roll, such as the pencil tool, finger tool etc. When I look at the key commands already mapped by default, it...
  22. ontracktuts

    [BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL] On our Music Production Courses

    Hi VI-Controllers, You all ready for Black Friday? Have you made up your wishlist? Well its just around the corner. We're running Black Friday specials on our music production courses. All these courses are $10 until the end of Black Friday. Grab them while you can and we look forward to seeing...
  23. G

    Cubase with Many VEP Instances

    Hi VI-Controllers, So I know there's a lot of debate with Logic and VEP and using either few instances with many instruments (with multi-timbral instruments) or using many instances with single instruments. I've been using Logic with single VEP instances and it all seems to work well and is...
  24. hozierschurch

    Logic X - Is it possible to print stems with reverb e.t.c.?

    Read a ton of posts about this and struggling to find something definitive. Basically I have summing track stacks i.e. Orchestral Strings, routed to Spaces Reverb which results in a Strings Master. It is this master I am trying to print together with the reverb effects e.t.c. :confused:
  25. hozierschurch

    Basic Reverb Routing

    Hi all. With a large-ish orchestral template (using summing stacks in LPX), do you route Reverb via 'Send' or 'Output'? From what I can see 'Send' gives you individual control of Reverb but you hear 2 lots of sound (source + reverb) whereas Output uses 100% of signal and to my ears sounds better?
  26. B

    Superman March Mockup

    Just spent a few hours this afternoon having a go at this! I didn't have a recording at hand so its done from memory and I doubt it is all correct but was a bit of fun! Just testing a new template, any feedback for the balance? I haven't really spent a lot of time setting up the reverbs or...
  27. hozierschurch

    Faulty MacBook. Do I need an iMac?

    My Late 2011 MacBook Pro is dying due to a GPU fault so I'm looking for an upgrade but with limited funds. I use LPX and want to start creating large orchestral projects using EWQL e.t.c. Portability isn't a huge concern - more of a bonus ... My budget is pretty dismal (about £1200) but if I...
  28. N

    Why slave Protools to Logic / Cubase Etc

    May be a noob-ish question, but what is the benefit of hosting the movie in pro-tools on another computer, and having it slaved to the main DAW? Will it save significant processing power? Also, it always seems to be protools that composers are slaving? Any reason why it always seems to be...
  29. RRBE Sound

    Efficient iPad Connection?

    Hello Everyone! :) So I have been fumbling with DAW control from mechanical faders to iPad control. I have come to the conclusion that I only need an iPad as control. - As I already have one spare. I use Logic, and the logic remote. BUT: I can not figure out one efficient way to connect...
  30. G

    Multiple DAW with VEP6

    Hi VI-Controllers, I've got a question about if you want to use multiple DAWs with VEP. So I'm using Logic and Cubase. But then there's the big debate on where Logic works better with single instances in VEP, while Cubase works better with less Instances and in some cases even just one big...
  31. Garlu

    [VIDEO] Offline Stems in Logic

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a method on how to create offline stems in Logic (similar to batch export, in Cubase). This topic came out on Christian Henson's #14 video ("All about stems"), so, I hope this helps -sorry for my spaniard accent! ;) Best, Vanessa G. "Garlu"
  32. C

    Assign ModWheel to a knob on my Nord Piano in Logic?

    Hi guys I need your help with this one: I have a Nord Piano 88 which doesn't have a modulation wheel nor a pitch bend. I do have other knobs which transmit MIDI signal to Logic, so I was wondering if there's any way to make one of them the default knob for controlling ModWheel in Logic...
  33. Mads Skønberg

    Totally new to orchestral music

    Hi! I started making orchestral music 2 weeks ago with Logic Pro X on my iMac. I would be really happy if you will listen to my work so far. https://soundcloud.com/madsskonberg - please visit and listen. Very happy if you tell me what is good and what is not. I have composed music since I...
  34. Amusics

    VEpro 6 Audio Dropout

    Today I had all my audio stream from cut out from my PC slave unexpectedly. I reset my gigabit hub and the audio came back, but now it plays with a random .5 second to 1 second drop out. Almost as if someone is pressing a mute button randomly. Issue is still present when I bounce to audio. I...
  35. C

    2017 MBP 15" with Logic for large libraries?

    Anyone here using the new 15" Macbook Pros with Logic and has any experience using large sample libraries? I'm wondering about the performance of the quad core CPU and 16GB of RAM. Long story short, with a pretty hefty incoming promotion bonus (yay) I'll be able to afford to upgrade from my...
  36. B

    Kontakt & Logic question - changing I/O buffer size reloads all libraries?

    Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help... When I change buffer size on Logic (e.g. from 128 to 256) it causes my entire template to re-load itself from scratch (all Kontakt instances) which takes 5 or 10 minutes (re-initialising coreaudio) Is this normal? (I don't know why it needs to do...
  37. Vik

    The most important differences between Logic and Cubase for use with sample libraries?

    I have both Cubase and Logic. I know Logic very well, but I'm relatively new to Cubase. Among the things that made me want to invest in Cubase were: Cubase has note names in each of the roll events (but Logic has this now as well) C. has multiple CC lanes in the editors Piano Roll in each...
  38. sazema

    Good alternative to multi-mode Logic compressor for Windows

    I'm wondering is there a good alternative to Logic compressor for Windows. All in one, multi-mode, opto, vca, etc...
  39. Blake Ewing

    Logic X 10.3 - Capture as Recording bug?

    Hi guys, I almost exclusively use "Capture as Recording" when laying down MIDI parts. I'm having this weird issue consistently on a new piece... When I play a part and then use the Capture as Recording key command, the notes in the midi region all seem to be locking up into longer (like full...
  40. N

    Macbook Pro late 2011 vs new Macbook Pro: noticeable improvement?

    I have some money available now to invest in a new computer, and as my macbook pro is more than 5 years old, I was thinking of getting a newer faster one. It's a late 2011 with 16gb ram, an ssd, 2.6 i7 dual core. Was wondering how much of an improvement the new macbook pro (the quad core...
  41. S

    Can I controll CC data for all instruments in a group in Logic X?

    Hi - I'm guessing there is an easy way to do this, but I'm missing it. I have a file in Logic that I exported as a midi file in Finale. There is all kinds of crazy CC data that I'm trying to tame. What I'd like to do is, say for the strings - clear all the CC data in a region, and then go in...
  42. S

    Another q about Kontakt purges, Ram, Logic, VE Pro and more

    Hi all, Not sure if this is really the right place for this - but the old DAW forum is gone so... I am trying to control RAM usage... I don't think my specs are in my sig, but they are: Macbook Pro, 16gb of ram, Yosemite external SSD (1TB) sample libs including Spitfire (SCS, SSB), OT...
  43. M

    Alternative to Logic Pro X for displaying duration bars in the score editor

    I don't own Logic and I do not plan to buy it so do you a notation software which enables us to display the note's duration and works approx. the same way of the Logic score editor ? Here is what I mean : https://support.apple.com/kb/PH24621?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US Thanks
  44. G

    Kontakt Freezing when record

    I'm having an issue with Kontact 5.6 when recording in Logic 10.2.4. It records in the part but then as soon as i stop the recording Logic freezes. I thought it was a Logic issue, but I tried it out in Reaper and the same thing happens as soon s the recording stops it freezes the DAW. Anyone...
  45. Sebastian

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 for Access Virus TI

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 is a collection of 128 high quality patches for Access Virus TI, full of energetic sequences, gritty basslines, deep pads, dark soundscapes, Vintage sounds, roaring ( punchy ) basses, driving electronics and atmospherics sounds. We aim to provide cutting-edge digital...
  46. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X - Movie tempo ''freeze'' ?

    Hey All! So I am searched Google and You Tube for answers, but with no result. My question goes: How can I ''Lock/freeze'' the video/movie in Logic Pro X when changing tempo? I am aware of the great audio flex function, but this, as I can see does not affect the video/movie. - So it...
  47. S

    Logic X reverb panning anomaly

    Hi guys, I've posted this on the Logic forum but I think it might be helpful to post it here too :) I have one stereo track that I pan hard left using the Direction Mixer (I've also tried this experiment with the pan). This track is sent to a reverb bus. The reverb should receive the panning...
  48. Vik

    How can Logic become better at controlling CCs (and articulations)?

    Control of dynamics (and vibrato etc etc) and articulation is a big thing for people who use virtual instruments, and is very cumbersome in Logic. For starters, I often can't just enable record and enable automation touch mode and start to play some MIDI notes on my keyboard and control dynamics...
  49. ag75

    Does anyone use mostly EXS24 samples?

    I am looking to grow my exs24 samples, mostly for live performance with MainStage, but also because I love the ability to save an entire Logic session, including samples and share it with others. So my question is, where does one get EX24 instruments these days? Are most of the people using...
  50. vewilya

    Vepro - tempo sync - cpu overload

    Hello I've been encountering a problem recently that has been reported a couple of times I think. I have been playing around with the new 8Dio percussion libraries (Solo Taikos, Frame Drums, etc.) and have loaded an instance of VEPRO 5 with 16 Kontakt instruments going into Logic X or DP9 for...
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