1. E

    Midi Sustain Pedal not Working in Logic Pro X

    Hey every one I recently purchased my first sustain pedal (Cherub Sustain Pedal) -- I use an Akai MPK261 midi keyboard I plugged it into the dedicated socket (right most socket) and i fired up logic to try it out. It is not doing anything with Kontakt or Modartt Pianoteq 7 I see some people...
  2. C

    CineBrass Core - Articulation set for Logic?

    I just got CineBrass Core and I'm wondering if there is a Logic articulation set for it. I am completely new to Kontakt and would just like to get started using CB instead of customizing. Articulation sets have worked well for me with BBCSO. I don't like using keyswitches. And I am not spending...
  3. stigc56

    Art. switching with VSL elite strings in Logic

    Hi Has anyone found a workable solution to use VSL Elite Strings in Logic? I think about the limit of 3 ks in Logic where Elite Strings needs 4 (5?). Some of the scripter gurus maybe? Regards Stig Christensen
  4. Amusics

    VEPRO tuning issues

    Sometime last year, I started to have seemingly random pitch drift of some samples on my host. Thought it was some residual build up on my template. Mostly with Albion strings. fast forward to today I finished a completely new template. Immediately having drift on some of my woodwind samples...
  5. B

    Trouble Deciding Between Logic and Cubase

    Hello, I have been using Logic for about 2 years now. However, for one of my classes recently, we were required to purchase Cubase Elements as our DAW. As I am getting more familiar with Cubase, there are a few features that I like from Cubase that I wish were in Logic, such as the automation...
  6. M

    Help With Logic Pro X Scripter

    Hey, I made a scripter plugin that allows me to "hotswap" samples in my sampler using MIDI CC. However I can't seem to make the CC values persist once I hit play or record or when I reload the project. I made a video (w/ sound) that will probably demonstrate what I mean a little more clearly...
  7. A

    Logic "Region Automation: Volume" command not showing CC7

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with the same key command behaving differently between versions of Logic. Specifically "Region Automation: Volume" (found under "Views Showing Time Ruler" which displays CC7 MIDI Volume in Logic 10.4.8 but for some reason displays the track volume in Logic 10.5.1...
  8. J

    Here is a Logic template for Spitfire Abbey Road One: Orchestral Essentials

    This is a Logic Pro template for Spitfire Audio's Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations sample library. It is similar to the template provided by Spitfire for their BBCSO libraries. It is attached to this post as a .zip file, and is also available on Github. It is distributed under the GPL v3...
  9. M

    Control multiple monitor directly from Logic (and sonarworks only when listening)

    I found a way to get a sort of control room (like in cubase) (or fx monitoring in reaper) directly in Logic. I want share it here, for me it works, maybe this could be helpful from someone else. You need to have a multiple out audio interface (i used a fireface 800). 1) In Logic create a bus...
  10. mrazz

    Lass a.r.c delay?

    Hello! I've completely set up each section of the strings through ARC so that my lines auto Divisi. Does this system induce a slight delay? I imagine it does. I can load single patches and get immediate reaction to my playing, but when triggering the same performances through A.R.C and the...
  11. R

    Hey, Help me all CSS user.

    Everyone, I'm a Logic ProX user. I was looking for information because I wanted to use the cs series that I really love better. And then I found a really good solution, the logical editor of Cubase. There are many reasons why I can't change in logic, and the biggest reason is the usability of...
  12. darthdeus

    Choosing a DAW for working alone with MIDI and no recording

    After yet another cycle of trying out different DAWs I feel more and more uncertain as I move on. Any advice is appreciated! Also sorry for another "help me pick a DAW" thread, but I feel like I have specific enough idea of what I want that maybe that justifies it? :) Also sorry for the long...
  13. yellow_lupine

    Logic articulation set with Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Hi everyone, I am planning to move my current Cubase project to Logic and I wonder how to correctly handle articulation changes. In Cubase I have a single VE Pro plugin, connected to a unique VE Pro server instance hosting about 70 VSL instruments. Could you please tell me how should I...
  14. B

    Odd number tuplets in Logic?

    Does anyone have suggestions on the most efficient way to create MIDI note runs with odd number tuplets? e.g. 5, 7, 9, 11 notes per beat? Thank you in advance!
  15. Unknown

    [RELEASE] Custom dark Logic pro X Theme

    In order to install, you'll need LPXColorizer which you can find HERE Once set up you can download the theme HERE I hope this helps you as the default theme is a bit naff :p
  16. S

    Logic MIDI sync issues

    So I have a weird problem going on with syncing of a midi file. I am recording a band live while at the same time the keyboard player is recording the midi of their performance into logic so that I can switch out the sound during the mixing process. When I get all the stems into another logic...
  17. S

    Mapping CC1 to external fader.

    I can find a "virtual knob" for just about everything else, except the CC's, There's no CC to click on to be able to "learn" What am I missing?
  18. O

    Which, if any, of these Kontakt libraries should I buy, given my requirements?

    I'm a soundtrack-esque hobbyist composer in Alaska. My biggest musical influences are probably Alexandre Desplat, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore, Nicholas Hooper, Jay Chattaway, Martin O'Donnell, and James Horner. I've been relying on Logic's factory library for well over half a decade, and I'm...
  19. Wunderhorn

    Logic AutoSampler: When to use XFade, Penrose, etc?

    I wonder if anyone has a bit of inside to this: When using AutoSampler for looped sounds (in this particular case acoustic recordings, not synth patches) I'd like to know in which situation would I choose "Search with XFade" versus "Penrose" or "Bi-Directional"? I have not found proper...
  20. mcpepe

    I recorded my upright piano through FX pedals and added some synths

    With a paused dense atmosphere that invites to reflexion, this music is made to be heard in the quiet of the night. I wanted to use my Digitech reverb and delay pedals with the acoustic piano, to create these singular textures that transform the sound of the piano. Look forward to the end of the...
  21. emilio_n

    Course / Tutorial / Guide to create am Orchestral template for Logic Pro X

    Hi there! I am looking someplace to learn better how to create a good template for Logic Pro. Do you know any course or tutorial where is covered everything? From the basics to how to set up the groups, buses, articulations, configuration of TouchOSC or Metagrid, etc. By far I found the...
  22. emilio_n

    Plugins for mixing and mastering

    Hello! I am looking for some plugins for mixing and mastering. I got Ozone 9 and Neutron 3 elements for free a few weeks ago and I checked that I can get Tonal Balance Bundle (Ozone 9, Neutron 3, Nectar 3 and Tonal Balance 2 All advanced) with crossgrade for 185$. (Reg Price 700$) I am trying...
  23. tav.one

    Windows only VSTs in Logic?

    I impulsively bought Genesis Pro Synth and then realised that its Windows-only VST (in 2020?) Is there a way to run this inside logic, like with Komplete Kontrol or some Blue Cat plugin? If the answer is NO, then someone who is on windows and is interested PM me and I'll send you the (unused)...
  24. Garlu

    Controlling iOS apps from DAW (Mac)

    Hi all, I decided to create a Vlog entrance on connecting your iOS apps (on ipad/iphone) to your DAW, for controlling some of those sounds from the sequencer. Just the USB connection is needed for sending bidirectional midi and receiving audio. Hope you like it! *Warning: video is in spanish...
  25. GdT

    Logic Score Editor - different Key Signatures

    In Logic Key Signature is a global setting. If I change in on one track in the score editor it changes it for all tracks. In Sibelius I can have transposing instruments with different key signatures. Logic can’t do this. Much modern music is multi-tonal. Here is a simple example. I am reading...
  26. S

    PLEASE HELP! Issues running multiple controllers simultaneously in Logic X Pro...

    I am in Logic Pro x and using an Alesis Crimson 2 electronic drum kit (hardware) which I am running usb midi to my Mac to control a "producer kit" (software drum kit) from Logic Pro X. This works fine, I want to also run a Komplete 25A midi keyboard (also USB out) to control a software...
  27. G

    VEPro7 and the Logic Template with more instances

    I'm using VEPro 7 and Logic 10.4.4. I have created a VEPro template 4 Instances (WINDS, PERC, STRINGS, BRASS), and I want to use the Logic AU3 BETA Template. But the project only has 24 port with 3 instances. I know I could move merge my instances and then it would be fine. But I want there to...
  28. G

    VEPro with Logic - Create a Reverb send with VEP hosting the reverb

    I'm trying to figure out how to create a reverb send in Logic. But I want the reverb unit to be in a VEPro instance and then on a track in Logic I can use a bus to send a part of the signal to it. From videos I've seen I've only seen how to use the Audio Event to switch the output form a track...
  29. Vik

    Dedicated subforums for Cubase/Logic/the major DAWs?

    Based on this DAW poll, it seems that Cubase and Logic are the two most used DAWs among composers working with virtual instruments - especially Cubase, but that could change now when Logic has track disable, articulations sets and hopefully more features for composers/VI users in the future...
  30. Vik

    Tip for Logic users with performance issues: Memory diag

    I've had some serious issues with Logic lately, and spent a lot of time troubleshooting. The main thing that came out of all these hours were mainly one thing: MacOS/Logic allow us to load more samples into Kontakt than our system can handle, and there's no built in way to monitor that. The...
  31. wuubb

    Buy new Mac Mini vs upgrade Thinkpad X1E

    I'm at a bit of a crossroads here and could use some advice. Up until this past semester of college I had a 15u server rack with a 4u workstation, a 3u VEP PC, a Linux server...It just became too much. I wasn't even using the VEP machine and plus the whole setup was a pain to move in/out of...
  32. S

    Kontakt/Logic can't find my new sample drive even though it has the same name?

    So I just got a new sample drive. The old one was a RAID 0, this new one is a JBOD. I gave it the exact same name. Copied the entire folder hierarchy. I open up Logic and Kontakt can't find anything. So I have to sit there and re-point everything to the correct location. It's tedious and very...
  33. D

    The new 2019 Mac Pro Announced! - Apple is back!

    The new Mac Pro has been announced, and I must say, it's impressive! I think Apple is back to caring about their Pro's. A new Logic Pro X version supporting super high track counts. A new 6K retina Pro Display XDR. For those who are PT users, high HDX card counts in a single machine (up to 8...
  34. Jaredf920

    Logic - static control for a track

    In Logic: Is there a way to map a controller to only and always control volume of a specific track? I have a Dialog track an temp music track (audio inputs from my video slave) and I want to map a fader/knob/something to always only control volume of each of those tracks. All of the...
  35. Vik

    (Re-)recording MIDI notes and dynamics in Logic?

    I've never found a good way to re-record dynamics/vibrato (etc) info in Logic. There's something with the workflow which doesn't make sense to me. For instance, I sometimes ending up with stuff like this: Also, both region based automation and track based automatons seem to have...
  36. musicalweather

    A couple of questions for Logic users

    I'm new to Logic (but not using DAWs) and have a couple of questions: When I load a multi-plugin like Kontakt or Omnisphere in Logic and play one instrument on one channel on my keyboard, all the channels for that plugin light up in the mixer window, and in the tracks window. Is it really not...
  37. Vik

    Sharing Logic tips and tricks

    Someone suggested in another thread that it would be useful with more Logic tips and tricks, so here's a thread everyone can use to share are find tips. I'll start: If you want to replace only a part of a region in an easy way as possible, enable Content Punch. You can do this by clicking on...
  38. Vik

    Logic's 'secret' way to deal with dynamics

    OK - so it's not secret, but my feeling is that many users aren't aware of this or focusing on it: Logic's Modifier (MIDI plug-in). This little plugin is very useful: You can set your mod wheel (or other controller) to avoid the upper range in your libraries, if you feel that they are too...
  39. Wunderhorn

    Logic - VE-Pro - is there a trick to automatically re-connect after a crash?

    Using VE-Pro usually in de-coupled mode it happens from time to time that VE-Pro crashes (probably Kontakt is causing it). After re-starting it I have to manually re-connect all the 40+ instances I have going which is tedious. Is there a trick to get them to re-connect automatically? I often...
  40. A

    Customising Mackie Control Protocol in Logic

    Hi Guys, I recently bought an Icon Platform M+ with display and have been playing around with it. I have been trying to get it to work with both midi CC and as a fader/transport etc. controller. I have delved into the Logic Control Setup and controller assignments within logic to try to...
  41. Callum Hoskin

    Reverb Sends Logic - Best Way???

    At the moment I have my tracks routed to reverbs, through auxiliary sends, and the tracks outputed to a bus. Eg: Violins I Legato goes to the Valhalla aux and is outputed to the UpperStringsLong bus. The problem is when I bounce out my section buses as stems they are 100% dry I wanted to know if...
  42. kmaster

    Old MIDI boxes and Modern DAWs

    I recently got a Proteus/1 and a JV-1080 to make 4th-6th generation-style video game music. I grew up with shows, games, and pop music that used these romplers extensively, but by the time I entered the composition game, everything was software. Do any of you have tips, tricks, or workflow...
  43. K

    Can I slave picture from Logic on Mac to Cubase (main DAW) on PC?

    Hi All Just wondering if I can slave Logic from Mac to Cubase on PC? Or do I need to invest in a 2nd PC and pro tools etc to slave picture particularly to Cubase 9 on my PC? I currently have a macbook with Logic which I dont use much. Thanks Kyle
  44. Callum Hoskin

    Logic User Considering Switching To Cubase

    I am a competent logic user and very happy with the program however I need to upgrade my hardware as I am pushing my machine to the limit. It goes without saying that macs are expensive and overpriced so I am considering windows alternatives and running cubase. This would obviously be a huge...
  45. G

    VEPro keeps quitting

    My VEPro keeps quitting. I have the latest version installed, and I'm using Logic 10.4.2 as my DAW. I used to have a Mac mini quad as my slave and that used to run fine, and VEPro on there never seemed to quit. Now I have moved onto an iMac with more RAM and faster processor. But it seems to...
  46. B

    Logic X / Cubase Scripter Idea / Pitch / Question

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this is the wrong forum. When I'm writing chords for a section, I often find myself lowering CC11 to compensate for the volume boost of doubling or tripling up samples. I started to wonder if this could automated using the Logic Scripter. To expand: - I start by...
  47. tav.one

    Melodyne finally releases Logic ARA Update

    Been waiting for months, very delighted for the easier future workflow. Overview: http://helpcenter.celemony.com/hc-2/doc/melodyneStudio4/en/M4tour_LogicARA_NewIn4.2?env=logic
  48. G

    Logic Panning

    In Logic when your are mixing your orchestral instruments, what panning option do you use on Logic's track panners? Stereo Pan, Balance or Binaural Pan. I see by default its using balance. But doesn't it work better to use Stereo Pan?
  49. B

    Logic X Conundrum with articulations

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to set up some Spitfire stuff in Logic using Articulation maps. I'm using UACC KS and for the most part we have smooth sailing. One hitch though: I'd like to have all my Violin patches loaded in the same instance in Kontakt. For my purposes this would be: Vln Legato...
  50. hozierschurch

    Problem with Logic Custom Patches (sends and outputs)

    Is there any way to save a channel strip patch which can: (a) 'send' to a pre-existing reverb aux instead of creating a new one (because I prefer a clean template, using I/O labels and avoiding duplicating the same reverb), and (b) remember the output settings of the channel strip patch...
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