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  1. Vik

    Expressions maps in Logic, Reaper and Cubase

    Cubase has had Expression Maps for many years. Reaper is getting something similar now: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=183669 I hope Logic will get something similar as well. Meanwhile - how does the existing 3rd part solutions work/compare in Logic.... anyone?
  2. M

    MacBook Air and Logic Pro X

    Hi, I just bought a MacBook Air (2015) 13 inch with 1,6Ghz, 8 GBs of ram and an SSD hard drive. I do all composing on my homecomputer and will continue to do so. However, I was wondering if it would work to install Logic and Kontakt on the Air for composing during travels. Would it run smoothly...
  3. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X - Movie tempo ''freeze'' ?

    Hey All! So I am searched Google and You Tube for answers, but with no result. My question goes: How can I ''Lock/freeze'' the video/movie in Logic Pro X when changing tempo? I am aware of the great audio flex function, but this, as I can see does not affect the video/movie. - So it...
  4. composerguy78

    Automating Bouncing Stems

    I thought some fellow composers might find this useful. It's a macro I set up which is basically a recording of the key commands used to bounce stems. As long as you use track stacks and set up your session in this way it might help take some of the tedium out of bouncing stems. (click to view...
  5. mikehamm123

    Mike from California

    Hi, I'm in the Bay Area, I just started with Logic Pro X. I'm writing music I'm submitting for trailers and soundtracks. My style is mostly symphonic, although I also play jazz and blues for fun (guitar). A big challenge has been getting 'contemporary' sounds to fit the current styles (action...
  6. L

    Phase issues with samples in Kontakt

    Hi everyone, My name is Louis and I've just joined the forum, it looks like there is a lot of great people and info on here! I'm in the middle of making my first Kontakt library which I am planning to release in the next couple of weeks. I currently have some phase issues that I was wondering...
  7. B

    Slow Connection Time to VEPro on Slave PC - help needed

    Hi all, I'm building a new orchestral template and have just added my first PC into the mix as a slave. I have one other slave that is a Mac Mini and an iMac running my DAW. I am using VEPro 5 to host all my VIs across the network. Due to my scoring needs, I am using one instrument per instance...
  8. stigc56

    Advise regarding moving from VSL to Orchestral Tools

    Hi I have been using VSL for quite a long time, struggling to create a proper workflow. I have always found that the number of articulations in VSL libs are challenging in the way that you need so many key switches to take full advantage of the possibilities. I have kind of lost my heart in this...
  9. S

    Logic Pro X 10.2.2 is out

  10. Vik

    Poll: Most useful Logic suggestions? Please keep voting! :-)

  11. Vik

    Troublefree/small hardware controller for use with Berlin Strings/Spitfire/Logic?

    Can anyone recommend a good/small hardware controller for use with Berlin Strings/Spitfire/Logic, which works with the latest Logic version and OS X 10.5.5 (and, ideally El Capitan as well)?
  12. Y

    Free Logic Pro X Key Commands Template for TouchOSC

    I just saw this post which I thought might be of interest for all of you Logic users... I haven't gotten a chance to download it yet, but it sounds like it's a very nice free template for those using TouchOSC on your iPad with Logic...
  13. Furio

    Logic Pro X changing touchosc pages

    Hi everybody. I just completed my touchosc template (on my iPad) linked to my Logic Pro orchestral template. I have two touchosc Pages (or tabs), one for spitfireaudio libraries and the second one for Lass. How can I set Logic to make touchosc switch to the right page when I select specific...
  14. S

    LPX - Track visibility management - UXD concept

    since years I wish for a better way to manage large track counts in logic. The group hide key commands that are still only available for the first 9 of the 32 available groups inspired me to think about an overall improvement to filter tracks while typing. Of course cubase, reaper and now DP...
  15. S

    LPX - Color palette improvements & Region translucency - UXD concept

    Here is my take on general color improvements and how a user could apply a region translucency setting to all regions via the color palette.
  16. K

    Stuck notes in VEPro 5 with Logic

    Hello I have just setup a slave computer setup with VEPro 5 and Logic imac 27 4Ghz Core i7 - 32 GB Ram (master) OSX 10.11.1 Mac Pro Quad Core 16 GB Ram ( slave) OSX 10.9.5 I am running many individual instances on the slave ( about 20 - mainly EastWest SO) and generally running...
  17. jonathanwright

    Logic X - Anyone else had a 'new content' message?

    I booted up Logic this morning and the little notification window slid in at the top right of the screen to tell me I had content to download. I was fully up to date and it's the first time I've seen this message. I noticed that some of my existing library installs said 'outdated' next to them...
  18. N

    Vep5 with logic - best way to set up?

    When using Vienna ensemble pro 5 with logic, which is the most efficient way to set it up - multiport, event inpup, or separate instances each with 16 midi channels? Thanks
  19. N

    VEP5 Multiport Layer Aux Issue

    The moment I add an aux track with the multiport template in Logic, only midi channel 1 is addressed on vienna ensemble pro no matter what midi channel I'm playing on. What caused this, and how do I fix it?
  20. amsams

    How to create a multi-output Kontakt instrument in Logic X

    Specifically, I'm trying to make one Kontakt instance of Seinnheiser Drum Mic'a in mutli-output. I've searched and fiddled, but I can't successfully make this work. I know it's probably an easy fix. I'd like each mic (bass drum, hi hats, snare, toms, overheads, etc.) routed to a different...
  21. toddkedwards

    Mapping CC's to MIDI Controller/Data in Logic Pro X [Newbie]

    Hello my fellow VI members! This might sound like a very stupid/simple question for most of you but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction on mapping CC data within Logic Pro X. I currently have a Nectar Impact 88 MIDI keyboard and would like to have the sliders be...
  22. Tatu

    Logic Pro / Obsolete(?)/muted CC-data (IT's A BUG!!!).

    Why, oh why does this happen: - CC data appears as if it's muted or so (and sometimes it is -> no data goes through on what ever CC in question). - Copying region to another track sometimes fixes the issue. - Cutting region sometimes fixes the issue (can join regions after). - Doesn't seem to...
  23. bjderganc

    From Logic X to Cubse 8 -- A ton of questions!

    Hi All! New Cubase 8 user coming from Logic X! I'm generally doing really well with Cubase, but have ton of questions that have been bogging me down for a couple days: 1. Is there a way to mute individual MIDI notes within the Key Editor? 2. In Logic, it's easy to move around in a...
  24. bjderganc

    New (used) Mac Pro for Music Production

    Hi All, I am looking to purchase either a 2012 Mac Mini, or Mac Pro tower (pre-trashbin) for music production to use in tandem with VEPro and a PC slave. I tend to use a lot of soft synthesizers and Kontakt libraries with Logic Pro X. I can go as high as $2500 for the machine, but right now...
  25. S

    Useful missing Key Commands in Logic Pro X

    Whats the purpose of this thread? Easy. To provide feedback to the developers and let them know what key commands could enhance a pro users workflow. Maybe you as a Logic Pro user feel the same or got ideas which Key Commands would be helpful. Just post the ones you miss and I add them to the...
  26. JohnBMears

    Exporting from Sibelius into Logic Pro X

    Since I have worked in Sibelius for so many years (and use it for part production) I am much faster at inputting for some types of projects. But when EXPORTING a MIDI file from Sibelius into Logic Pro X, there is a ton of program change, pan, reverb, etc info that I don't want to bring into...
  27. wonshu

    Shared: Keyswitch re-mapping template Logic Pro X

    Hello, I was asked if I could share the template I mentioned in this thread. So I've created a short blog post with an explanation and the download link. Please take a look! Kind regards, Hans
  28. Maestro77

    Can I save Logic Flex Time markers as metadata?

    Can't find anything online about how to accomplish this so I turn to The Community... I've used Flex Time to quantize a couple hundred acoustic guitar loops. Now I'd like to export said loops as .wav's to include the markers Flex Time created as metadata. Is this possible and if so how do I...
  29. toddkedwards

    Kontakt 5 Error in Logic Pro X

    I've been getting this error in Logic Pro X: "Instrument not initialised. Please make sure Kontakt is connected to an audio output or linked to your DAW". I have placed an instance of Kontakt as an instrument track. I've looked on Native Instruments site and could not find any information on...