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  1. S

    Rename midi cc's in midi/automation lane to control Audio Modeling Swam Strings in Logic Pro X

    Hello everybody , im desperately trying to find a "simple solution " to rename default midi cc's in logics midi/automation lane . im specifically looking to automate my swam strings articulations, that i control with my controller while recording . i tried using art editor pro ,but it...
  2. Lotus Lake

    MIDI Instrument Not Appearing in Logic Pro X Channel Strip

    Hi folks, I hope everyone is staying safe and handling social distancing well. ☀ 🌺 💙 I just ran into a weird issue today when moving a Logic session between two workstations. The session was created on one workstation, and when it was opened on another workstation the MIDI Instrument slot on a...
  3. T

    Logic pro x: stems

    Hey guys, so I'm currently supposed to bounce my stems for a production company. Honestly, so far I've either mixed & mastered on my own or bounced dry stems for mixing. Now, they want mixed GROUPstems for mastering. But I'm facing two issues: 1) My reverb(s) are running over seperate...
  4. JaikumarS

    Logic Pro X - inbuilt limiter that doesn't clip and pan settings

    Hello All, In the video link here Christian, @10:23 points out Logic X has an inbuilt limiter that doesn't clip and pan settings, etc. I would love to learn more about it. It would be very helpful if any Logic Pro Experts here, share more insights on it. Thanks again!
  5. marcodistefano

    Are you interested in a version of Flow orchestral template for Logic Pro X?

    Hi All, Many Logic Pro users asked me if I will ever build a version of Flow Orchestral Template for this DAW. Well, I am seriously thinking about it, let me know if you are interested before that I jump into this huge work :D In the meantime Flow is now integrating libraries other than...
  6. APD

    My Top Logic Pro X Workflow Tips - Audio Plugin Deals

    Logic Pro is a pretty insane piece of software. I’ve been using it for over five years, and I still discover new things about it from time to time. In fact, I’ve even discovered some amazing workflow shortcuts I hadn’t even known about while researching additional tips for this article! Without...
  7. greentuga

    Catalina - yes or no?

    Hi MAC composers, Do you update the macOS Catalina? Clean install or update? And if so, for Logic Pro x users, do you have problems with kontakt and other plugins? Tanks.
  8. greentuga

    Lass - i cant!!!

    Hi guys, Definitely, I can’t get LASS sound good to my ears. Period!!! I see a lot of tutorials, a lot of videos... o sketch some ostinatos and legatos, deal with modulation, volume, reverb... I can’t go write with this library. So, can you please give a little (giant) help to me? (I use Logic...
  9. jonnybutter

    Logic Pro X and Sample Modeling Trumpet - NOT solved

    Not solved. This is a giant PITA. EDIT: BTW, this is The Trumpet v3 Hi everybody, This is driving me nuts and I'm not sure it's a new problem, because I've gotten weird, bad trumpet tracks here and there before, but I thought it might be my poor BC technique. Now I'm not so sure. I use a...
  10. gh0stwrit3r

    In depth composing walkthrough [Orchestral Music]

    In this video I go in depth talking about the concepts of dynamics, balancing, panning and EQ clean up. Very important basic concepts that you need to apply when writing realistic orchestral midi-mockups. I use my orchestral music track 'Awakening' for this tutorial. I would love to welcome...
  11. Marko Dvojkovic

    Controller Assignments CC "hardwire" in Logic Pro X

    Hi! I have noticed that when you learn a parameter to a hardware controller that corresponds to a cc number for example in the Controller Assignments window (with the easy "learn" process), that cc becomes unusable for anything else. When wiggling it, it doesn't show in the MIDI monitor input. I...
  12. Loïc D

    Logic Pro X - my Spitfire UACC all articulations plist (link to dl)

    Hi there, These past weeks (months?) I've been working on building my own template. I relies quite heavily on Spitfire Audio products and UACC keyswitching. Since I could not find a comprehensive UACC plist file to import all articulations, I made my own. I share it here, for what it's worth...
  13. windshore

    Logic export bug...? Help!

    When trying to "export audio to movie" in Logic X, I regularly get this error message: Could not export Logic Pro X audio I end up having to export the mix and mixing into the movie using a different program. I have tried to narrow this down and it is inconsistent. If I happen to sync the...
  14. Soundiron Team

    In The Studio With Composer Vivek Maddala

    In The Studio with composer, sound designer and orchestrator Drew Krassowski Drew tells us about his experience starting his career from getting his education at the Berklee School of Music to moving to Los Angeles and interning for composer Tim Williams. He also breaks down some of his cues...
  15. squashteam

    How to convert stereo to split mono tracks in logic?

    I feel like I'm missing something because I assumed this would be straight forward. Editor sent me a stereo file with dialog on the left channel and temp music on the right channel. I would like to be able to split this into 2 mono tracks so I can mute temp music when necessary. I use Logic X...
  16. S

    Hey, Pro Pianist Here

    Hey Everyone, New to this Forum. I am a pro musician located in Allentown PA. I hold a Bachelors in Music Performance, and a Minor in Jazz Studies; mostly harmony. I have been composing on Logic Pro X for three years and about 8 months. In the beginning it was just a hobby, but with time, and...
  17. R

    Logic Pro X summing stack and articulation map?

    I'm trying to put more than one instance of VI Pro (dimension string desks in this case) in a summing stack in order to drive them with the same MIDI/score track. They have identically arranged matrices and control mappings, so are designed to work with the same articulation map. The summing...
  18. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron | In The Studio with Composer David Norland

    We recently visited the home studio of film composer David Norland. He scored the Sacha Gervasi documentary Anvil: The story of Anvil as well as his most recent film HBO's My Dinner with Herve. Watch how he approached scoring some of the key emotional scenes of the film here! Understanding...
  19. victorkws

    Ralph Vaughan Williams - Symphony No. 5 in D major Mockup

    I love doing mockups for studying purposes. I thought it would be interesting to see how these masterpieces would look like in piano roll. Here's Vaughan Williams' Symphony No. 5 in D Major, 3rd Movement, "Romanza". It has the most achingly beautiful harmonies and longing melodies, probably one...
  20. B

    Logic x gone rogue!!!!

    Hi! I hope the answer to this problem is simple. Basically my midi draw seems to have gone totally rogue. When I record in my modwheel data for my Spitfire Libraries, as I go to edit in the Piano roll editor it seems to have been transported to an entirely foreign (to me anyway) place as well...
  21. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - In The Studio with Composer Mimi Page

    We take you into the beautiful home studio of singer/song writer/composer Mimi Page. She has worked with composer Inon Zur on Fallout 4:Far Harbor as well as multiple collaborations with DJ/Record Producer Bassnectar. She has also scored The Lighthouse and Zak Bagans documentary Demon House. We...
  22. M

    Daw project to sheet music

    Hello, I write a lot of symphonic music in Logic Pro X using samples (mostly from Spitfire Audio). I have been asked by someone to show a score for some cues and as I don't have any finished sheet music. I don't have much experience with sheet music and notation for all instruments so was...
  23. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - In The Studio With Composer Shaun Chasin

    Hey Guys! I got a chance to visit the studio of composer Shaun Chasin recently for a Soundiron - In The Studio. Watch him compose an awesome track from scratch!
  24. Lotus Lake

    Zoom shortcut not working in Logic 10.4.1

    Hi friends, I recently decided to switch back to Logic's default key commands and started building a new custom key command template. Since I switched to the default, however, I'm having an issue where the "control+option+click-drag" to zoom in and "control+option+click" to zoom out are not...
  25. M

    IMac power outage with external SSD plugged in

    Hello, recently I suffered a power outage while my new iMac 27 was plugged in. My external SSD drive (which I use for samples) was connected via USB3. I was reinstalling the Kontakt factory library so the hard drive was working when this happened. After I booted it up again, the computer...
  26. S.M Hassani

    Please DM me for these: Major Update Soon - Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ 30 More)

    Please DM me for the Latest Version After reading this discussion: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/top-10-cubase-features-new-to-a-logic-x-composer.73793/page-2 I decided to render a little service to the VIC/LPX community. :cool: Here's a Logic Pro 10.3.3 Project with my own Midi...
  27. M

    Track Limit in Logic Pro X (multi timbral vs single instance of Kontakt)

    Hey guys! I recently bought a new iMac with a lot of RAM so I decided to make a new template, adding loads of things I hadn't been able to add before due to a slow computer with too little RAM. I always used a multi timbral setup (16 kontakt instances). It was always a bit of a pain because of...
  28. Grégory Betton

    What is the advantage of a slave computer and how do I set up one?

    Hey there! So far, I'm only using my 2016 MacBook Pro to run Logic Pro X. But as I see some info here and there about offloading computation to a slave computer, I'm starting to wonder if I should jump ahead. Could you explain me what are the real advantages of a slave computer, and lead me to...
  29. Will Wilson

    Mac Mini 2011

    I have acquired a 2011 Mac Mini (Quad i7, 8Gb, Spinner Disks).... Currently my "main" machine is my Windows Gaming Machine. i7 4770, 32GB RAM and Lots of SSD (1 x 256GB Boot, 1 x 512GB for Games, 2 x 1TB for samples etc) (Win10). I'm currently using Studio One 3 which is OK but I really miss...
  30. S

    Logic Pro X Articulations / mod wheel confusion

    Hello, Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, I searched and couldn't locate it! I am using Orchestral Tools' wonderful woodwind additional instruments bass clarinet. I am trying to use multiple articulations on a single track by using CAPSULE and Logic Pro X's Articulations feature. I...
  31. JaikumarS

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.17011 with Logic Pro X 10.4.1 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

    Hi, Wondering if there are any known bugs/issues in using Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.17011 with Logic Pro X 10.4.1 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. I received an alert - Any idea how to sort this out? Thank you. -Jai
  32. jonnybutter

    Editing cc's with multiple regions selected in piano roll in Logic Pro x

    Hi Logic gurus Forgive me if this has been answered anytime recently, but I didn't find the answer anywhere else, including in a search here. My problem is with editing cc data in the piano roll with multiple regions selected and displayed. It's fairly easy (although it could be easier!) to...
  33. B

    Needing Assistance Setting up EW Play-based libraries for Orchestral Template in Logic X

    Hello V.I. Control Community, I'm new to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, and I'm having some trouble setting up Eastwest Play-based libraries in my orchestral template in Logic X. After reading though the VE6 manual a couple of times, and watching several youtube tutorials, I'm still stuck trying to set...
  34. greentuga

    Overloud GEM

    Hi, Does anyone use these plugins in orchestra samples? can give opinion, tips and suggestions ??? I really like the Overloud UI and I can not use the Logic Pro X eq because I tend to overdo it ... thank you
  35. stigc56

    Tracks loosing name - Logic

    Hi I might be old news, but is it a known bug that the first midi track in a multi-timbral track often looses its name? Ex. 5 bassoon tracks 1 + 2 + 3 + Contra Bassoon + Ensemble, and Bassoon 1 is suddenly named untitled!! Or am I doing something wrong here?
  36. tav.one

    The NEW Logic Benchmark Test

    The logic benchmark test has been helpful for figuring out the DAW's CPU performance on Mac. I was about to ask @christianhenson to post his benchmark result on the iMac Pro but then I checked the scores again and saw that top on the list is 'Mac Pro 12-Core 2.7 Late 2013' and that can run 255...
  37. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X Transcribing MIDI to XML/Sib file (help wanted)

    Hello Everyone, I am having some trouble transcribing a track I composed, from MIDI to a ''real'' readable score. I am using Logic Pro X, and I have done this with smaller composition, containing fewer instruments before. However, I always had (In my experience) the sheet view in some weird...
  38. stigc56

    Solo one track in multi instrument in Logic

    Hi I have a multiinstrument with 6 channels routed to VEPro6 on a slave machine. Now I need to work on the first instrument, but when I solo that track, all tracks of the multi instrument is soloed. How can I accomplish to have ONLY one track soloed?
  39. khollister

    AU Detection & Validation Problems w Logic 10.3.3 & 10.13.2 - HELP

    I'm slowly getting everything installed and configured on my new iMac Pro (coming home from a Windows experiment). I'm quite impressed with the machine and experience except for one really aggravating problem - I'm having problems with Logic not detecting new AU's. I have tried the trick with...
  40. Garry

    Modulation problem in Logic Pro X - please help!

    Hi, I wonder if you could help: I'm getting confused with modulation in Logic (version 10.3.3): with 2 different libraries, it's implemented in 2 different ways, and I can't understand how to change it. I'll explain in detail, in case it helps diagnose the problem, and might help other newbies...
  41. jonnybutter

    LPX and Addictive Drums...solved

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to get multi output leading to separate audio tracks going with Addictive Drums (AD) and LPX - it seems like this has never worked quite correctly, and now it still doesn't seem to. First, my rig: LPX 10.3.3 OSX 10.12.6 running on a Vader Antelope Audio Zentour using...
  42. S

    Logic Pro ER - Activate/ Deactivate projects manually and Tab-able Projects

    It would be useful to be able to open multiple projects at a time in a more manageable way. (It takes a long time to open multiple projects with a lot of Kontakt 5 instruments loaded) Instead of Logics auto activate next loaded project feature the user should (optionally?) have the ability to...
  43. JaikumarS

    MIDI Keyboard - random CC1 and CC7 - LogicProX

    My MIDI Keyboard M-Audio Keystudio 49 is passing - random CC1 and CC7 into LogicProX how to stop/filter it? I'm also using Korg nanoKONTROL, which I wanna write CC1, CC11, CC7, CC2, CC21. Both my nanoKontrol + Maudio Keystudio are connected to Belkin USB hub which is then connected to Mac...
  44. galactic orange

    Waves updated plug-in graphics in Logic issue

    Waves updated three plug-ins with new graphics and features: Audio Track, Q10, and L1+Ultramaximizer. I use two systems, a 2012 Mac Mini and a 2009 MBP both running the latest El Capitan and Logic Pro X. The Waves plug-ins installed and loaded fine in Logic on the Mini, but on the MBP only the...
  45. M

    Big template in logic witout VEP?

    Hi! Anyone knows if there is a way to make big orchestral template in logic without using vep? I have seen that cubase and studio one has enable / disable function to reduce memory/Ram. The idea is to have a large template without having to load all samples at once. Freezing not working for...
  46. T

    EXS24 Missing Samples (Still) - Third-party Instruments

    Hi all. The EXS24 is not finding most of the samples for most of my third-party instruments. These are sounds that I have incorporated into Logic over many years, such as the Useful Noise instruments, Piano Attack and Dark Skies etc. All of these are commercial libraries that included EXS24...
  47. Breitenbach

    TOP 9 Problems with Cubase 9 from a Logic X User

    Only 9 actually because I'm actually loving Cubase so far. Also be forewarned some of these are kinda superficial and subjective, and some might simply be beginner's mistakes. I'd still be extremely grateful for any suggestions from Cubase 9 pros. ————— 1.) The video player window closes...
  48. R

    Arturia Prophet V2 Crashing Logic X 10.3.1

    Hello, I have recently experience severe crashes in Logic X 10.3.1 OS X Sierra with my Arturia Prophet V2. I recently upgraded to V3 and that seems stable. I still have a few sounds I really enjoy in V2. Have any Logic users experienced this? Many thanks.
  49. R

    MIDI file opened in Logic 10.3.1 is different (wrong)

    Hi, I received a midi file from a composer friend whom i have to collaborate for this particular project. I also got an mp3 so I know how the music sounds and I have a reference. Problem is if I open it with Logic the tempo map is wrong...by wrong I mean it's different from the original. But...
  50. S

    FR LPX - Common Tools enhancement

    https://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=130509&p=666478#p666478 Hi chaps and Logic Pro fellows. while working on a new film project I came up with something I would like to see implemented in Logic Pro. I've already forwarded this to the Logic Pro team but would like your...