logic pro x 10.4.1

  1. stigc56

    Logic articulation map for VSL Synchron Strings?

    Anyone have created a Logic articulation map for VSL Synchron Strings, that wants to share them?
  2. Lotus Lake

    Zoom shortcut not working in Logic 10.4.1

    Hi friends, I recently decided to switch back to Logic's default key commands and started building a new custom key command template. Since I switched to the default, however, I'm having an issue where the "control+option+click-drag" to zoom in and "control+option+click" to zoom out are not...
  3. rlw

    Logic Pro X 10.4.1 not exporting Music XML double Staff tracks

    After researching on the web I have confirmed that many are experiencing the same issue I am having. There is a bug with the Music XML Score export on tracks such as Piano, Harp, etc. ; any track that should be scored on 2 Staffs ( Treble and Bass cliff). You can get the score to display...