logic 10.4

  1. M

    Logic Pro X Crashes on Bounce in Place

    Recently Logic has been crashing my computer on and off when I bounce things in place. I tried different libraries, different instruments (not just Kontakt) and it still seems to happen. Im on version 10.4.4 and iOS 10.14.5. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing it?
  2. P

    VE Pro 7 64bit running on (Slave pc) not showing on my Logic pro x

    Hey guys, so when I run my Vienna ensemble pro 7 32 bit server, it does show up on my logic pro x. But, when I try to run 64 bit ver, it is not showing up on my logic. Can somebody help me out with this?:crying:
  3. S

    Logic Pro X Randomly Changes EXS24 Patches

    Every so often, using Logic X Pro 10.4.7, EXS24 changes patches, yet leaves the name of the patch the same. For example, if I'm using a patch that I've tweaked, called "Orchestral Strings 3", at some time later I start hearing drums. Upon viewing EXS24, it still shows "Orchestral Strings 3"...
  4. mcpepe

    Respira - My first orchestral mockup - Cinematic Studio Strings and Piano, Valhalla VintageVerb

    I have just recently bought Cinematic Studio Strings and Cinematic Studio Piano and I am having a lot of fun writing for them. Making strings sounding realistic is difficult but I love how it sounds and how nowadays you can do these things with a "normal" computer. I have been a lot of years...
  5. ThePrioryStudio

    Vep on pc vst vs mac au

    Hi all. I just wanted to ask who of you are using VEP 6 running on a PC and if the VST versions of Kontakt run in the same way of the AU version of Kontakt would in a Mac VEP instance? I'm a Mac user and have been for many years but since going down the VEP route I have decided to buy client...
  6. S

    Logic Pro X Articulation Sets messing with legato

    Like it says on the tin. I recently grabbed the Composer Cloud and set about building up a respectable orchestral template. I had owned Hollywood Brass Silver for years and wanted to expand upon it. In all those times, I never ran into this problem: I build several custom articulation sets in...
  7. Bear Market

    Help me understand System Overload in LPX

    Hi, So one of my LPX projects failed to load yesterday. I last worked on it one week ago and I haven't made any software updates since. I don't know why it didn't load, LPX simply froze when loading in the plugins. I tried rebooting the computer to no avail. LPX froze at the same point when...
  8. Lotus Lake

    Is Anyone Else Having Big Problems with Kontakt MIDI CC and Track/Region Automation in Logic 10.4?

    Hi folks, I've been having some serious issues with automation/MIDI writing in Logic Pro 10.4.1. I think there may be several issues I'm encountering, some of which may be a potential misunderstanding of how Logic 10.4 handles MIDI CC Region Automation vs Track Automation, and some of which...
  9. jonathanwright

    Rogue Automation Points in Logic X.

    I've had an issue (since 10.4 I think) where random automation nodes are being created on some tracks in Logic. I'll record in a region, and if I record CC1 data 'live' erroneous automation nodes appear at the point I stop entering CC1. In the image below, a rogue automation point (Dynamics)...
  10. J

    TouchOSC with Logic to control quantize?

    Hello, I am using TouchOSC to control MIDI CCs, keyswitches, and some playback controls. I would love to have a quantize control like 16th notes quantize, triplet quantize. I would love to have some velocity changes to some certain notes as well. Is this possible to make it work in TouchOSC...
  11. stigc56

    Cubase videos are all over, but what about LPX?

    Steinberg are bombarding me with links to their latest videos on YouTube, and some of them are quite good. But it's much harder to find good videos about Logic. I know Eli Krantzberg have been doing a lot, but it's often quite basic and I need more in depth information. Anybody that can help here?
  12. hozierschurch

    Automation play back - weird static sounds?

    Whenever I play back automated parts (from VSTis) in Logic Pro X I can hear static. It doesn't happen on parts where no automation is taking place ... or when I play the automation in ... Can anyone troubleshoot for me? Thanks!
  13. stigc56

    Logic script, that filter Articulation ID's from CC's messages

    Hi I think I have read something about this issue, but nevertheless here it is: In a VSL Timpani Preset (Synchron Percussion) I select a RollsXF Patch and use the CC1 as control for Velocity XFade. Now I can see in The Event List, that the CC1 also have an Articulation ID's attached to it...
  14. stigc56

    Edit articulation sets in Logic - reacting slower and slower!

    Have you noticed that the articulation settings window is getting slower when you edit the Articulation settings? The system is FAR from snappy and it's not my set-up, but it just gets slower and slower. I think anybody with a programming ambition, could make a fortune creating a really SMART...
  15. shapednoise

    Anyone running Logic10.4 with an old iOS9.3.5 device?

    Logic Remote For older iPads … A word of WARNING So … Had to wipe and reset my old iPad3 (stuck at iOS 9.3.5) so lost all my apps and had to re download them. (backup got corrupted at the same time) Old days… connected up to itunes and drag the apps back to the iPad. (i had stored the...
  16. stigc56

    So how do you actually change articulations in Logic?

    Hi Just curious, how do you actually change articulations in Logic? Do you use a Nanokey or similar keyboard and create it live during recording? Or do you change articulations AFTER the recording?
  17. Garry

    Help needed on template causing overload

    Would greatly appreciate help with this: My machine is an iMac (Retina 5k, 27", 2017); 4.2GHz, i7, 32Gb. Despite being a a fairly new and high spec machine, I'm struggling to run a template of <100 tracks. I set up my template in Logic as follows: 4 track stacks (strings, woods, brass...
  18. stigc56

    How to save a track stack in Logic

    Hi I have created a Multi Timbral Instrument with 6 tracks to connect to VEPro running VSL Chamber Strings. It plays nice and fine, but I can't find a way to save the patch (Track Stack??). Any help much appreciated.
  19. P

    Faderport Motorized Fader issue & Logic 10.4 update

    Hi All, Is anyone using the Persons Faderport with the new Logic 10.4 update. My motorized fader seems to have stopped working on my iMac after the update. (Everything else still works fine). It works fine on my MacBook pro which still has Logic 10.3 on it. By the way i copied the...