1. Ben

    Up to 28% off VSL Smart Series! 30 days Demo available!

    Hi everyone, Our Smart Series is now on sale up to 28% off! Vienna Smart Orchestra € 145 Vienna Smart Orchestra Expension Pack € 65 Vienna Smart Spheres € 95 Vienna Smart Hits € 75 What is the Smart Series? Smart Orchestra places a 140 pieces orchestra right under your fingertips! Play all...
  2. smaleski

    For Sale Ableton live 10 suite

    Ableton wasn't a good fit for me so I'd like to offer it to someone who can use it better. License Transfer - $450
  3. arcy

    FS: Ableton Live 10 Suite (NO EDU) - SOLD!!

    Hi guys! I'm selling my Live Suite 10 original license (not educational). I need only your Ableton account to be able to transfer the license. I accept only PayPal. 350 € ;)
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing A Brass CHORALE Using CineBrass Sonore

    Hi composers! Today's video is another fun one. Let's write a brass-inspired chorale using members of the CineBrass family. Please enjoy!!
  5. Nextmidi

    Something New. Final Teaser.

    Hi Everyone. We are new, this is new. I mean we have been here before. A lot. But not as a company. Here is a preview of what else will be new, very soon: All the best, Steffen & Peter
  6. Spitfire Team

    TOMORROW 18th July - Tune in for a special announcement!

    Head to our YouTube at 18:00 BST on Thursday 18th July for a special LIVE announcement from Christian and Paul! Subscribe to our channel here:
  7. Alex Niedt

    Live Composing with Massive Library Collection

    Hi everyone! I'll be streaming fairly regularly on Twitch - composing, mixing, testing sample libraries - whatever you'd like to see. I have a ton of Spitfire (nearly all) and 8Dio libraries and a growing Orchestral Tools collection among many other things, and I'll often do shoot-outs when...
  8. Josh Kinniard

    Ableton LIve: Make Clip Loop = Arrangement Loop Brace

    Hello Live People: Is there a best way or shortcut to quickly match a clip’s loop brace and start point to that of the arrangement view's loop brace?
  9. SBK

    Project Chaos Live Sketching (Dangerously Good)

    Hey, I am not sure why I did this video. But I want you to see how dangerously good and inspiring this library is. Here is a live performance with 2 instances of Project Chaos and 8 layers made for fun No mixing has been done I am saying dangerous because everybody can create a cool track...
  10. AoiichiNiiSan

    Writing for the Orchestra- with Vlad and the Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra with real, recorded examples

    This seems like it'll be a useful resource for those here who want to learn a bit more about orchestration, and hear how it practically works. Vlad has written specific examples to demonstrate the techniques and arrangements he talks about, which have all been recorded by a real orchestra for...
  11. Brendon Williams

    My Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Contributions

    Hello Everyone! At the urging of @AlexanderSchiborr, I've decided to share some of the music I wrote for Guild Wars 2 this last year. I had the pleasure of working alongside the amazing Wilbert Roget II to write the battle music for the expansion (who recently composed the soundtrack for Call...
  12. J

    Mix with the Masters - Namm LIvestream

    For those of us not cool enough to attend - there's a Mix with the Masters livestream going for the next 4 days. Schedule: THURSDAY 25 11AM SYLVIA MASSY 12PM SHAWN MURPHY 2PM EDDIE KRAMER 3PM JACK JOSEPH PUIG 4PM JOE CHICCARELLI FRIDAY 26 10 AM ANDREW SCHEPS 11 AM JACQUIRE KING 12...
  13. creativeforge

    Ableton LIVE & virtual instruments

    I'm curious to hear if anyone is using Ableton LIVE with soft synths and vstis successfully as a professional creative tool for soundtracks and/or 'live" performance? Pros and Cons? Thanks!
  14. 1

    First Live Recording!

    Hello everyone! :) This is my first live recording with an orchestra :D I have composed this track for the graduation film "Generation Mars" at the Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer, directed by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin. Recorded with the Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra (KORK). A...
  15. 1

    Streamers and Punches in Cubase (for film scoring)

    Hello, I'm going to use some streamers in a cue I'm writing for the orchestra (first time live!), and I'm trying to find out how to add streamers in Cubase. I've heard it should be possible in PT, but as of now I only use Cubase. Does anyone know how to do this in Cubase? 10Dman
  16. fiestared

    Merry Christmas... Mr Lawrence live Ryuichi Sakamoto

    Enjoy ! Love and Peace to all my friends, Musicians and composers Ryuichi Sakamoto Live