1. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off Sonnox

    Up to 75% off Sonnox, including Oxford Inflator for $39, Oxford Limiter for $66, and VoxDoubler for $23: Sonnox Broadcast Bundle HD: EQ Dynamics Limiter Inflator SuprEsser $1,205 $560...
  2. jrrshop

    85% off PSP Xenon mastering limiter, now $29 instead of $199. Ending today!

    85% off PSP Xenon mastering limiter, now $29 instead of $199. Ending today! PSP Xenon is a full band, dual-stage limiter plug-in featuring an integrated Leveler, advanced K-System metering and psychoacoustically optimized wordlength reduction. Once you...
  3. Secret Soundworks

    Limiter plugin - worth the investment?

    I currently use the stock limiter plugin in Studio One 5. It has a nice, clear, easy to use, straight to the point interface, nothing fancy really. Now I have several plugins I bought and use for reverbs, delays, compressors, gate, etc. but I'm wondering, how much would getting a limiter plugin...
  4. nuyo

    Best Limiter for creating big fat Sausages...

    I tend to get the best results with Ozone, the Waves Ls seem to work if you use them delicately but not very aggressive.
  5. jrrshop

    Up to 71% off PSP, Newfangled Audio, DJ Swivel, MeldaProduction, and Xhun Audio, including PSP Twin-L for $20

    Day 17 of the PSP 20th Anniversary 20 for 20 sale with 71% off PSP Twin-L Dual Algorithm Classic Limiter, now $20 instead of $69 for today only: 50% off Newfangled Audio...
  6. JaikumarS

    Logic Pro X - inbuilt limiter that doesn't clip and pan settings

    Hello All, In the video link here Christian, @10:23 points out Logic X has an inbuilt limiter that doesn't clip and pan settings, etc. I would love to learn more about it. It would be very helpful if any Logic Pro Experts here, share more insights on it. Thanks again!
  7. Vsevolod

    Film score mastering for iTunes, Spotify, etc

    Hi, folks! It is difficult to find information on this topic. I finished work on my short film. I wrote a soundtrack and sent it with stems for mixing in 5.1. I did a basic eq adjustment, for some percussion I used a bit of compression, reverb, emulation tape. My master bus is empty. What...
  8. M

    FS: iZotope, Arturia, Soundtoys, IK Multimedia, Waves Audio

  9. S.M Hassani

    SOLD: TDR Kotelnikov GE an excellent master compressor.

    Hi, SOLD Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE - License transfer is immediate after payment is received. No transfer fees required. TIP: You can resell my TDR license anytime you want. This is better than buying retail from TDR or dealers, as you're not allowed to sell those until 6 months has...
  10. jrrshop

    Flux 10 Year Anniversary up to 70% off

    50% to 70% off Flux 10 Year Anniversary Sale: Flux Alchemist Dynamics and Mastering Processor $299 Flux Epure v3 $119 Flux Pure Compressor v3 $49 Flux Pure DCompressor v3 $49 Flux Pure Expander v3 $49 Flux Pure DExpander v3 $49 Flux...
  11. P

    FS: Flux Mastering Pack 1.1 + Flux Pure Compressor v3: $350 USD

    Flux plugins for sale (protected by iLok): 1. Mastering Pack 1.1 1.1. Solera v3 1.2. Epure v3 1.3. Pure Limiter v3 1.4. Elixir v3 2. Pure Compressor v3 5 plugins in all. Flux retail price: $848 USD Sale Price: $350 USD Cheers! Paul
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