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  1. M

    Question regarding changing PC components and losing installed libraries

    Hi! Recently I wanted to grab a new processor (right now I have i5-6400 2.70Ghz which can't stand my filmscore projects anymore), however my current motherboard is too weak for anything like intel core i9 - the seller told me that the best I can get now is i7-6800. I have to change both the...
  2. lexiaodong

    For Sale The Orchestra Complete 2

    The Orchestra Complete 2 $325 ( including the transfer fee ) Payment can be done through PayPal. I send you new Serial Number by e-mail.
  3. A

    UVI Falcon 2 License for sale : 249 $

    Hello, I've got my UVI Falcon 2 License that i would like to sell for 249 $. It includes the 25$ fee for iLok Transfer. I've got Key Suite Acoustic (149 $), Key Suite Electric (149 $) and Drum Designer (110 $) to sell too, prices include the iLok Transfer fee. Absolutely great instruments...
  4. datastar

    CLOSED RX 7 Advanced - $450 - Transfer original license to another user (Accept Proposals)

    Hi, I am selling my license of RX 7 Advanced. Is not necessary pay any fees, do you only need a iZotope account and I transfer the license. I accept proposals. Thank you!
  5. P

    Looking for an Ableton Live 10 Standard & NI Komplete 2 - 12 license

    Title says it all. Hobbyist getting started and can't justify the cost of either software new, for now at least. Thanks
  6. S

    FS: Ableton Live 10 Standard License (EDU)

    Hey again everyone! I'm currently not using my Ableton license so i'm looking to have someone buy it from me. It is the standard version of Live 10 and i'm currently selling it at $190 Lmk if you're interested! (P.S. This is an EDUCATION license so it will only transfer to those with a...
  7. J

    VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) - License Transfers @ 50%

    Hello, I'm looking to transfer some VSL licenses. These licenses are 50% off the web-store prices. VSL licenses will be delivered on an eLicenser via post from Australia. I'll pay for handling costs of licenses directly to VSL €50+ for each license. The buyer will pay for purchase and...
  8. fretti


    I‘m selling my Full Version of Native Instruments „The Grandeur“ Piano Library. Price is 29€ Original NI Price: 99€ Payment through PayPal. Download possible through your Native Access or Native Instruments Account (on their website). If interrested just PM me:)
  9. P

    FS: Impact Soundworks, Embertone, Soundiron

    I am selling licenses for the following instruments as I haven't used them nearly as much as I wanted to in my daily composing workflow: Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand - $60 (SOLD) Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1 - $10 Embertone Crystal Flute - $10 (SOLD) Soundiron...
  10. Paul Morgan

    Native Instruments Bundle, over 50% off

    Hi all, I recently bought NI Komplete 11 Ultimate so I'm selling those instruments I already had that are duplicated in the package on Ebay, link below: The...
  11. S

    Vienna Symphonic Libraries & Software For Sale

    I have decided to sell my VSL collection and am looking for someone interested in these great libraries. Instrument Libraries: Vienna Cube & Extended Libraries Dimension Strings 1 Full Appasionata Strings I, II & Extended Saxophones & Extended Software: MIR Pro MIR Roompack Vienna Konzerhaus...
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