1. 2

    REAKTOR 6 - "It appears you have no Reaktor instruments installed"

    Hello :) Looking for people who can help me with this issue. The problem: When I open Reaktor 6 (in Ableton or Standalone) and press on the Play (see attachment) it gives me this error: "It appears you have no Reaktor instruments installed. Would you like to open Native Access?". Working on...
  2. J

    Sample library layering delay offset

    This week I started experimenting with layering different orchestral libraries together. The outcome is usually pretty cool, but I've been having a hard time lining the begginings of the notes for maximum impact. I'm still a begginer in orchestral music, so I'm not too sure what to listen for...
  3. W

    The best parts to build a first orchestra!

    I wanted to buy the first car in my life. I chose a well-known brand, but the dealer told me: - If you lose your key, you won't be able to travel until you buy a spare key that costs half the price of a new car :( ...... so I've decided that I will build myself an "Orchestral vehicle". Now I'm...
  4. N

    CyberTrance V1 For KingKorg

    NatLife back to hardware synth sound design production with a CyberTrance V1 For KingKorg. Not a big soundbank but with a large percentage of useful sounds. In every sound, you can get a feel of analog warmth. Soft Plucks, strong Leads, fast Pads, as well as other synthesized sounds, all will...
  5. dman007

    Seeking a sample library for a particular instrument

    Does anyone know of a sample library (or VST instrument) with a Buleador? I've been looking but have not found one so far. I'm also interested in any libraries that have realistic congas and a guiro. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. J

    Acoustic Guitar Library With The Sound Of That Example

    Hey, can someone recognize & say what kontakt library / vst could the guitar in this track be? It sounds cool. here is the example, thank you:
  7. H

    I’m looking for new libraries for string and brass. Any suggestions?

    I’ve been using Cinematic Studio Strings for quite a while now, and Cinematic Studio Brass since earlier this year. After heavily using these libraries recently, I’ve come to the realization that these libraries have several flaws, and one of them is the incessant hissing. I’ve tried using...
  8. adaelom

    Namaste! Inspiration for our Creation - Great Instruments for Kontakt

    NAMASTE :emoji_pray: FRIENDS We have been working for more than 2 years on the development of these Instruments Kontakt. Thank you for your support as the library sales today are our only source of income. Request your Discount Code now 30% to 50%. MODULES 1...
  9. J

    Saxophone Libraries which would match these examples

    Hey, I really like those saxophones sounds and playing style Which libraries could give me similar results? Please listen to these beautiful tunes and let me know ;)
  10. Emanu1674

    About the hanging notes bug with CineBrass

    If you use orchestral libraries a lot, like me, you probably encountered a bug where the notes keep playing even when the music is paused. I've encountered this bug sometimes and after some research, i think i found out the culprit, and i'm going to share here my findings to anyone who might be...
  11. I

    Help me choose, or I will die

    I'm going crazy. Hours and hours of comparisons. All these libs have great sweet spots, but to me none of them seem to stand out from the other. I just want a romantic & versatile solo string quartet. I don't know what to choose. Now you guys decide. I'll pull the trigger on the winner of...
  12. J

    Wondering if this is saxophone?

    Hey, I like the sound of the instrument in 0:03 and then in 0:09, doing beautiful lick Is that a saxophone? or any other instrument? Which kontakt library or vst could give me similar effect to this one? Thanks ;)
  13. J

    What is The Best Guitar VST/Library for Licks, Solo's

    Hey, can you recommend me some guitar vsts. libraries with which I can improvise and make some good sounding solos? (I can also use guitar rig 6 for the sound) And I don't really mean like hard metal solo or anything like that. I think of guitars with which I can improvise on a beat like that...
  14. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Most Romantic String Library! What do you use?

    Hey everyone! Today’s video is definitely a passion project - the most romantic string library! We’ll do a comparison of my 3 favourite libs for romantic string lines, and feel free to let me know what your choices are, and what you use. Enjoy!
  15. Randlefish

    Library not showing anymore in Kontakt 6.5.1

    Hello, guys! So, I recently encountered an issue while using Kontakt latest update. One of my libraries (HZ Piano) is not showing anymore in the Libraries tab. I use Kontakt 5 to add libraries and everything works fine everytime, and my HZ Piano library was showing time ago, prior to these...
  16. brandowalk

    String Quartet Library Recommendations in StaffPad?

    I’m looking for string quartet library suggestions for StaffPad. What library(s) work well for fast classical writing? Lyrical? Has anyone had success mixing and matching between Berlin First Chairs, CineStrings Solo, Tina Guo, & Taylor Davis libraries? Will one library suffice or do I...
  17. ChrisSiuMusic

    Something that's been on my mind.

    I don't have hundreds of songs and tracks licensed for TV, movies, or games. Heck, I don't even have a single major placement. However, I'm blessed to be able to write the music I truly enjoy writing, and help others with their musical endeavours in any capacity. I grew up listening to Disney...
  18. gamersensual14

    Best vocal library out of these?

    Hi everyone! I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about what orchestral plugin was best for me, and everyone helped me decide in just a week! :dancedance: Now I'm here with a more specific question, which one of these do you think is the best vocal plugin for each category? Choir There are...
  19. J

    What is that instrument?

    What is that flute type instrument? (at 0:30) in which libraries can I find it? thanks a lot :)
  20. gamersensual14

    Best library for me?! (Intermediate)

    Hi everyone! Just discovered this forum and I'm finding it very useful! This is my first post ever! :dancer: I'm not a complete newbie in music, but not a professional either. I just started with orchestra composition (through the Evenant course CM1) and I want some guide on what libraries to...
  21. Christoph Pawlowski

    Hans Zimmer Piano - How large is it really?

    Hi there! I'm thinking of purchasing the Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano. The demos and the overall sound is more than just promising, but I have one question: The library is quite big, so I looked on the Spitfire page, where it says the library is 211gb. My friend who owns the Library claims that...
  22. J

    Strings / Solo Violin

    Hey, I would like to ask which strings library is good for getting this type of a violin sound? What are your favorite solo violin libraries? Thank you ;)
  23. Aleela

    How to make MIDI sound real

    Hi! Can you please recommend some video tutorials (on youtube, free, or paid) that explain how to make MIDI sound real? Especially for orchestral and piano sounds. Thanks a lot!
  24. Ray

    What's wrong with Noire Pure clipping like mad?

    Hello and happy holidays everyone! :) I just bought Noire a month ago and I haven't been able to make it a usable library. Noire itself is a very quiet library so I find myself needing to turn up the volume, and then - I get clipping. Do you have any suggestions for a fix?
  25. dman007

    Has anyone used The Orchestra ?

    Has anyone used The Orchestra vst instrument? Has anyone had any paid projects using it (film, tv, library work) ? How do the samples compare with other libraries?
  26. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema: Piano Textures - Download for free!

    Hey everyone - We recently released a new library, Piano Textures - a free virtual instrument for Kontakt featuring an intimately recorded Upright Piano which has been twisted, mangled and warped in to a wide array in cinematic sounds. Featuring 8 custom presets ranging from a warm and delicate...
  27. H

    Independent Sample Library/ Music Plugin Manufacturers Directory (In-Progress)

    Sample/ plugin Directory in-progress! Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! Greetings from Ireland! I created this a few weekends ago; it struck me that there was a public spreadsheet created of musicians who were available for remote recording, however nothing had yet existed to support...
  28. will_m

    Murst Instruments - Stone - Video Review

    Hi guys here’s my review of ‘Stone’ a Kontakt library from new developer Murst Instruments -
  29. Bluemount Score

    Spitfire Library Repair vs Reinstall

    Does deleting and reinstalling a library via the Spitfire App solve this? The Support seems to be very slow right now. I would simply try it, but we are talking about 600GB BBCSO download size...
  30. Aleela

    Which library for... this mockup...

    In your opinion, if I wanted to make a mockup of a piece from the soundtracks of "Dinosaur" by James Newton Howard, "Avatar" by James Horner, or any other soundtrack with a feeling of African rhythms, which libraries would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  31. Dave Hilowitz

    Trying out Apple’s new Sampler plug-in + FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY

    Apple has a new sampling plugin called Sampler; it comes as part of Logic 10.5. In this quick video, I give the new plugin a spin, and use it to create an EXS version of my Box Violins Sample Library.
  32. Bluemount Score

    Combining developers - what would YOUR perfect orchestral sample library consist of?

    For me, this would probably be... Room tone and mics from BBCSO Legato engine, dynamic range and crossfading from Cinematic Studio GUI from the NI Symphony Series Articulation management from Orchestral Tools Capsule Number of articulations similar to SA Chamber Strings (I guess more is always...
  33. Anevis

    Audio Ollie - LA Modern Percussion & Scoring Synths

    I´ve came across these two libraries when looking at some of Alan Meyerson´s videos on YouTube and found out he probably mixed LA Modern Percussion. I´ve got two questions about the libraries. 1) Does anybody use LA Modern Percussion? I´ve partly watched the walkthrough and they seem pretty...
  34. bfreepro

    Storm Choir Ultimate doing Duel of the Fates and EPIC CHOIR SHOOTOUT!

    Duel of the epic choirs?! Today I put Storm Choir Ultimate (Strezov Sampling) thru the paces with an iconic choral piece from Star Wars Ep. I, and then I do some detailed comparisons with some other epic choir libraries.
  35. VgsA

    Abel Vegas - Mammoth Pit (VSL Big Bang Orchestra Demo/Screencast)

    Hi, guys! Here's my first screencast for VSL, featuring several BBO Orchestra, Black Eye, Andromeda together with some Synchron Percussion I and Smart Hits. Hope you guys like it! YouTube: Facebook: Feel free to comment. :)
  36. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing A Trailer Track With 100% Free Orchestral Sample Libraries.

    Happy Thursday everyone! In today's video, let's do something awesomely fun and write a track from scratch using 100% free sample libraries! Please enjoy :D
  37. Grim_Universe

    A Zebra2 cinematic cyberpunk sound library. Questions for potential buyers.

    After I composed I had a very positive feedback and some of guys suggested to make my own Zebra 2 sound library. Before I start to make it, I wanna say, that it will be top notch and one of the best on the whole market for sure, but it won't be really big, because each sound takes a lot of...
  38. Illico

    I'm looking for a Hybrid Bass Sample like...

    I have many orchestral samples libraries but not so much hybrid ones (HALion Sonic SE...) I'm looking for some bass (sub-bass) samples like this one @1:35-1:50 I'm on Cubase Pro with Kontakt (Full). I could probably with some tricks, create my own sound, with Retrologue2, Charlatan, Reaktor...
  39. ChrisSiuMusic

    Composing With Audio Imperia's NUCLEUS (Orchestral Ballad)

    Good morning friends! If you've ever wondered how Audio Imperia's Nucleus works and what styles it can cover, I just uploaded a video featuring the softer, more intimate side of the library. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  40. ChrisSiuMusic

    Herman Samples - Frozen Piano (Reviewed)

    Hey everyone! Today we'll be taking a look at Herman Samples' newest library: Frozen Piano. Please enjoy!
  41. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Taylor Davis Violin (Reviewed)

    Hey friends! Today we'll be reviewing a wonderful new library from Cinesamples, featuring video game violinist herself Taylor Davis. Please enjoy!
  42. Vik

    Favourite instrument(s) in your fav. string libraries?

    Some of mine are the Con Moto cello, Berlin Strings Sul Tasto cellos, Spitfire Studio Strings pizz bass (based on demos), and Soaring Strings violas. The SCS V1 is also a favourite. I'll mention more later, but what are yours?
  43. A

    For Sale Damage Library for Kontakt

    Hi everyone. After having carried out some research I realized I can sell my Damage library. I’d want to do it because I’m considering to purchase the ultimate komplete 12 bundle. This will cause a duplication. So if is there anybody who’s interested to buy Heavyocity’s damage for 160$ please...
  44. Jeremy Spencer

    Symphobia 1 Wanted

    Did you know it's 50% off through Native Instruments right now? You won't get a better deal than that.
  45. Transients

    Need some help with brass programming

    When you record a brass melody with long notes and sustain articulation and in the end of each note you wanna have a couple of 16th notes which leads into the next long note. Like: Baaaaaaaam-Bam-Bam-Baaaaaaaam-Bam-Bam-Baaaaaaaam Do you play the Bam-Bam (16th notes) also with the sustain...
  46. dman007

    Orchestral Percussion Sample Library

    Can anyone recommend a good but affordable orchestral percussion sample library? I'm particularly after a good xylophone, bells (high) and chimes.
  47. C

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    I've found myself really liking very focused individual sample libraries. While the Komplete's and Ominispheres would be nice, I can't always justify $400, $600, $1000 purchases. One option is to save up, but I feel I'd be saving up and not doing anything. Examples of what I am referring to in...
  48. Fredeke

    Advices on how to structure a library ?

    Hi I am making this library of analog synth sounds. Because I want it to sound super analog, I've done a lot of sampling, even duplicate sampling of same notes with random sample triggering - anyway, my point is that just one synth patch makes a huge multisample (anywhere from 50Mb to 1Gb) and...
  49. Fredeke

    Choir for new age ambient ?

    Does anyone have a library to recommend for New Age ambient ? I'm mostly thinking choirs, but am open to others sounds. The quicker and easier to use, the better...
  50. dman007

    Seeking views on NI Symphony Series & Brass

    What do you think of the NI Symphony Series (Essential or full edition) - worth the money? In particular for Brass Better alternatives? How the alternatives fair against the EWQL Symphonic Library? Thanks
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