1. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Best Cinematic Orchestral Sample Libraries Money Can Buy (My Guide For 2020)

    Hi Vi-loving peers! This is the culmination of my opinions on the libraries I think that will give you a super solid foundation in composing cinematic orchestral music. If you'd prefer to have a physical guide to read over, please download the PDF I created specifically for this video in the...
  2. M

    Torn about Brass/Woods libraries...

    So I've been composing for about 4-5 years now and it feels like I'm starting to hit a wall with what I can do with Brass and Woodwinds now that I've actually started scoring projects. Albion One is great for big epic sounds, but doesn't let me compose for instrument sections (plus, I don't...
  3. L

    Spitfire Chamber Strings vs Studio Strings PRO

    In your opinion which one, and why? I will be using this for film/game/tv scoring. As far as I understand from what I've read so far, SSS is recorded in a drier environment so I would have to add reverb in post. I would love if I could get the SCS PRO but it is so much more than SSS PRO that...
  4. SBK

    Recommend Soundiron libraries!

    Hi guys, Which libraries you recommend for hybrid orchestral music like from Soundiron? I have Mercury Elements, Olympus Elements, Apocalypse Percussion, Mars and Venus Choir, Hyperion Strings Micro, Voices of Gaia, Voices of Rapture And would like to hear what you guys use from Soundiron...
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    Coming This Thursday...

  6. U

    String library like Frank Ocean's Seigfried (link below)

    Link: . I'm considering the following: - Spitfire Audio - Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions - Spitfire Audio - British Toolkit - Spitfire Audio - Tundra V - Spitfire Audio - Orchestral Swarm - Spitfire Audio - LCO - Spitfire Audio - Albion Loegria - Audiobro - LASS Any recommendations would...
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    My Favourite Sample Libraries for Cinematic Orchestral Music

    Hi fellow composers and producers! Due to popular request, I wanted to share with you today a detailed look into the libraries that I use in my everyday workflow, and how I use them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!
  8. ScotDP1970

    Taking my first step into a larger world (orchestral libraries)...

    Hi folks, Cutting to the chase: which decent-sounding orchestral library would you recommend? I love the Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, but does their cheaper alternative Albion One really cut it? Taking the scenic route: pardon the Jedi plagiarisms in the thread title, but it sums up where...
  9. EnabledLife

    Kontak crashing

    Hey there! Have you all had trouble with Loading spitfire libraries? Every time I try to load up an albion, or symphonic patch, The whole daw goes down lol. SOS?
  10. EnabledLife

    Subscription services

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if there are any other subscription services available, similar to EW? I have very limited income (300/mo.), so any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  11. B

    Seeking Advice on 2nd internal SSD for MacBook Pro

    Dear VI-Control folks, Thanks so much for your amazing posts. I learn so much from you! I'm requesting your tech expertise, as I'm about to dive into the world of score composing. Q: I want to install a 2nd SSD into my MBP (swapping out the Optical/DVD) to hold sample libraries. I prefer...
  12. L

    Recommendations on my gear for using Kontakt live

    Hi, Im having some issues with pops and noises during live playback of kontakt libraries, wich I believe have to do with the "CPU" and "Disk" indicators going red for brief moments (yes I know its obvious!). So I ask if you people could please make recommendations on my setup in order to...
  13. JaikumarS

    Kontakt Library recommendation for scoring Animated Series

    I'm looking for Kontakt libraries other than the Project SAM's Swing, Swing More and Colours Animator for scoring animated series. Many of the Series already have used these libraries and overall sound of these shows have become too repetitive, and one cannot differentiate between the shows...
  14. creativeforge

    Winners of the summer giveaway!

    Here are the winners of the Summer 2017 VI Control Giveaway:
  15. Dirk Ehlert

    Loop based libraries and Content ID

    Dear hivemind, here's the thing, I've been doing a ton of library / tv music over the last couple of years for various libraries out there. Especially for underscore etc. I consider libraries as Heavyocitys Evolve , AEON and similar libraries essential. And I don't mean these by playing a key...
  16. D

    Help me understand the quantity equation.

    I've read time and again that to be successful with libraries, one must be able to write essentially a "piece a day", with a library of hundreds or even thousands of cues in order to derive enough payments/royalties to earn a living. At the same time, I keep hearing that it's essentially...
  17. L

    Group buy for Kontakt Fairlight libraries by Bitley

    In case somebody is interested in Fairlight/Synclavier instruments for Kontakt: Bitley have announced a new group buy - $73 for all their Kontakt instrument libraries: While I am not in any way affiliated...
  18. R

    Fs: my whole VSL Collection + VIPRO2 + MIR Teldex, UPDATED

    Hi, I'm selling, as a whole bundle, not separate instruments, my whole VSL collection consisting of these products (see attached images) The total value of my licenses is 4.184.00 Euros, I'm selling the whole bundle for 2600 Euros. Included are the handling fee for license transfer I'll have to...
  19. kusheln

    Beginner's Shopping-List Questions

    Hi there, I just registered here to specifically get your guy's opinion on my plan to start out in composing. First off I come from a production/engineering background so I'm more than pleased with my mixing/effects plugins (all Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Waves) Furthermore I own Komplete 10...

    SONUSCORE – Black Friday Sale Special

    Hi guys, we have now opened the doors for our yearly Sonuscore Black Friday Sale Special. Until the 4th of December you’ve got the chance to save up to 50% on your purchase. Don't miss out on upgrading your sample library collection with these high quality game changing libraries. To get the...
  21. V

    New composer - What to buy?

    Hello All! (I am new in here and new when it comes to making music) I am torn between 3 libraries. I am very new in the world of scoring. I have bought Cubase 8.5 Pro & Keyscape (I bought Keyscape because I am a piano player, and it looked like my kind of jam). I have been looking at following...
  22. Pierre

    3FOR2 – Boom Library Black November Sale!

    Hi guys, we have just started our one and only sale of the year: Buy 2 SFX libraries, get one for free. Time to give yourself a little reward for the hard work during the last 11 months. Here's how it works: If you put 3 libraries into your shopping cart, you will get the 1 with the lowest...
  23. SBK

    About making your own library from excisting ones..

    Hi I was wondering, if I have purchased for example Project Sam Orchestral Essentials, and heavyocity damage for example. Can I use them to make my own sounds from the mix of those and other ones together as well? And then sell them like without problem. Is it something in their EULA of each...
  24. composerly

    Composerly - Personal Music Libraries [Update]

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you some updates to Composerly since I last posted. For those that don’t know, Composerly is a site that wraps your SoundCloud account into a clean, simple, functional music library. New Features =========== Faster Tag Searching A dynamic list of keywords...
  25. toddkedwards

    Mac Pro with 2 SSD's (Need Advice/Help)

    I have a quick question about upgrading my 2010 Mac Pro (Quad-core) to two 240GB SSD drives. I currently have 32GB Ram in the system. Here are the two SSD's I am going to be putting into the system: (Are these any good?) I wanted to know if I...
  26. toddkedwards

    Cinesamples Blend/Layering with other Libraries?

    Anyone using Cinesamples libraries such as: CineWinds Core CineStrings Core CinePerc Core CineBrass Pro & Core What other libraries do you tend to blend/layer with them, or what libraries have you found that blend/layer really well with them?
  27. X-Bassist

    Great Libraries under $60

    Although there are many threads for freebies or a specific instruments, I realized there are many Libraries under $60 that I own that work well, and would probably benefit someone new to The VI world... I have to start the list with Indigenious Solid State, since it seems to pack the most punch...

    Fast way to arrange Kontakt libraries?

    Is there any quick way to arrange / re-order / sort the kontakt libraries other than drag & drop? D&D method is slow & such a pain. I'm on OSX.
  29. Xenox.AFL

    Aphelion v1.5 FREE released - our modern cinematic tool kit library!

    We finally released our FREE version of Aphelion v1.5, our cinematic tool kit library for the Kontakt sampler. In this version you can try out some of the sounds and loops out of the big and full version, there is no limitation except the amount of sounds and samples, you get the same sound...
  30. kd.hebbes

    Getting Started With Libraries

    I'm sure you guys have gotten this a lot on here so if there is another thread that I haven't found that answers this question my apologies. I know the Emmett Cooke book is a great resource and I just started reading it. My question is should I work on my chops before attempting to contact...