1. L

    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    I know the basics of music theory, i.e (reading notation, time signatures, etc). But I have never worked with an orchestral track before. To put it in context, I am an aspiring film composer. I want to learn how an orchestra works, but have no clue where to even begin. I have a hard time...
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    What Courses Have You Purchased For Your Education?

    Hi all, I have a simple question for you today. When it comes to learning how to play/read music, music production, orchestration, arranging, mixing, etc., what online courses have you purchased on these topics? One the one hand, I'd love to know what did you enjoyed most about these...
  3. whiskers

    Help me build a learning plan? | where to even begin (any advice welcome)

    HELP I'VE TRIED NOTHING AND I'M ALL OUT OF IDEAS! (jk) First off, apologies for the wall of text. Thanks in advance to anyone who ventures through this whole thing. This is gonna be a bit verbose, but I'd rather be thorough than not. I was hoping if people may be so kind as to give feedback...
  4. Akarin

    Please help me validate my learning path

    Hey all, Sorry in advance for the long post or if this is not the correct category for this thread. I'm in need of you expert advice to validate the learning path I set for myself for the upcoming weeks/months/years... yeah, probably years. First, I want to give you a little bit of feedback...
  5. Paul T McGraw

    Mike Verta - Orchestration 3 masterclass video

    For anyone who is at all interested in Orchestration, I want to highly recommend the Mike Verta Masterclass, "Orchestration 3." I am no stranger to orchestration. I have read all of the classics, I can see the Rimsky-Kosakov, Adler, Forsyth, and Kennan on the shelf in my studio, and I have...
  6. PeterBaumann

    Machine learning in music production workflows - masters dissertation survey assistance!

    Hello all! Hopefully this is in the right section of the forum - I'm looking for help from as many people on here as I can get for a survey I'm doing for my masters dissertation, the deadline for which is rapidly approaching! It's open to anyone 18+, regardless of previous experience with...
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