1. L

    Advice on Latin Music Kontakt Libraries (not Percussion).

    As posted in another thread here, I’ve gained much valuable information on Latin Percussion Kontakt Libraries for my current gig helping an Afro-Cuban / Latin Jazz Percussionist to record his music. As he is very adept on many hand percussion instruments, he wants virtual instruments which...
  2. Archduke

    Barro Sublevado | tango

    If you enjoy Tango Argentino (music in the line of -say- Astor Piazzolla), you might like this instrumental piece: Barro sublevado. You can also consider it classical music with strong roots in tango, something similar to what Bartók made with Rumanian folk music - but here with Urban Argentine...
  3. Vartio

    Little groovy orchestra doodle

    Some more "why not try pulling this style/idea off" things lol. I hope you like it.