1. Fermile

    VEPRO - missing ports

    Hi I'm working with cubase 9.0.40 and vepro 6, I was working regularly with a template and same vepro instances and suddenly after switching between projects with different sample rate (I know it cause my audio interface does a mild off-on to audio outputs with the lights still on) I got a...
  2. greentuga

    Lass - i cant!!!

    Hi guys, Definitely, I can’t get LASS sound good to my ears. Period!!! I see a lot of tutorials, a lot of videos... o sketch some ostinatos and legatos, deal with modulation, volume, reverb... I can’t go write with this library. So, can you please give a little (giant) help to me? (I use Logic...
  3. greentuga

    Help/Tips for strings...

    Hi guys, I have LASS, String Ensemble from Audiobro, Aflatus, Adventure Strings and Soaring Strings. I like the Audiobro stuff, but it’s hard to make it sound “ensemble”. What tips and tricks do you have for the diferent libraries??? One note: I write individual lines and, sometimes, use...
  4. C

    Dry Library for intimate "character" strings (sound examples in post)

    Hey all, I'm looking for a dry library for a close / 'noisy' sound - still clean, but intimate, with audible bow sound and a lot of character. I need to do ensemble work as well, so it can't be a 'Solo'-only library. Here are two examples of what I'm looking for: So far, my research leads...
  5. nickmurraymusic

    ULTIMATE Spiccato Strings Shootout - Which Library Sounds Best?

    I decided to pull up 19 different Spiccato String libraries and test which one sounds the best (at the time of making this video). I tested Spitfire Audio's Albion One, Albion Legacy, Albion 2 Loegria, Albion 3 Iceni, Mural (Legacy), Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Hans Zimmer Strings, BML Sable...
  6. Mr Pringles

    [Greg G. Megathread] Romantic power cello piano orchestral suite Hans Hisaishi or Joe Zimmer style

    Hey guys, I'm going to use this thread as a mega thread for my personal orchestral creations, mockup exercises, transcriptions, but also for other genres of music and some previous projects. All in 1. Rap track (remix of Walk The Line by Wax Tailor). Sounds old school with some flavor of the...
  7. M

    Spitfire Studio Strings Vs Hollywood Strings

    The professional version of Studio Strings seems to cover the "gap" between Hollywood Strings and LASS, it has many articulations (even more than hollywood strings) and the flexibility of the divisi from LASS; LASS doesn't have all those articulations and hollywood strings doesn't have divisi in...
  8. Jean Phi

    LASS good enough for classical music scores ?demos on vsl

    I didn't found any classical music demos on Lass website... Maybe it can't do that ?? I m always impress by Guy Bacos demos on VSL website, so convincing and emotive. Any links out there with LASS ? Can LASS sound as smooth and airy as VSL in mixes with good eq and MIR ?
  9. A

    LASS 2.5 still a good late 2018 buy?

    Hello I’m new here so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place, just let me know and I’ll delete it. The title basically says it all. I’m looking for my first premium string library and my composition teacher AND my orchestration teacher have both kind of put me on to LASS. I’ve been doing...
  10. mojamusic

    The perfect strings sound ...not quite there but progressing

    Why are all of the demos for every string library PERFECT and convincing until I purchase them?:shocked: I have spend thousands of dollars buying (and that won't change) only to find that... there's still something missing. But what it it? more ambience? recorded? better legato transition? less...
  11. M

    Sample Libraries and the mod wheel/CC 1

    I heard over and over again that it is necessary to use the mod wheel to get realistic results with sample libraries. I own LASS and the EW Hollywood Orchestra and every now and then I play with CC 1, but usually, I end up with making things more unrealistic. The notation symbol of diminuendos...
  12. amadeus1

    Top 14 Cellos from 11 Top String Libraries

    Hi guys, Here's a video comparing 14 solo cellos. Thanks, Bill
  13. amadeus1

    11 Top Solo Violin Legato Patches Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a link to the solo violin comparisons with descriptions: LA Scoring Strings, East West Solo Violin, EW Symphonic Orchestra Solo Violin, Quantum Leap Gypsy Violin, Vienna Symphonic Library Solo Violin, Chris Hein Solo Violin, Joshua Bell Solo Violin, Friedlander Solo Violin...
  14. amadeus1

    LASS Full Edition vs LASS Sordino Edition

    Hi guys, Here's a video showing features and the organization of the LASS Sordino library by Audiobro that's currently on sale. A comparison between the LASS Full regular edition and the LASS Sordino version is also summarized. Thanks, Bill
  15. amadeus1

    LA Scoring Strings - A functional Walkthrough

    Hey guys, Audiobro currently has a great sale on LA Scoring Strings. Here's a tutorial on how to quickly use LASS in your cues and a demonstration of the sound you can get with this divisi string library. Thanks, Bill
  16. W

    LA Scoring strings (or any) Setup outputs for each section.

    I like having each instrument section in it's own kontakt instance. (Basses on one, vln on one, etc.).. How should I go about routing my outputs for them? Say I have only Bass Spicattos that I'm playing all at once (A,B,C sections all playing at once). Should I route them all to one output and...
  17. stigc56

    Downwards Legato in LASS - does it work?

    Hi Just turned to my old LASS, but somehow the legato only works in upwards intervals. Anyone knows why?
  18. composerguy78

    How to set up LASS 2.5 in VE pro?

    I am building a new template in VE pro 6 and starting from scratch. I’m beginning with LASS. Does anyone have any tips for how they have their LASS library set up in VE Pro? I am currently using key switches for short strings using the patches that come built in. I have one midi track for...
  19. stigc56

    How to incorporate LASS sordino into LASS Standard

    Hi I have decided to give this library a go. So I have installed it following the tutorial from Audiobro. I especially want to use the divisi function of the lib. I also own the LASS Sordino so now I wonder if anyone here, that uses LASS a lot :rolleyes: can offer some information about how to...
  20. thov72

    Epic-ish....sorry, had to try it....

    I feel a little strange posting this here, especially after listening to Morodienes wonderful christian music....but well, I had to venture a bit into the epic world and write this. Grateful for any comments on composition, orchestration, sample use. My next step would be to work on the...
  21. A

    Predator OST "Payback time" - Alan Silvestri - Mock up

    Hiya, As a big fan of Alan Silvestri and Predator, I had a pop at mocking up one of the cues from the score with a bunch of libraries. Was a really useful learning tool. It contains great orchestration and a heck of a lot of mileage from small ideas thrown around the orchestra. Harmony is...
  22. Silence-is-Golden

    Is AudioBro still actually developing something?

    They have been on the top with their LASS strings and its innovations. All Of AudioBro's innovations with as a prime usp their divisi possibilities would lay a ground for transferring it for woods and brass in my view. Like BBrass or Bwoods, but then with divisi playing through the scripts they...
  23. Silence-is-Golden

    LASS in VEPRO (6) Arc templatesetup

    I am transferring several of my setups that previously run in Logic into VePRO. And LASS 2.5 has come with to me a handy Arc template setup that comes from the multi patches(see special). It is setup so that in 5 x 5 (logic) multitimbral midi-tracks you have all available articulations and all...
  24. thov72

    Discount on Lass Full for Lass Lite/FC .... ?

    Hey guys, got that discount email yesterday and just wondered...does this happen every once in a while or is there something new coming up (likes Lass3/.../....)???
  25. Silence-is-Golden


  26. M

    Help me narrow down solo string library choices

    I'm looking to buy a solo cello and solo violin library. I've spent several hours reading published and discussion board reviews and watching walkthrough videos, and am still sorting it all out. I'm looking to spend around $250. I've been using EWQLSO Platinum solo instruments (arg) and a few...
  27. Silence-is-Golden

    SA Mural/ Sable Con Sordino strings legato? / Or only LASS LS?

    Hello Spitfire / LASS users, Maybe I am overlooking it, but I cannot find VI, VI2, VA, VC con sordino strings legato in Spitfire libraries. Apart from the Albion limited range legato sustains I cannot find them in the other library articulation sheets. Is this therefore better achieved by LASS...