la scoring strings

  1. C

    Dry Library for intimate "character" strings (sound examples in post)

    Hey all, I'm looking for a dry library for a close / 'noisy' sound - still clean, but intimate, with audible bow sound and a lot of character. I need to do ensemble work as well, so it can't be a 'Solo'-only library. Here are two examples of what I'm looking for: So far, my research leads...
  2. nickmurraymusic

    ULTIMATE Spiccato Strings Shootout - Which Library Sounds Best?

    I decided to pull up 19 different Spiccato String libraries and test which one sounds the best (at the time of making this video). I tested Spitfire Audio's Albion One, Albion Legacy, Albion 2 Loegria, Albion 3 Iceni, Mural (Legacy), Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Hans Zimmer Strings, BML Sable...
  3. Mr Pringles

    [Greg G. Megathread] Romantic power cello piano orchestral suite Hans Hisaishi or Joe Zimmer style

    Hey guys, I'm going to use this thread as a mega thread for my personal orchestral creations, mockup exercises, transcriptions, but also for other genres of music and some previous projects. All in 1. Rap track (remix of Walk The Line by Wax Tailor). Sounds old school with some flavor of the...
  4. A

    LASS 2.5 still a good late 2018 buy?

    Hello I’m new here so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place, just let me know and I’ll delete it. The title basically says it all. I’m looking for my first premium string library and my composition teacher AND my orchestration teacher have both kind of put me on to LASS. I’ve been doing...
  5. amadeus1

    LA Scoring Strings - A functional Walkthrough

    Hey guys, Audiobro currently has a great sale on LA Scoring Strings. Here's a tutorial on how to quickly use LASS in your cues and a demonstration of the sound you can get with this divisi string library. Thanks, Bill
  6. A

    Predator Theme for virtual orchestra

    I had a pop at recreating Alan Silvestri's Predator Theme with virtual instruments. The libraries are shown in the video along with some broad analysis of the harmony. What do you guys think?
  7. K

    The Asteroid Field - Mockup

    Hey all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've recently completed an orchestral mockup of The Asteroid Field (Concert Version) by John Williams from The Empire Strikes Back and would like to share it with you all. I'd love any feedback you might have on the performance/mix/mastering; I'm a...
  8. W

    LA Scoring strings (or any) Setup outputs for each section.

    I like having each instrument section in it's own kontakt instance. (Basses on one, vln on one, etc.).. How should I go about routing my outputs for them? Say I have only Bass Spicattos that I'm playing all at once (A,B,C sections all playing at once). Should I route them all to one output and...
  9. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 5

    My on-going experiments with golden age orchestral music brought to life entirely with virtual instruments. This is part 5, "High Heels" by Trevor Duncan from 1955. You can see the libraries used in the video. I also did an analysis of a section of the harmony of this exact piece in this...
  10. HidenoriYoshi

    Layering Spitfire Chamber String to a full section?

    Layering Spitfire Chamber String to a full section? (Auto Divisi) As my question stated, how to layer chamber string to a full section? with an auto divisi system. We know that SCS has: 4 1st Violins 3 2nd Violins 3 Violas 3 Cellos 3 Basses 4 Patches that completes the articulations for a...
  11. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 4

    My quest to create an authentic sounding vintage orchestra continues. This is my 4th go at it and I think I'm getting a little better with each attempt, although still a work in progress. What do you guys think? Anything I'm missing or could improve? Anybody have more insight into the gear and...
  12. nik

    La Scoring Strings / Ozone 7

    Hey guys I am new here and hope you guys can help me with a few questions. 1) I try to get seriously into producing, using Cubase 8 and already got the East West Orchestra including the Hollywood Strings. i recently heard the La Scoring Strings and i was pretty excited about the rythmic tool...