1. danilocff

    Custom knobs with monolith

    I've been struggling a little with my instrument not finding the resource container. I found out in the reference manual the issue was that a monolith save does not include the .nkr in the "package". I then saved as patch + samples and all worked nicely. Does this mean I cannot save as monolith...
  2. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Intro to Kontakt Scripting: Adding your First Knob + FREE KONTAKT INSTRUMENT

    In this video, I cover one of the most basic aspects of Kontakt scripting: creating knobs to control instrument parameters. In particular, I use this occasion to add a lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance knobs to a Korg Volca Keys sample library (FREE). This video is a great starting point...
  3. danilocff

    [SOLVED] Kontakt key colors disappeared

    So I was just at the very beginning of my script and key colors disappeared (the keys were the default color at the beginning). The instrument works fine, but none of my attempts of bringing colors back seem to be working and could not find anything online. Ideas? I attach a screenshot of my...
  4. jfino

    How to check if key has a sample mapped?

    Hi Everyone, Quick question: Is there any way to check if a key has a sample mapped to it? thanks!
  5. A

    Changing round robin cycle size

    I'm building an instrument that has various articulations with different amounts of round robins. This is causing me problems because if I have 12 on articulation A and 10 on articulation B, then when I activate B (with a key switch) and play it, it will still count up to 12 and so I will play...
  6. K

    KSP - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  7. jfino

    User defined pitch bend range

    Hi Everyone, I need some help figuring out how to have a user defined pitch bend range for the entire instrument. I have a ui table where the user can draw a pitch bend graph. The values can then be read with a slider which feeds the $ENGINE_PAR_TUNE. This will allow to midi learn the slider...
  8. jfino

    Multiple Waveforms

    Hi Everyone, I want to have couple of waveforms on display and each with its own independent play cursor. Each sample is mapped on a different key. I tried the code below but something is not right.. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks so much!! on init set_ui_height_px(350)...
  9. Fredeke

    My slider picture doesn't work [SOLVED]

    Hello. I am trying to learn how to skin my instruments. I've tried to begin very simple, imitating a couple of tutorials... Well my first attempt just doesn't work at all ! I believe a picture will explain better than many words : See how all the button's frames are layed out, like it's...
  10. J

    How to make Gater sequencer?

    Hi Everyone, How do I make gater sequencer with ksp? Any pointers to get me started would be extremely helpful! Thank you!
  11. Sean J

    Spitfire Bug? Banks vs NKI behave differently...?

    Hello all, Spitfire Mural vol. 1 long/sustain patch has choppy playback with back-to-back notes in Cubase if loaded into a bank slot, but works fine on it's own. Is there any way to script a fix to this? Anyone know if this was resolved in the Symphonic Strings update? Why would a patch would...
  12. K

    On controller / ui-control - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  13. A

    Controlling Sample Start of a group

    Could anyone tell me if there's any way I could alter the Sample Start parameter's value of all the samples in a group at the same time? Maybe even tie it to a scripted knob so I could manage that from the GUI? I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advance! :D
  14. K

    Script specifying group release t(ms) setting?

    Hello, I´m writing a script. The release groups of my key instrument are using different group time base, the setting beside "release trigger" button, called "t(ms): 1000". This one: My wish is to make my life easier in adjusting the about 140 groups of release samples´s time base, the...
  15. jfino

    How to stop generated notes triggering key-switch

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. My script makes simple power chords. Using play_note multiple times. Also I have key switches. Now, some of the low generated notes are triggering key-switches. I could just move my key switch further away but I have...
  16. jfino

    Delaying the start of virtual notes

    Hi Everyone, Quick question: How do I delay the start of each generated note? on note play_note($EVENT_NOTE-12,$EVENT_VELOCITY,0,-1) play_note($EVENT_NOTE-5,$EVENT_VELOCITY,0,-1) play_note($EVENT_NOTE+3,$EVENT_VELOCITY,0,-1) end on Thanks for your help!
  17. A

    How to set a default keyswitch articulation?

    I made a Kontakt instrument with different articulations in groups activated by key switches that I set in the group start options. It works fine except that when I first load the instrument, no group will be active until I press one of the key switches. I have tried in many ways to make a...
  18. K

    UI control button for release groups, disallow_groups not working

    This thread will also be called: Workaround for the release group "disallow_group" bug with "ignore_event"? Issue: I want to control the usage of certain Release Groups (groups that use release trigger as start) at certain UI-changes. I got a UI with buttons that switches on-off groups. The...
  19. K

    Control (and fade in) volume of bus effect with Midi CC (64)

    How do I fade in the volume of a bus effect using the MIDI CC 64 (sustain pedal) as the trigger? I have been looking at ways to trigger the send level of an insert slot on a bus, using the sustain pedal, or a MIDI CC 64. How can I do that? My issue: I want to add more reverb (from say -30db...
  20. d.healey

    My KSP libraries, now on github

    Hi, I've been meaning to do this for a couple of years and I finally got around to it this evening. I've published my main KSP libraries to github I can't guarantee they all work as it's been quite a while since I last updated them but hopefully some of you will get something useful from them...
  21. K

    Release trigger counter based on key position (sample length)

    I got an instrument that has release samples. The groups have key ranges from C0 or below up to C5. The lengths of the samples are also very different, from 40s at C0 to 10s at C5. When release trigger counter is used to control the release sample volume over time (0-25s), the different key...
  22. thelasthaven

    Min/Max Values of Knobs/Sliders

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a script where I should adapt knobs/sliders for different tasks. Is it possible to change min/max values of GUI units not in "on init" callback? I have something like this: on init declare ui_knob $knob1 (0, 1000000, 1) <other parts of the script> end on...
  23. karelpsota

    Batch renaming to velocity ranges?

    Hi, Do you know how to batch rename sequenced files (from "1 to 13") into progressive velocity ranges? Example: Audio 1 -> Audio 1-10 Audio 2 -> Audio 11-20 Audio 3 -> Audio 21-30 ... Audio 13 -> Audio 121-127 Thank you. -KP
  24. jfino

    Free Table Inverter!

    I made a simple table inverter, might be handy for someone. If there's a better way to code it please let me know! :) on init declare $i declare ui_table %array[127] (5,5,127) declare $temp declare ui_button $invert end on on ui_control ($invert) $i := 0...
  25. jfino

    How to detect if a value on a table has been changed?

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to detect if a value on a table has been changed and which index of the table it belongs to. I'm thinking probably having a duplicate array to compare it to, but I don't know where to go from there. Any thoughts ? Thanks!
  26. jfino

    Array Circle shift algorithm?

    Hi Everyone, I came across this : https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/array-rotation/ Allows you to shift an array in a circle Ex. Shift by 1 to the right. 1,2,3,4 4,1,2,3 3,4,1,2, Can someone knowledgeable translate it to ksp? I'm sure a lot of people will find it useful! Would be cool to shift...
  27. jfino

    Table Value Position Play Cursor

    Hello everyone! What are some of the way you can show where the current value on a table is at? Similar to the waveform play cursor. But on a UI table. Heavyocity Vocalise did it beautifully: Is this some kind of overlay animation? Thanks!
  28. jfino

    UI Button setting Value of Slider

    Hello everyone! Quick question: I want to assign a value to a slider(s) using a button. The slider controls several parameters. In the below example its controlling the Volume. When I press the button, the value for the slider updates but the parameters that the slider controls don't...
  29. J

    Preset loading from nka array

    Hi Everyone, I want to have a next and prev button to "cycle" through presets that load from an .nka file in the Data folder. But I have no idea what command to use. So I save a preset as "preset0.nka" save another one as "preset1.nka" , "preset2.nka" and so on. through the browser and thats...
  30. jfino

    How to avoid "Clipped to max value" Warning?

    Hi everyone! Quick question: I'm trying to add a random element to a slider. How do I avoid getting the Clipped to max value Warning? I tried several things but I still get the warning so obviously, I'm not doing something right :( Thanks so much for your help! on init message ("")...
  31. jfino

    How to script a Non Repeating Random Round Robin ?

    Hi Everyone! Happy new year to you all. I need some help scripting a non-repeating random round robin. How is this achieved? An example or Pseudo code would be very helpful since I'm new to programming. Thanks so much for your help. Jimmy
  32. A

    Waveform & Play Position

    Hi. I've ran into a small issue with my ui_waveform. It displays the cursor (play_pos) correctly when I'm pressing a note, but if I press a second note while the first is still held, the cursor glitches back and forth between the two. I want the second note to "take over", and the cursor to...
  33. jfino

    How to offset a group start time?

    Hi everyone! is it possible to offset a group start time? I have 3 groups, I want to be able to adjust each group start time with a slider. Any ideas? thank you for your help!
  34. jfino

    Controlling multiple parameters at different rates with one slider?

    Hi everyone, Noob question... How do you go about controlling multiple parameters at different rates with one slider? example: Tape Saturator Gain And Compressor ratio thanks in advance!
  35. willbedford

    Snake game in Kontakt

    I made Snake in Kontakt. Feel free to waste some time - https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2j3g51oj6l5mfi/Snek.zip?dl=0 Enjoy ;)
  36. C

    Limit keyrange of specific groups

    Hi everyone! I'm creating an instrument where I have 3 different layers where the user can select different waveforms, one in each layer. I also have another layer that we can call the sub oscillator. I want to be able to limit the keyrange of the sub osc without limiting the other 3 elements...
  37. Kyle Preston

    KSP Preset Legalities

    I looked but couldn’t find a specific answer to this question. Do developers need to obtain a license from Native Instruments if they choose to sell a Kontakt instrument that uses or modifies a KSP preset? I’m not talking about becoming a “Powered By Kontakt” library, just selling as a third...
  38. H

    Kontakt dB values

    Hi What is the math operation for obtain on KSP the values from 630859 (or 631000) to 0.0dB, 500000 to -6.0 dB, etc. ? Cheers
  39. S

    KSP - Round Robins across multiple mic positions

    Hey all, I'm doing some preliminary script testing for a percussion library I'm working on and have hit a snag. I found a script from Nils that will allow for round robins per zone selected (meaning I can have independent RR counts per velocity, per note). I'm now trying to figure out how to...
  40. jfino

    Re-trigger notes with breath controller

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of making a simple flute to learn more about KSP. I have a basic true legato working and key-switching for articulations. I would like to incorporate breath controller input. I was looking a the amazing Flute from sample modeling. On one video the guy seemed to...
  41. jfino

    Ui_menu height?

    Hi Everyone, quick question.. I have a menu with lots of items, is there a way to limit the height and have a scroll bar? Thank you for your help! Jimmy
  42. jfino

    Gaussian Random Script Function For Micro tuning

    Hi Everyone, I came across the Gaussian Random Script Function on a post here developed by the Great Nils and the Epic Big Bob. I very new to ksp and I dont know how to use it. How would i use it for micro tuning? so every note played is slightly different in pitch. From what I gather and I...
  43. jfino

    Change Source module through KSP

    Hello everyone, Quick question: is it possible to change the source module through KSP example: from tone machine to time machine? thanks!
  44. jfino

    Displaying values on a single label

    Hi! I'm using the factory script Unisono - Portamento and I want to display all the knob readings into one label. Any ideas on how this is done? Thank you so much! Jimmy
  45. Reegs

    HALion Script

    Not a Halion user, but I found this image on Steinberg's site related to Scripting advertised in HALion 6: Definitely some similarities to KSP, but at a first glance the syntax seems a little more sane, without need for the dedicated compiler step. Appears to be based off Lua, maybe? Like...
  46. E

    Not able to hide parts for custom buttons

    I hate to ask a question like this but, I can not for the life of me figure this out even after all of the searching and experimenting I have done... I am wanting to have customs buttons which are pre labeled and have the 6 states required. However, the label for the button glitches and still...
  47. E

    Swapping note and velocity mappings

    Hopefully someone better than myself may have an answer. =) I have mapped my round robins to the velocity layer as I can randomize and sync them with other groups with ease. HOWEVER, I do not want to lose my ability to use the velocity data for volume control. So my idea then was to separate...
  48. RGcomposer

    Filter type knob

    Hey guys and gals I'm currently in the middle of setting up my first sample library. This is purely a learning experience for me so I don't care how long it takes me to learn ksp ect. It's a fun process for me anyway. I have a design query that I feel I could get an answer from in here. I...
  49. S

    Script portability for simple and complex libraries

    I recently wrote my first ksp script- nothing fancy- just a call to change_note() and change_tune() in the note callback. It seems to work ok for simpler libraries. However, when I try to use it in a more complex library, with lots of scripted functionality, like the NI pianos (e.g. The Giant...
  50. S

    Script to transpose note in DFD library (S.mod)

    Hi, I'm trying to write a reusable script (using K5) that I can drop into any library (including a big stock library like 'The Giant') and it will transpose incoming notes. It seems quite easy if the library is in Sampler mode, but not so much in DFD. But short version, for reasons of...
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