1. J

    Getting error from empty script slot on play_note

    Hi everyone! In essence, this is my code: on init declare sustain_key_down := 0 declare sustain_key_up := 1 end on on controller if (CC_NUM = 64) if (CC[64] = 127) play_note(sustain_key_down, 1, 0, -1) else if (CC[64] = 0)...
  2. J

    KONTAKT ksp SCRIPT to use Keyswitch into CC#

    Hi everyone, I'm new in here... I've been trying to write an script in order to use Keyswitches from my library to release or trigger the legato function wich is attached to CC#20. I don't use any midi device (keyboards or pads) so is very important for me to have this as a keyswitch. I've tried...
  3. Fredeke

    KSP: How to know the path to instrument's data folder?

    Hi again Curiously, while save_array and load_array can work with the instrument's Data folder (which is in the same folder as the instrument), save_array_str and load_array_str require an absolute path ! An absolute path would mean the script would stop working if the instrument is moved to...
  4. Fredeke

    KSP: any insight into this mysterious bug?

    Hi After some code rewrite that didn't significantly alter the overall structure, a bug appeared that just blows my mind. The precompiler precompiles without error (finally ;)), but then Kontakt (5.7) refuses to apply the script because this generated line...
  5. d.healey

    Want to learn Kontakt scripting? 30% OFF COUPON!

    If you want to create your own Kontakt instruments but don't know where to start with Kontakt scripting then this is the deal for you! My KSP tutorial bundle is now discounted by an additional 30%! This is on top of the effective discount of 15% compared to buying the classes individually...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Play_note() returning 0 kinda randomly

    Hi everyone, I'm currently scripting a step sequencer. Every time the sequencer should play a note, a method is called that adds a background noise. If one or more samples are being played, this method will trigger the background sample as well. As I'm using this method in the sequencer, the...
  7. dfhagai

    SPitfire Studio Winds - Free expression maps & Track Presets!!!

    Hey Guys, Here's a link to download my super detailed Cubase Expression Maps & Track Prestes for all of the instruments in the Spitfire Studio Winds Bundle!!! I’ve been using Cubase for more then two decade. As a full time musician and a Steinberg Certified trainer for well over a decade, I...
  8. Scooter Fort

    Trying to create dropdown menu that changes mapping

    I'm trying to create a simple dropdown menu that will allow the user to remap the snare to whichever note they prefer - I haven't been able to find any information on this at all I've been searching through the forums and the reference manual for a couple hours Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Fredeke

    KSP: get sample length

    I may be splitting hair but... Something that could be useful is knowing the total length of the sample that is being played. The only function I found in the doc is get_sample_length(<zone-ID>), but in order to know the zone-ID, I must know the zone-name: find_zone(<zone-name>) - which I...
  10. Fredeke

    KSP: how to (dis)allow release groups?

    Hi everyone I am trying to control whether release samples are triggered on MIDI Note Offs. First: I created groups containing only release samples, and turned on the button "release trigger" below these groups' mapping geditor. That's the way to do it, right? But then I don't know how to...
  11. Fredeke

    Why store scripts in the resource folder/container ?

    I wonder: why is there a script folder in the resource container? Aren't my scripts already saved in their respective slot within the nki? And, if the script folder is just there for my developer's convenience, then I suppose I can save uncompiled SublimeKSP scripts there?
  12. Fredeke

    Max. height of performance view in Kontakt 6 ?

    For the week-end, I am taking a break from KSP development... only to start the design for a wavetable synth for K6 ! Anyway, can someone tell me what the maximum height (in pixel) of a skinned performance view is in Kontakt 6? Is it the same as in K5 or did they extend it? Thanks
  13. Fredeke

    Is there a way to read MIDI note-off velocity in KSP ?

    It's all in the title, but let me elaborate just in case. You know how some fancy keyboards have release velocity - that is, they are sensitive to how fast you release a key? It's in the MIDI specifications, and it can be simulated in a MIDI sequencer (like Reaper's ;)) too. I was wondering if...
  14. Fredeke

    Very nerdy, low-level question about conditions in KSP ...

    Sorry for flooding the forum... But I'm diving deep into scripting today, so I'm having a few questions. Do we know in which order conditional statements are evaluated in KSP ? Here's what I mean: if write something like if (condition A and condition B) the interpreter first evaluates one of...
  15. Fredeke

    [ANSWERED] Change group's engine (from sampler to DFD) via KSP ?

    Hi Can I set a group's source engine to sampler or DFD via a script? Or do I need to create duplicates of each group with different source engines and then allow/disallow/purge them from the script? Or some other solution ? (What I'd like to do is provide a button switching from reading the...
  16. K

    Routing in Kontakt, pan & EQ pre-post Send FX - solutions

    Hello. Many have asked before and I have tried to get around it but the send fx cannot be stereo modelled as they go straight as-is to the outputs. Is there any workaround for this? Like Midi CC control of aux bus returns etc, that can be done on the UI? The solution I can think of is...
  17. K

    Modulated AHDSR release value possible to print on screen?

    Is the modulated Envelope AHDSR release value possible to print on screen in a label or in the message()? I know I can get the value of the set knob of the envelope´s "release" knob. But as I start to modulate that one with a midi CC value I get difficult numbers as the output release setting...
  18. K

    Help with basic on controller logic

    Greetings coders. I got a little issue with a pedal script seeming to be correct, but not behaving. This is my little code that goes off on controller, I want only one controller (sustain pedal/cc64) to trigger a message until the opposite direction has triggered. As to not have multiple...
  19. Inductance


    Expired! :grin:
  20. jfino

    Simulated non repeating Round Robbin issue

    Hi Everyone! I'm a bit stuck on this, any help would be amazing! I'm trying to set up a simulated non repeating Round Robbin. I have an array with a non repeating pattern. I then Allow each RR group based on the Array. I have counter which I placed on the on note Call back. I have three...
  21. jfino

    Saving a library with purged samples?

    Hi Everyone, Quick question: I have a single shots library and for faster loading I thought it might be a good idea to save the library with all its samples purged. (Bad idea?) Now the issue is when a sample is triggered nothing is heard until the key is pressed again. I assume the first time...
  22. K

    UI elements not affecting vars on release

    Hello. I am trying to get a UI-element on my ui to affect a variable in the RCB. It is a ui_value_edit element and let´s users enter a value of their choice between 1-19. The value is then used in on release as a minimum velocity under/over which to play or not to play certain things. It all...
  23. K

    Re-pedaling / pedal issues and using KEY_DOWN

    Hello dear KSP:ers. I am trying to make sense of why the pedal function, the internal script, that is. I have made a pretty complete script turning off and on functions for release groups etc. Using the internal pedal script functionality I am still getting an error when releasing and then...
  24. K

    No note off on pedal release or CC64 off messages

    Hey everyone! I´ve got a peculiar issue. I cannot get the controller CC64 (pedal off message) to release a key being played. I use note_off and i´ve got the SET_CONDITION(NO_SYS_SCRIPT_RLS_TRIG) on init, it´s a custom release script. I am also entering in event parameters in each event on note...
  25. K

    Affecting note_off events with change_vol?

    Affecting note_off events with change_vol? Is it even possible? I know this is probably not possible, been trying everything I can think of, but with no luck. Seems most scripts use play_note to be able to affect the volume of the played note during or on note on. Is there a way to use note_off...
  26. K

    Exporting / converting a .nkp table preset into an array of values, how?

    Is there a way to export or convert a .NKP table preset into numbers from 0-100 values, one value per column, with a row count of 128? So, basically I want to get a spread sheet of the values in the table and use that in an array, in the end. (either by loading a preset and saving it in ksp...
  27. K

    Displaying note event IDs and Engine Uptime values for each key pressed

    Hello. I wanted to set the [ENGINE_UPTIME] for all the events [on note], then display one line of text for each [EVENT_ID] along with the engine uptime value for each event. The aim is to calculate timings (later on) for a release sound. But that is not included yet. Now it´s just getting the...
  28. mrazz

    Kontakt, Legato on Selected Groups

    Hello All! I have a hurdy gurdy that I am about to sample. The instrument has an on going drone that never stops as the wheel is turned comprised of two notes one octave apart. Then there is a melody string that always makes its lowest note as the wheel is turned. The player then presses...
  29. Fredeke

    Resource files handling for a newbie ?

    Hi! Could someone explain to me (or point me to an explaination of) how to manage resource files, folders and container, and keep relative paths working when moving everything around ? Could it be explained like I'm a total noob, because apparently I must be one ? The following is a lengthy...
  30. Fredeke

    How to do wavetables in Kontakt ?

    Hello. I was wondering if there is a way of building a wavetable synth in KSP ? I see two ways of doing it, the first being maybe impossible, and the second one being impractical I guess : 1. Store the wavetable as a continuous wav and move around the looping points within it. That begs the...
  31. K

    Different release groups for Sustain Pedal on/off

    Greetings KSP:ers. I have an issue with release samples. My need is to have different release groups triggered based on wether or not the sustain pedal was pressed, at the time of the release. Prelude: Note-off events are triggered upon the release of a note, the release of a key. But in the...
  32. danilocff

    LFO on Instrument Insert FX

    So, I have a couple of effects on the instrument InsertFX tab, and a filter after those. I would like to modulate the cutoff frequency with an LFO, but I can't seem to do that the same way as it would work on a Group InsertFX. I thought that I could set a "dummy filter" with an LFO in the Group...
  33. M

    Problem in set_engine_par Group Insert FX

    I put in Group Insert FX - EQ 3, par L/H, in SendEffects - Reverb and put Send Levels in SendEffects. I have many groups and working reverb for each individual groups but I am wrong in KSP Script code. In KSP Script I put this but dont working. I must be missing out on the index in script. on...
  34. Fredeke

    Here's all the doc I could find about SublimeKSP

    Today I just discovered the joys of using SublimeKSP (formerly Nils Liberg's KSE), which is an extension to the KSP language in the form of a plugin for the Sublime Text editor. It does syntax highlighting, code parsing and compiling, and more. It offers great improvements to the original KSP...
  35. Fredeke

    How to skin menus [SOLVED]

    Hi again everyone. I just started my first skinned script, so I might have a lot of questions for the next few weeks... Here's the first one ;) I'm having a hard time determining which UI elements are skinnable (I mean, for which kind can I provide a custom picture to replace its generic look)...
  36. Fredeke

    Is KSP backward compatible ?

    Hello I am currently developing a sample library for Kontakt 5. I am about to begin some heavy scripting, but I wonder : will the scripts (and the whole library, for that matter) work in Kontakt 6 as well ? Thanks
  37. Maxheadroom

    Serial Code for Kontakt Instruments?

    Hello, is there good/prevalent way to add an (offline) serial key authorisation to your Kontakt instrument? Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you in advance! Best, Max
  38. danilocff

    Custom knobs with monolith

    I've been struggling a little with my instrument not finding the resource container. I found out in the reference manual the issue was that a monolith save does not include the .nkr in the "package". I then saved as patch + samples and all worked nicely. Does this mean I cannot save as monolith...
  39. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Intro to Kontakt Scripting: Adding your First Knob + FREE KONTAKT INSTRUMENT

    In this video, I cover one of the most basic aspects of Kontakt scripting: creating knobs to control instrument parameters. In particular, I use this occasion to add a lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance knobs to a Korg Volca Keys sample library (FREE). This video is a great starting point...
  40. danilocff

    [SOLVED] Kontakt key colors disappeared

    So I was just at the very beginning of my script and key colors disappeared (the keys were the default color at the beginning). The instrument works fine, but none of my attempts of bringing colors back seem to be working and could not find anything online. Ideas? I attach a screenshot of my...
  41. jfino

    How to check if key has a sample mapped?

    Hi Everyone, Quick question: Is there any way to check if a key has a sample mapped to it? thanks!
  42. A

    Changing round robin cycle size

    I'm building an instrument that has various articulations with different amounts of round robins. This is causing me problems because if I have 12 on articulation A and 10 on articulation B, then when I activate B (with a key switch) and play it, it will still count up to 12 and so I will play...
  43. K

    KSP - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  44. jfino

    User defined pitch bend range

    Hi Everyone, I need some help figuring out how to have a user defined pitch bend range for the entire instrument. I have a ui table where the user can draw a pitch bend graph. The values can then be read with a slider which feeds the $ENGINE_PAR_TUNE. This will allow to midi learn the slider...
  45. jfino

    Multiple Waveforms

    Hi Everyone, I want to have couple of waveforms on display and each with its own independent play cursor. Each sample is mapped on a different key. I tried the code below but something is not right.. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks so much!! on init set_ui_height_px(350)...
  46. Fredeke

    My slider picture doesn't work [SOLVED]

    Hello. I am trying to learn how to skin my instruments. I've tried to begin very simple, imitating a couple of tutorials... Well my first attempt just doesn't work at all ! I believe a picture will explain better than many words : See how all the button's frames are layed out, like it's...
  47. J

    How to make Gater sequencer?

    Hi Everyone, How do I make gater sequencer with ksp? Any pointers to get me started would be extremely helpful! Thank you!
  48. scoredfilms

    Spitfire Bug? Banks vs NKI behave differently...?

    Hello all, Spitfire Mural vol. 1 long/sustain patch has choppy playback with back-to-back notes in Cubase if loaded into a bank slot, but works fine on it's own. Is there any way to script a fix to this? Anyone know if this was resolved in the Symphonic Strings update? Why would a patch would...
  49. K

    On controller / ui-control - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  50. A

    Controlling Sample Start of a group

    Could anyone tell me if there's any way I could alter the Sample Start parameter's value of all the samples in a group at the same time? Maybe even tie it to a scripted knob so I could manage that from the GUI? I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advance! :D