1. creativeforge

    Rescue Kontakt 5 tracks info from Kontakt 6 limbo?

    OK, so I re-opened an older project, and all the half the tracks won't load due to not finding Kontakt 5. I removed it form my machine a few months back to "make room" now that I use K6. Dumb move! Unfortunately I didn't indicate each track's instrument in K5, so I'm trying to see if there is...
  2. APD

    Audio Imperia & Exotic States Cinematic Experience Bundle - Get 78% Off!

    For just $99, Audio Imperia and Exotic States offer a massive 8-in-1 bundle of high-quality toolkits and instruments worth a combined total of $462. Audio Imperia is a joint venture of composers, sound designers, and developers focused on creating boutique trailer and video game music specific...
  3. anatholy

    Synthophone - The debut library by Sampleso

    We are proud to announce that our very first library, Synthophone, is now released! Check out the product page: http://bit.ly/2ohzSpi Get it now for a special introductory price for a limited time
  4. B

    Kontakt taking a long time to load for the first time

    Hi guys, So I've been having this annoying problem with Kontakt (especially after upgrading to 5.6.5) where everytime I launch it for the first time (after a computer reboot for example) the GUI takes a good 40 seconds to show up on the screen. After that very first time it opens very quickly...
  5. 123creative

    123creative releases BLVCK production Kit - Loops, One-shots, Presets (FL studio, Sylenth1, Kontakt)

    Hello producers, Allow us to present you our new product. 123creative releases BLVCK production kit - Loops, One-shots, Presets for FL studio, Sylenth1, Kontakt. Suitable for genres: Trap, RnB, Hip Hop, House, Dirty South, EDM BLVCK production Kit is the result of months of hard work and It...
  6. Leandro Abreu

    Muletone Audio releases "Travel Congas" for Kontakt 5

    Hello friends of VI Control, New Library release, Travel Congas, a percussion library for Kontakt 5.5. The Travel Congas sound like traditional Congas, with a compact rum of 11.75"x3.5" in diameter, maintaining a wooden structure just like the real size Congas. The musician, composer and...
  7. patchen

    Particle Sound Announces 'Forks' Soundscapes and Tuned Percussion for Kontakt

    Hi All, I'm excited to announce Forks, our new sound design and tuned percussion instrument for Kontakt 5! At it’s heart Forks is based on an extensively sampled collection of scientific tuning forks that have been used and abused and played in unique and creative ways, all captured in pristine...
  8. W

    Horrible kontakt5 problems -- instrument banks, loading

    Just learned three horrible things about Kontakt 5.5: (EDIT: work-around posted below in comments for the first two) that K5.5 ignores midi CCs sent to instruments in an instrument bank that K5.5 ignores pitchbend sent to instruments in an instrument bank that anything saved in K5.5 can not...
  9. Alan Wave

    Scripting codes for assigning insert/send effects to knob

    Hello I am new to scripting and i know the code for a assigning a cutoff to a knob, which is set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_CUTOFF, $myControl, 0, 0,-1) What are the equivalent to other effects like compressor, limiter etc? i searched in KSP reference manual and i couldn't find them.
  10. Alan Wave

    Custom Instrument icon path

    Hello. I have difficulties attempting to change the instrument icon to a custom one i've made. I think i don't write the path correctly. If i have the icon on the desktop, what path should i follow? I use Windows and Kontakt 5. The script is: on init...
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