1. Leandro Abreu

    Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Surdo" for Kontakt 5

    Hello friends of VI Control, New Library release, Brazilian Series: Surdo The Surdo is a Brazilian bass drum usually made of wood or metal with skin on both sides. Traditionally used in samba and other derivative styles the surdo has been within this niche since the carnival in the 1920's...
  2. slavedave

    Sold - thank you: Embertone Blakus Cello and Friedlander Violin

    Hello, I have sought and received permission from Alex at Embertone to sell these two licenses: Blakus Cello €80 Friedlander Violin €80 Beautiful libraries - I bought them to play live with an Akai EWI400s wind controller, but can be controlled by any other midi controller. Lots of real-time...
  3. anatholy

    UI Designer for Kontakt Instrument Wanted

    Hi guys! We are, Sampleso.com, at the last stage of programming of our first child, a new instrument for Kontakt. And we need a designer to make an awesome design for it :) The instrument has many options and panels, so we need someone very very strong and have a good skills in UI. Please, send...
  4. kurtvanzo

    Keyswitch Persistence?

    I've built an instrument with keyswitches using group start options and it all works great. But when I save the .nki with the sustains selected, then reload the instrument, nothing plays until I hit the sustain keyswitch again. I can see the samples are loading up fine and I have no disallow...
  5. magneto538

    Koala: a KSP library for developers - UPDATES THREAD

    What is Koala? Koala is an advanced scripting library for Kontakt KSP developers. The latest version is v1.0. The Koala project is open source and covered by MIT licensing system. The official web page of the Koala project is available here. This thread will be updated with updates and...
  6. reutunes

    The Samplecast - new series has begun - episode #11 now live

    Hey Controllers, The Samplecast #11 is now live. It's the YouTube show and podcast for sample library geeks, plugin fans, composers and musicians. This week there are reviews of new products, news, bargains and freebies. Thank you to everyone at VI Control for supporting the show so far - you...
  7. magneto538

    Koala KSP Library for developers - UPDATES THREAD

    Hello guys. [EDIT 2017-06-03] Here's another MASSIVE update for Koala. I haven't been updating this thread in a while now, so here's the full changelog since the last version. New snippets available as well The current version is 2.1.6. Follow the Installation guide in Koala's Official Wiki...
  8. EvgenyEmelyanov

    Atmosphere by Wavelet Theory

    Hey there. I would like to show you my first sample library. Atmosphere is an Extensive toolkit for film/game composers and musicians who need deep atmospheres for their projects. This library contains carefully recorded, ready to work instruments and designed pads, soundscapes, drones...
  9. roalin

    Rast Sound Updates Bundles with Special Pricing

    We have updated our bundles and offer them with special prices. ALL BUNDLE 6 GB of content (WAV | 24 bit 44.1) 2400+ samples & loops 80+ Kontakt Instruments 172 € (instead of 242 €) SESSION BUNDLE 2 GB of 24 bit WAV content 650+ samples 390 loops 10 Kontakt Instruments 56 € (instead of...
  10. reutunes

    The Samplecast #10 is LIVE! The show for sample library geeks, plugin fans and musicians

    Hello Controllers (is that the collective noun? I've no idea) The Samplecast show #10 is now LIVE - Plenty of great features in the show this week including news, reviews, updates and free samples. The video version of the show is below and the podcast is here. Featured this week: Synferno...
  11. N

    Difference Between Apocalypse Elements and Full Version

    Is the only difference between the two the extra mic positions? Or are there less drums? Within the instruments that are shared between the two libraries, are there less velocity layers / round robins? Is the elements version smaller sounding or lower quality sounding than the full version
  12. Time+Space

    Pendle Poucher's Sound Dust libraries for Kontakt, Maschine & Omnisphere

    We are pleased to welcome Sound Dust to Time+Space, a UK-based company providing strange and beautiful instruments and sounds for your music. The ´brainchild´ of Pendle Poucher, who has written and produced soundtracks for major TV channels in the UK and around the world, and collaborated with...
  13. willbedford

    Granulate 2 Released - Introducing Fracture Sounds - 25% OFF

    Introducing Fracture Sounds I'm very pleased to announce my new company, Fracture Sounds. Ever since I started selling sample libraries on my personal website, the user-base has grown far beyond what I ever anticipated. Because of this, I've decided to keep my music portfolio and sample...
  14. rigidaudio

    Rigid Audio releases SYNFERNO for KONTAKT 5

    Rigid Audio releases SYNFERNO, a cinematic sound module for KONTAKT 5. Main features: 300 preset kits that guarantee instant inspiration 1200 24 bit host-synced loops totalling 3 GB central mixing section with 2x parametric EQ per part seperate EDIT, FX and SEQUENCER pages comprehensive...
  15. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio Releases The Black Album Drums V 2.0.3 And Bundle With Audiority TS-1

    Chocolate Audio is proud to announce the immediate availability of The Black Album Drums version 2.0.3 for Kontakt 5.5.2 and up and BFD3. This product is a tribute to the now classic drum sound of the "Black Album" released in 1991 by the band Metallica. Having managed to track down the same...
  16. kurtvanzo

    Extra Kontakt nki's that come with instruments

    Wanted to check on people's opinions here. When I first got involved in Kontakt libraries I loved Soniccouture, not just because of their samples but all the wonderfully designed nki patches that came with each instrument. Lead me to buy more and be willing to pay more because you could hear the...
  17. reutunes

    The Samplecast show #7 out now - special bargain and freeware edition

    Hey VI controllers... Sorry for the delay in posting this but I've been at Musikmesse for the last couple of days. What a great event - met some lovely people. Here's episode #7 of The Samplecast (the show for sample library geeks and plugin fans). Loads of freeware and bargains this week...
  18. girthquake

    Arranging Audio Samples by level/volume/velocity

    Hi guys, I'm currently editing a large quantity of drum samples of varying velocity. When recorded, I tried to get the musician to play from super soft to very loud with about 70 different velocity clips. However the clips are not totally in order of level/volume and I was wondering if there...
  19. olajideparis

    Scream Aleatoric Orch FX Library - SOLD OUT

    Hey Everybody, I am going to be releasing a private collection of aleatoric fx samples for Kontakt recorded with full orchestra, strings and brass to a very limited number of people. These were recorded at a scoring stage last fall and I will be selling the entire collection to no more than 25...
  20. octoberdustin

    (Can I Hire You?) NEED Playable Drum Kit for KONTAKT like Abby Road drums

    This is a posting for contract based work for scripting: I'm Dustin Burnett. I run a new boutique drum sample / loop company called THAT SOUND. www.iwantthatsound.com We are entering into our third full year as a company and have been creating presets for most platforms except Kontakt with our...
  21. Logan

    HOME PIANO (Dark Soft Upright) for Kontakt

    HOME PIANO is a delicately performed Cable-Nelson upright piano for use with Kontakt. The sound could be described as an intimate and real. Just released today, and for the first two weeks, the price is $25 (instead of $39). I hope you enjoy my first Kontakt instrument! -Close & Far mic...
  22. roalin

    Artsy Beats for Kontakt | WAV | EXS

    Artsy Beats is modern beat elements mashed up with found sound recordings, the result is stylish and groovy. http://www.inspiringaudio.com/artsy-beats-for-kontakt-wav-exs/
  23. StrezovSampling

    One day left: 60% OFF The Complete THUNDER Series!!!

    Comprised of three unique recording sessions with different ensemble sizes the whole Thunder package (formerly known as three seperate volumes) is available for limited time only as a bundled offer at a nobrainer price. Everyone owning this bundle or at least one other volume of Strezov...
  24. Time+Space

    Create deep complex atmospheres with new DRONAR: Hybrid Module

    Hi all We're excited to let you know about DRONAR: Hybrid Module - a revolutionary atmosphere sounds creator for Kontakt created by Gothic Instruments aka Dan Graham who produced Zero-G's Animato, Luminso, Rise Designer and more. DRONAR: Hybrid Module makes it incredibly easy to create rich...
  25. d.healey

    Beginners guide: How to install third-party Kontakt libraries

    I'm often asked by people new to third-party libraries how to use them in Kontakt, so I've written a little article with some pictures and videos to help explain it. Click Here to have a read.
  26. RasmusFors

    ForceSamplings "Bass Drones" 25% off sale ending February 14th

    Bass Drones is a collection of deep and droning basses for Kontakt 5 inspired by ambient, noise and drone music. Created from a variety of different sound sources, the pactches covers everything from huge walls of inpenetreble sound to distant and ambient basses. Expect to find sounds mangled...
  27. sharmayelverton

    VST Performances Average Load Change on Track Selction

    Hi guys, I'm trying to diagnose some issues with my system at the moment and I've noticed that the average load meter on vst performance window consistently changes depending on what track I have selected. For instance when I have selected a midi track linked to a Sample Modeling Trumpet...
  28. Simone Coen

    Anticipations on NAMM 2016 - Teaser Video

    Enjoy! ;) Out next week!
  29. D

    Moving script to a different slot

    A lot of Kontakt sample libraries come with scripts already built into the instrument. Often these are located in the first or second slot. When the user wishes to insert addition scripts, it is sometimes necessary to move the in-built script(s) to a slot further down the chain. For example...
  30. N

    Yosemite's activity monitor contradicting kontakt memory usage

    this is a screenshot of the only kontakt instance i have open, and it says there's no more than 3gb loaded. the activity monitor to the left says different and claims that more than 7gb is being loaded. why is this occurring?
  31. PeterBaumann

    Metropolis Ark 1/Kontakt issue with note dropouts just in this library

    I've just uploaded an unlisted video to my youtube in the hope that someone on here knows what the issue is. I'll also message Orch. Tools directly. I'm having some issues with MA1/Kontakt, where notes are dropping out, the HD meter goes red briefly, and then when I let go of the keys, the...
  32. tarantulis

    How to handle MIDI channels for multi-timbral solo instruments?

    I'm trying to set up an orchestral template. I've got VEP running on my slave computer but the MIDI channels are really confusing the hell out of me. The thing is, I can load a 16-output instance of VEP and have 16 instruments playing on separate MIDI channels no problem---but ONLY if these...
  33. akox

    ** Origins of Audio - Last hours of Holiday SALE 40% off **

    Last hours to take advantage of a 40% off discount! coupon code 40XMAS15 Make sure to listen to our audio demos and watch our videos walkthrough! Visit our webshop, or click on the images below to see a specific product! Dark Kalimba is a sample library for the full version of Kontakt...
  34. amsams

    How to create a multi-output Kontakt instrument in Logic X

    Specifically, I'm trying to make one Kontakt instance of Seinnheiser Drum Mic'a in mutli-output. I've searched and fiddled, but I can't successfully make this work. I know it's probably an easy fix. I'd like each mic (bass drum, hi hats, snare, toms, overheads, etc.) routed to a different...
  35. ag75

    Is it possible to transfer a Contact 4 license to someone else?

    I have a registered Kontakt 4 with NI and I never use it since I have purchased Komplete 10 which included Kontatk 5. Is it possible to "gift" my Kontatk 4 license to a friend of mine?
  36. X-Bassist

    Free Mellotron 3 Track with new GUI

    Dear VI Controllers, *** I have decided to add the interface to this thread, since the PM system here has been an issue. Please scroll down for the GUI download and instructions. Thank you for those that have been so patient with my lack of a response. I just hope anyone who can use it will...
  37. willbedford

    Singing Bowl sample library

    Hi all, I'm very happy to release this multisampled Tibetan Singing Bowl for Kontakt 5. (watch in full screen to see the user interface more clearly) This instrument was recorded in close stereo, and mapped across a playable range of four octaves. Two articulations were captured - sustains...
  38. A

    Kontakt 5.4 Sample Drop Outs (DFD/Disk) Issue

    I am having this EXTREMELY annoying problem with Kontakt 5 when using Spitfire Audio products. When I play multis and load up more Kontakt players for different individual instruments, and when I put together patterns and play it all back, some notes completely cutoff after 2 seconds and...
  39. Robym

    AUDIOFIER SEQui2R, $79 - Only a few hours left!

    AUDIOFIER WISHES A GREAT 2016 TO ALL OF YOU!!! And a little reminder, you can still get SEQui2R at the lowest price ever!! Grab it until Jan 10 2016 for only $79. (Regular: $139) Have a fantastic day! Roby from Audioifer www.audiofier.com
  40. tsherr

    New releases: Performance Zither and Performance Typewriter

    I'm happy to (finally) release my new Kontakt instruments: Performance Zither and Performance Typewriter. Check them out here, and read on for more info... Performance Zither was created to increase playability while reducing the amount of time spent “taming” parameters. The instrument...
  41. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL HAS 30% discount on all its Libraries

    Yes it's the season of giving and in the spirit of the season of giving MODWHEEL is giving a seasonal discount on any library from its rich and varied catalogue. Yes that's right we're giving a 30% discount on all our libraries while in season……..just enter the code "MerryChristmas" at checkout...
  42. X-Bassist

    PSF Acoustic Bass Premier 2 Free GUI

    Hey VI Controllers, *** I have decided to add the interface to this thread, since the PM system here has been an issue. Please scroll down for the GUI download and instructions. Thank you for those that have been so patient with my lack of a response. I just hope anyone who can use it will...
  43. Xenox.AFL

    Christmas sale - up to 50% off for all Instruments & Soundsets!

    Black friday is over and there were some people who missed our deal, they asked if we make a xmas sale and we thought, that's a very good idea. We set all our stuff on xmas status... ;) On the deal are Aphelion v1.0 and v1.5, our cinematic tool kit library (Kontakt) or Abstract grooves, our...
  44. X-Bassist

    Premier Shakuhachi Flute Free GUI

    Hey VI comrads, *** I have decided to add the interface to this thread, since the PM system here has been an issue. Please scroll down for the GUI download and instructions. Thank you for those that have been so patient with my lack of a response. I just hope anyone who can use it will enjoy...
  45. Time+Space

    New: Epica Bass for Kontakt from Sam Spacey

    Sam Spacey, the producer behind the multi award-winning Epica, has released Epica Bass - a dedicated analog bass synth library obsessively sampled from Sam´s extensive and personal collection of all-star classic analog synths and modulars. From the vintage Neve preamp and the UBK Fatso hardware...
  46. Silence-is-Golden

    Kontakt purge all samples save in Logic [Solved]

    Has anyone found a way in which "purge all samples" in Kontakt 5 can be saved with the project? I.o.w.: when I load a project I like to have the Kontakt instances purged which use a lot of RAM since I can stream it from SSD. Now every time I load a Logic project I am working on I need to purge...
  47. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production and Adolphe Sax announces discounts - 30% off!

    CMusic Productions is currently offering a deal that should be "music to your ears". Their complete line of outstanding saxophone libraries has been made available as a bundle, thereby saving you a "bundle". (Of money!) Musicians and composers looking to cover a full spectrum of saxophone...
  48. Peaslee

    Witness Soundiron's new horror doompocayplse - Sick 6: 666 - The Sickening

    Awwww yeah, it's that time again. We're back with another Sick and this one pushes things to the limit of awesome. Sick 6 is a horror-themed cinematic trailer effects library for composers, sound designers, animators, film makers and game developers. It includes over 4GB of sound-designed...
  49. Auddict

    Introducing Auddict and our Vocal Library "Ceres"

    Ceres features the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells. Tanya's flawless vocals have taken her performing at the Cannes Film Festival for Anoushka Shankar, opening for Joss Stone, as well as recording vocals for the 2014 movie "Hercules". Half price introductory sale...
  50. N

    3 questions about Array/Table and Threading

    Hi all, I have 3 fast questions: 1 - how do I clean an array? Let say I've this: declare %lfo_matrix_1[40] and I init all values. At some points I'd like to delete (clean) the whole array. How do I do it? 2 - how can I access to a table value stored inside an array? declare...
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