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  1. GiuseppeS+OS

    Maleventum - War Horns - DEAL EXTENDED:33% Off + 50% Off other libraries

    Introducing MALEVENTUM - Epic Horns Stabs & Pads - Kontakt library CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: 33% OFF + 50% OFF Other libraries (ends December 31st) Coupon for 33% OFF on Maleventum: SUBVENTUM33 Valid until January 31st 2021 https://silenceandothersounds.com/products/maleventum TRAILER...
  2. Dancho

    CLOSED SOLD: Symphobia 3: Lumina for only 250 Euros

    I am selling Project Sam Lumina library for 250 Euros , + 25 euros for the transfer fee goes to buyers end. Original price on their website is 400 euros. Paypal payment only please. [/email]
  3. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Let's Build A Synthesizer! + FREE Kontakt Library

    In this video, I build an actual physical synth out of resistors, capacitors, and a 555 timer. I then sample it and turn it into a synthwave-inspired Kontakt patch.
  4. GiuseppeS+OS

    29.5 $ deal -STRINGACHE - Horror String Noises SFX Library & Kontakt Instrument

    https://silenceandothersounds.com/products/stringache/ Stringache is a modern horror library of mangled string noises. We’ve used close microphone techniques to record a huge deal of violin stabs and screeches, pizzicatos, cello staccatos, double bass jetè, crescendos, strident string...
  5. willbedford

    Zen Drum by Fracture Sounds - Available now

    We're pleased to announce our new Kontakt library, Zen Drum, a deep sampled steel tone drum. A lot of care and attention was spent capturing the natural nuances of the instrument. This includes our unique 'tonal resonance' feature, which reproduces the effect of neighbouring notes resonating...
  6. Vladinir

    News: SOLO Flugelhorn from CMP

    Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Flugelhorn Library for Kontakt.

    Sonuscore Releases Lyrical Cello Phrases

    Sonuscore proudly presents their newest product: Lyrical Cello Phrases If you've ever wanted to utilize the massive emotional force a cello contains, LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is the right heavy-hitter for you. What would your compositions be like, what would it feel like if you could have a...
  8. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production Offers Up To 35% November Discounts

    From the 30 October to 5 November, 2016, Cmusic Production is offering: 35% off for SAXBAND Soprano Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Alto Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Tenor Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Baritone Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Medium Bundle. 35% off for SAXBAND Full...
  9. jcrosby

    Disappearing Kontakt Libraries? (Morphestra 2)

    Recently bought Sample Logic's composer bundle. Morphestra 'disappears' from my libraries every time I launch Kontakt and I have to manually add it or I'm greeted with the message "Your new library must be added before it can be used. Please go to Kontakt's Libraries tab and press the add...

    The Samplecast - Dark Matter - The Big Review

    We are very excited that The Samplecast chose Dark Matter for their BIG review in this week edition! www.stringaudio.com www.thesamplecast.com

    String Audio releases Dark Matter

    String Audio has released Dark Matter, a powerful tool for Kontakt to create deep and complex cinematic sound textures. Each instrument is composed of four layers. The library features more than 13GB of sample material using Kontakt's lossless sample storage compression (more than 20GB not...
  12. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production Offers up to 50% Autumn Discounts

    50% off for SAXBAND Soprano Sax Library. 50% off for SAXBAND Alto Sax Library. 50% off for SAXBAND Tenor Sax Library. 50% off for SAXBAND Baritone Sax Library. 45% off for SAXBAND Medium Bundle. 40% off for SAXBAND Full Bundle. 45% off for Vintage Bandoneon Library. 35% off for WELTMEISTER Royal...

    Spitfire Audio - Yamaha CS80

    Christian, Thoroughly enjoyed 'Creative Cribs' with Daniel Pemberton, great and inspiring video. For anyone interested, check out . Spitfire should definitely consider sampling Daniel's Yamaha CS80. Incredible sound.
  14. e-instruments

    E-instruments introduces Session Keys Electric S

    e-instruments today released Session Keys Electric S - a new and comprehensive electric piano instrument for Kontakt. At almost 20 GB in size, Electric S is probably the most detailed sampled stage piano around. The fourth member of the Session Keys family, it offers the pro features...
  15. akox

    Origins of Audio: Summer Sale up to 50% off

    Hi all! We launched our first Summer sale with discounts that reach up to 50%! This offer will last till August 16th. Below you can find information about our products, and keep in mind that prices don't include VAT (where applied): Kontakt Library/Tools Dark Kalimba (50% off) - €20 (save €20...

    SONUSCORE Origins Vol.2: Musicbox & Plucked Piano

    Sonuscore proudly presents the second product of its ORIGINS series: ORIGINS VOL. 2 MUSIC BOX: & PLUCKED PIANO - The Origins series returns with new instruments, new presets and still has the beloved, powerful Multi-Arpeggio Designer (MAD) to help you get the highest quality, creative results...
  17. patchen

    Particle Sound Releases 'JNO II' for Kontakt 5!

    Greetings Friends, We are excited to announce the newest member of the Carbon Series - JNO II ! JNO II is Particle Sound's next generation sampled Juno 106 instrument and takes all of the original samples and features of our popular JNO I synth and expands on them by more than doubling the...
  18. Xenox.AFL

    Particular-Sound released: Aphelion cinematic loops!

    Combine, tweak and layer! We finally released Aphelion cinematic loops, our new product line when it comes to loops. The first version includes the most loops from Aphelion tool kit but with more then 80 new loops and 100 new multis using the new easy, tweakable GUI with effects, filters and...
  19. Robym

    Audiofier adds Two new Sound Expansions for SEQui2R 1.2

    Hello everyone! Here are 2 new Sound Expansions for SEQui2R 1.2 Expansion 2: Raw Analog Synths This collection of 80 new sound sources and 50 new snapshots/presets has been created by sampling unprocessed custom presets from vintage analog synths. These sounds are grittier and rawer than the...
  20. Robym

    Audiofier SEQui2R SYNTH available now!

    SEQui2R's Little BIG brother has arrived! It retains 99% of its predecessor’s features and has some new surprises too! SEQui2R Synth features 2 main oscillators, a Sub Oscillator and a Noise Generator. It includes around 80 waveforms divided in 8 different categories: Saw, Square, Sine...
  21. Bolder

    Bluegrass Banjo V3 update from Bolder Sounds

    Hello All, Our popular Bluegrass Banjo library has been updated to version 3 featuring 1.65 GB of new samples. The update price for previous owners is $24.95, free if purchased after November 1, 2015. The regular price of the Bluegrass Banjo library is $59.95. Features of the Bluegrass Banjo...
  22. akox

    30% off Storewide by Origins of Audio

    Origins of Audio celebrates Valentine's Day with all you music lovers! This is why we are offering a 30% discount on all our products, by using the coupon code VALDAY30. This offer will last until February 15. And you can still grab your free copy of Zebramatic
  23. willbedford

    Singing Bowl sample library

    Hi all, I'm very happy to release this multisampled Tibetan Singing Bowl for Kontakt 5. (watch in full screen to see the user interface more clearly) This instrument was recorded in close stereo, and mapped across a playable range of four octaves. Two articulations were captured - sustains...
  24. Robym

    AUDIOFIER SEQui2R, $79 - Only a few hours left!

    AUDIOFIER WISHES A GREAT 2016 TO ALL OF YOU!!! And a little reminder, you can still get SEQui2R at the lowest price ever!! Grab it until Jan 10 2016 for only $79. (Regular: $139) Have a fantastic day! Roby from Audioifer www.audiofier.com
  25. FrozenPlain

    FrozenPlain Sale - 30% off everything & Big update for Colourform

    30% off everything - get the Complete Bundle only $136.50 From now until the end of January 2nd 2016, FrozenPlain is offering all products at 30% off. Over the past few months every Kontakt library (except one) has been updated to feature the latest improvements and the FrozenPlain Effects...
  26. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio Releases Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt) And Launch Offer

    Chocolate Audio has announced the release of Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt) with a special 30% off launch offer. Contemporary Vintage Drums features 3 full drum kits sampled from: a Ludwig "Beatles" tribute kit (stick) a Ludwig "Beatles" tribute kit (brush) a 1977 Gretsch Concert...
  27. akox

    Dark Kalimba by Origins of Audio

    Thread moved to "commercial announcement". http://vi-control.net/community/threads/dark-kalimba-by-origins-of-audio.49634/ We apologize for the inconvenience! Origins of Audio
  28. Xenox.AFL

    Aphelion v1.5 FREE released - our modern cinematic tool kit library!

    We finally released our FREE version of Aphelion v1.5, our cinematic tool kit library for the Kontakt sampler. In this version you can try out some of the sounds and loops out of the big and full version, there is no limitation except the amount of sounds and samples, you get the same sound...
  29. willbedford

    Granulate - Black Friday Sale (20% off)

    UPDATE: 20% off until December 1st. Use coupon code - BLACK-FRIDAY ------ I'm very excited to announce the relaunch of Granulate, a tool for Kontakt 5 which allows any audio file to be imported and processed using a flexible granular synthesis engine. Granulate is available to download for...
  30. zapzorn

    LAST DAY for 20% off all ZapZorn and NEW Solstice Green

    ZapZorn SOLSTICE Green is the next installment in a one-of-a-kind sound design tonal pad and atonal soundscape creation machine for Kontakt. SOLSTICE Green is the peaceful sister to SOLSTICE Blue - sounds of nature and beautiful landscapes meet 24 new calming core sounds. SOLSTICE Green takes...
  31. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production Offers up to 25% July Discounts!!!

    From the 27 to 31 July, 2015, you can get: 25% off for SAXBAND Alto Sax, SAXBAND Tenor Sax and SAXBAND Baritone Sax Mid-Side Kontakt Library ($ 74.25). 20% off for SAXBAND Medium Bundle ($192).
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