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  1. S

    Do I need to install a Lua Script Editor to use Creator Tools properly?

    So, I'm building my own instrument in Kontakt and found this amazing automapping feature in Creator Tools: However, when I click on the script editor in Creator Tools, nothing happens? He says it's in Lua script, so does that mean I need to build Lua into my Windows 64 system? (not a...
  2. M

    Change_tune problem for release notes

    Hi, any help appreciated - I have a problem in K5, in that when I apply change_note and change_tune in on_note, only change_note carries through to my release samples, but not change_tune...so the release samples are out of tune with the note samples...here's what I did in on_note...
  3. M

    Does Kontakt 5 work in macOS 11 Big Sur

    Hello, not sure if this is the right section to post this but as it's not directly DAW related this seemed more appropriate. I am currently running macOS Mojave on my iMac and am using Kontakt 5.8.1 with Logic Pro X and I am considering updating to macOS Big Sur. Does anyone know if Kontakt...
  4. nuyo

    Kontakt 5 Alternative

    I need an easy alternative to Kontakt 5. It only needs to do sustains with maybe 2 dynamic layers and shorts with 6 to 8 Round Robins. The sampler should not affect the sound quality. Another very important feature would be a purge unused samples function so only the samples that are actually...
  5. keypleezer

    LivingRoom Upright Piano - Complete & Intermediate Editions coming up - Indiegogo campaign 44% off!

    LivingRoom Upright Piano is a character upright piano for Kontakt sampler, SFZ and EXS24 that embodies the essence of a naturally sounding upright piano as it is when it was played for around a year since the last tuning. A slight de-tuned sound here and there, not too much or resembling a...
  6. AndreasHe

    Can't add Cinematic Guitars Infinity with own nicnt file to Kontakt

    Hi, usually it works using Kontakt 5 to add 3rd party libs to Kontakt using Kontakt 5. But with Cinematic Guitars Infinity it does not show anything. There is also no error, its just not listed. Anyone got an idea?
  7. Kuusniemi

    Wildebeat - A modern percussion toolkit for Kontakt 5 from Man Makes Noise out now!

    Ever walked into the forest with a sledge hammer on your shoulder? Bashed rocks to bits and pieces? Or been banging on that one rusty gate for way too long that onlookers are this close to calling for professional help? Wildebeat is the result of all that and more. It’s a modern percussive...
  8. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron | Available Now: Disco 6000 (Vintage Keys Series)

    Learn More: https://soundiron.com/products/disco-6000 Soundiron's Disco 6000 is the newest addition to our Vintage Keys Series. This library captures the historic sounds of the fascinating Solton Disco 64. This analog synthesizer/drum machine has a recognizable fat analog tone that includes...
  9. Sean J

    Kontakt Destructive Loops or Trim?

    Greetings, I want to trim all zones to the end of the loop automatically for many instruments... or I want to at least save the loops I've made in Kontakt to the wav files so another tool can trim them... The ESC demo won't open K5.5 files. Chicken Systems reviews look terrible. I'm...
  10. JonBourne

    Loss of Kontakt 5 when upgrading to Cubase 10.5.20

    Technical issue I’m hoping someone can help me with: I’ve upgraded from Cubase 10.5.0 to 10.5.20 which seems more stable for OS10.14 but Kontakt 5 has disappeared as a VST . Seems to be blacklisted. Any ideas / help would be much appreciated Jon
  11. GiuseppeS+OS

    Silence+Other Sounds SUMMER SALE - Up to 40% off

    Our Summer Sale is LIVE! 3 weeks to enjoy a 30% discount on individual...
  12. Paul SAS

    Releasing Fragments - Fragile Organic Synths (Free/Pay a little if you want)

    Hey there, I am happy to announce Fragments, a free virtual instrument for Kontakt with various Organic Synth sounds, that have been created using various Synthesizers. Most of the sounds have movement within themselves so most of the time tune/pan/volume drift to achieve that fragile tone...
  13. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron release Tone Morsels: An eclectic collection of tuned instruments

    Learn more: https://soundiron.com/products/tone-morsels ']Tone Morsels (previously Tuned Micro) is a powerful multi-instrument collection focusing on a variety of tuned percussion and unique stringed instruments. We took 14 libraries and selected a core set of samples that offer a grand...
  14. Riot Audio

    Riot Audio releases Bowed Guitar Clouds - Cinematic Morphing Pads for Kontakt (with Intro Offer)

    Riot Audio has released BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS, a simple but powerful Kontakt virtual instrument for cinematic morphing pad sounds. Centred on recordings of bowed guitars, is the follow-up to the hugely successful Bowed Glass Clouds and will be available for £29 (regular price £49) until September...
  15. GiuseppeS+OS

    OFFER EXTENDED - 48h 50% Cinematic Horror Squeaks SFX - FREAKTION - Kontakt library

    LEARN MORE: https://silenceandothersounds.com/products/freaktion/ Freaktion is a collection of sounds from tormented metallic objects. We've experimented with friction mallets, superballs, bows and multiple stiff and sharp objects on a large variety of metals, such as large aluminium plates...
  16. GiuseppeS+OS

    2 days left, 50% OFF - Freaktion - Cinematic Horror Squeaks Kontakt Library

    https://silenceandothersounds.com/products/freaktion/ Freaktion is a collection of sounds from tormented metallic objects. We've experimented with friction mallets, superballs, bows and multiple stiff and sharp objects on a large variety of metals, such as large aluminium plates, tension...
  17. D

    8DIO Epic Choir Bundle - Requiem Pro. Dissapointed customer

    Hello, Recently I bought Epic Choir Bundle which consist of Lacrimosa & Requiem Pro. The installation of Lacrimosa is ok. This is different with Requiem Pro. After installation, this library becomes unusable. All images & text labels are missing. I have contacted 8DIO support and I have...
  18. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Bronze Bin 3.0 On Sale For $19!

    We are excited to present the newest upgrade to a Soundiron classic, Announcing Bronze Bin 3.0! Soundiron's Bronze Bin is a unique tuned and untuned metallic percussion instrument library, created using common found objects with rather special tonal character. This bronze beauty contains...
  19. Suganthan

    SOLD! Kontakt 5 Full version

    SOLD Kontakt 5 full updated from Kontakt 4. Selling it for 150USD. He/she can contact me further through this forum or via bc.suganth @ gmail.com Note: Now if I wish to upgrade to Kontakt 6 full it is 99USD. To get a Komplete upgrade it is 499USD. SOLD
  20. Craig Peters

    New from Soundiron - Flatulus: Never silent. Always deadly

    LET US RIP APART YOUR TRACKS WITH OUR CUTTING EDGE THUNDER! Just a little something fun for April Fools Day to all of our friends. But make no mistake, this library is most definitely and awesomely real! Soundiron's FLATULUS is the new industry standard in gaseous sound design and...
  21. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: Piano Sustain Samples + FREE Piano Library

    Hi! I've made a new Kontakt tutorial video: How to implement piano sustain samples. The piano library featured in the video is FREE (link in YouTube video description).
  22. Soundiron Team

    Composing with Mimi Page Light & Shadow

    We recently released Mimi Page Light & Shadow, our new ethereal solo vocal and sound-design library in collaboration with singer-composer Mimi Page. In these two videos she breaks down her tracks showcasing both elements of the library "Light & Shadow". Ethereal Dreamscapes of Light Demo...
  23. Thomas Kallweit

    Most simple way to load soundfonts nowadays into Kontakt 5?

    Please help me out. I know that kontakt should be capable of importing soundfonts, but I cannot find out how. It's been a long time since I did this. Thought it would be possible via the browser. Via "view" - forgive my lameness, but I cannot see how it works. The "load" function only gives a...
  24. Normqn

    Kontakt 6 vs Kontakt 5 (Performances/RAM/CPU)

    I'm wondering if Kontakt 6 has better performances, if anyone saw, by loading a ton of instruments, a gain of performances with K6 or not ?
  25. JaikumarS

    Taiko Roll - Kontakt Libraries

    Hi, I'm looking for Kontakt Libraries which has good Taiko rolls. Thank you.
  26. danilocff

    Knob working in Kontakt 5 but not in Kontakt 6

    Hello, I just released my first instrument and one of the customers reported the reverb knob not working on Kontakt 6, despite functioning perfectly fine on Kontakt 5. I tried it on the Player and confirmed this issue. Any idea of what's going on?
  27. L

    Kontakt db file causes Kontakt to crash

    So I just discovered that my Kontakt 5 database is causing Kontakt to crash. Removing the Kontakt folder under Appdata/Local/Native Instruments let Kontakt load up. Of course, now I have an empty database. Is there a way to 'rebuild' the Kontakt database file so I can put it back in the db...
  28. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Imbibaphones 2.0! On sale now for $17!

    Unique and melodically tuned wine glasses like you've never heard. Exquisitely sampled resonant sustains and tuned percussion with a martini glass, champagne flute, and even broken glass. Including natural sustaining finger rubbed notes and soft mallet strikes for each type of glass. 20 custom...
  29. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio releases Glissando Harps - preannunces Winter Sale

    Chocolate Audio has announced the release of Glissando Harps, a new library for Kontakt that features Camac and Salvi 47-string concert harps sampled in full detail. Each Harp was sampled in a different venue and with different setups in order to augment flexibility and usage scenarios...
  30. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Cyber Monday Sale - Last day to save up to 40% Off!

    The Soundiron Black Friday sale starts TODAY! We have some awesome deals on every instrument in our store. Save 30% off all Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and 40% off all individual non-player libraries. Don't miss out on your chance to save - Sale ends soon. Save big on our most...
  31. JaikumarS

    Choir Library - Arrival - Johan Kontaohansson

    Hi, Looking for a choir Library which has syllables like the arrival movie soundtrack Thanks
  32. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Quick Sketches - New composing series

    Welcome to Soundiron Quick Sketches! As composers sometimes time is of the essence! So in this new series we show you some quick sketches using Soundiron libraries. In this video we use our newest solo vocal library Voice of Wind:Adey, Montclarion Hall Grand Piano and Hyperion Strings Micro...
  33. premjj

    CLOSED Closed

  34. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - Rhythmic Odyssey Available Now! On sale for $99 until 9/16

    FEATURING PERFORMANCES BY BBC/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTALIST DAVID OLIVER Rhythmic Odyssey is a loop-based percussion instrument for Kontakt Player, including a huge open-format modular loop library for use with any software/hardware you wish. This deep and stylistically expansive...
  35. Sample logic

    Get 50% off Stadium Instruments. Use code WORLDCUP50 at checkout!

    Great news! Until the end of this year's FIFA World Cup, we are offering STADIUM INSTRUMENTS at an amazing 50% discount (you save $49.99)! FEEL THE FEVER! Whether looking for an awesome collection of instruments that blur the line between music and sound design, or looking to be part of the...
  36. B

    Changing source from DFD to TimeMachine Pro

    Hi everyone, Glad to be part of this group! I am pretty new in the Kontakt editing world so please forgive me if I am making a silly question. I am trying to edit some Patches from Kontakt. To be specific, what I am trying to do is to change the Source from DFD to Timemachine Pro. I was able to...
  37. Victor Sa

    Is it possible KSP send OSC messages to TouchOSC?

    My scenario is as follows: I control the parameters of a kontakt instrument by the TouchOSC program (knobs, faders, buttons, etc). What I would like to know is if I is it possible send OSC messages via kontakt script to TouchOSC? Is there a KSP command that sends OSC messages? Contextualizing...
  38. luigizaccheo

    Electric Bass - virtual vs real...better than the Avengers! :)

    Hello everyone, this new video comes from a challenge with one of my students. Good vision :) performed on Cubase Pro w/ Scarbee J Bass library
  39. C

    Kontakt 5.7.3 and Ssd not work well

    Hi Guy I run in Cubase 9.5.2 a big template for orchestral stuff, in kontakt 5.7.3 and about some week updated my old HDD to a 2 SSD to avoid all killing voices, overload disk, and more efficient in general way, because i think this was my bottle neck, i have a good pc with i7 7700k , 64 gb ram...
  40. S

    WINDCHORDS, a device to play chords and scales for windcontroller players!

    Dear Folks, After a long but succesfull design and re-design cycle, I would like to present to you.....WINDCHORDS. Please go to the following webpage and enjoy the tutorials, here is the link: http://windchordsworld.com/index.html Both MIDI keyboard players and windcontroller players can...
  41. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  42. A

    Will An Audio Interface Fix This Issue? (Final)

    Ok so it seems the main issue I am having right now is that I have built a larger template for making Orchestral Music and what is happening is that I am using PLAY instruments which is on SSD's and Kontakt Instruments which is on a 2tb Hardrive. I notice that when I start putting stuff together...
  43. Sonixinema

    Introducing Memory Box - Intro Offer

    We are really excited to kick the year off with our new library, Memory Box. A unique instrument that features articulations such as bowing, muted plucks, double stops and a variety of designed instruments which redefine the sound of a classic music box. Inspired by a traditional 19th century...
  44. Time+Space

    Day 9: 40% off DRONAR Guitarscapes - lowest ever price!

    It's Day 9 of our deals and we're offering 40% off Gothic Instruments DRONAR Guitarscapes – that's it's lowest ever price! With this powerful, easy to use guitar-based pad, soundscapes and atmosphere creator, you can produce a massive range of guitar-inflected textures from natural strummy...
  45. APD

    Deal: Get 85% off Concert Brass Bundle from Kirk Hunter Studios!

    For just $89, get Kirk Hunter Studios' Concert Brass Bundle (85% off!). Concert Brass Bundle gives you 2 brass libraries in 1, Concert Brass Legacy and Concert Brass 2. Coupled with innovative and progressive TVEC 4 programming for Kontakt, you will not find a more flexible and playable great...
  46. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema - 50% Off Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments - Black friday

    Regular Price £59 Sale Price £29 Offer ends Midnight on Monday 27th November (GMT) Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments features an exclusive array of never before sampled instruments and found objects. From hitting glasses suspended in water to bowing large rusty wires, each instrument...
  47. Zero-G Ltd

    Zero-G release Middle Eastern Percussion for Kontakt

    New Zero-G Eastern Percussion Module gives you all the sounds and customisation tools needed to create realistic Middle Eastern percussion rhythms and styles as well as completely unique percussion-based sounds. This collection includes over 5,000 high quality drum samples in an incredibly...
  48. Sonixinema

    INTRODUCING - Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings

    A first in cinematic string libraries, Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings features an array of breathtaking sounds sourced not only from the orchestral family, but from instruments such as guitars, basses and mandolins. We wanted to blur the lines between natural instruments and analogue...
  49. Sample logic

    INTRODUCING: Loop Session Series - Electro City!

    LSS Electro City has been designed around an easy to perform user interface that accesses over 1000 loop sources from ELECTRO CITY in two simplified formats, Kontakt instruments and .wav audio formats. For the next few days, get LSS Electro City at an introductory price of $99 or crossgrade for...
  50. KH

    SALE UPDATE: 70% Off Virtuoso Ensembles. Just a few days left!

    GET 70% OFF VIRTUOSO ENSEMBLES! In case you have not yet snapped up this amazing offer, this is a quick reminder to let you know it ends in a few days. Time is running out! VIRTUOSO ENSEMBLES is an epic virtual orchestral collection that's ideal for music composition and live music...
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