kontakt 5 scripting

  1. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: Piano Sustain Samples + FREE Piano Library

    Hi! I've made a new Kontakt tutorial video: How to implement piano sustain samples. The piano library featured in the video is FREE (link in YouTube video description).
  2. D

    PAID - Kontakt Scripter needed - percussive instrument

    Hi, I am looking for someone to build a custom Kontakt instrument based on tuned percussive sounds which I'll provide. In a nutshell: its a 2-octave instrument. There will be 3 independent randomized "texture" sound layers, triggered with each midi note with a level control + filter controls...
  3. A

    Changing round robin cycle size

    I'm building an instrument that has various articulations with different amounts of round robins. This is causing me problems because if I have 12 on articulation A and 10 on articulation B, then when I activate B (with a key switch) and play it, it will still count up to 12 and so I will play...
  4. K

    On controller / ui-control - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  5. Orchestrator

    Kontakt Humanizer Multi Script

    Hi, I am trying to have my set of 2nd trumpet, 2nd trombone, 2nd violin articulations play back their incoming midi a little less perfect as their 1st equivalents. Therefore I want to translate the humanizer instrument script into a multi script. Is the multi script capable of reproducing these...
  6. K

    Image text files

    Are there any extra parameters you can use in the image text file to do any neat tricks? Apart from these: Has Alpha Channel: yes Number of Animations: 0 Horizontal Animation: no Vertical Resizable: no Horizontal Resizable: no Fixed Top: 0 Fixed Bottom: 0 Fixed Left: 0 Fixed Right: 0 Are...
  7. stigma

    Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 Released/Download Free Demo

    Stigmatized Productions updates Stigmatized Drummer to version 1.1 with a ton of new features added. Download now the fully functional free Demo to test it. Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 Demo Added a new nki called STIGMATIZED CLASSIC. It's best suited for Rock,Alternative,Pop and generally the "not...
  8. T

    Is it possible to create a Timer based Trial For Instrument?

    Hey guys, I'm currently developing a Kontakt Instrument and I'm wondering is it possible to have a Trial for my instrument. I kind of got it working but not really. I'm using a wait() function, within a while() loop, that increments a variable. And when the timer hits a certain number, to hide...
  9. jfino

    Gaussian Random Script Function For Micro tuning

    Hi Everyone, I came across the Gaussian Random Script Function on a post here developed by the Great Nils and the Epic Big Bob. I very new to ksp and I dont know how to use it. How would i use it for micro tuning? so every note played is slightly different in pitch. From what I gather and I...
  10. K5Addict2107

    Kontakt 5 Script Help Needed ! Evil Dragon Heeelp !

    Hey fellow scriptors