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  1. Sseltenrych

    Having difficulty finding a working just intonation script in Kontakt

    I am very interested in finding a working script to create Just or Pure intonation in Kontakt via a script so that instruments will follow the harmonics of a key, rather than equal temperament. The best I have found so far is Dynamic Pure Tuning under Preset > Factory > Tuning. It works...
  2. T

    Kontakt function/script to create a key that trigger other keys

    Hi! I have a question about kontakt scripting. I've already searched a lot on the internet without any success. I'm going to be straightforward on explaining my question. Let’s say I have 3 identical loops tempo-wise but they are in different pitches, in a way they make a C major chord triade...
  3. M

    I want to expand the Keyrange of the script I'm using

    Hi I am making a sample of my own legato Articulation using kontakt. It is not a legato like a synth, but a true legato instrument. I don't know anything about the Kontakt script. kontakt Script is too painful for me... So I'm making an instrument by replacing only the sample with the...
  4. Kore G

    XY Pad Problem

    Hello guys! I have a 4 layer library and i want to control the volume with an XY pad. Here is the code: on init make_perfview declare ui_xy ?xy[2] make_persistent(?xy) end on on ui_control (?xy) set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_VOLUME,real_to_int(?xy[1] * 1000000.0),0,-1,-1)...
  5. Victor Sa

    Is it possible KSP send OSC messages to TouchOSC?

    My scenario is as follows: I control the parameters of a kontakt instrument by the TouchOSC program (knobs, faders, buttons, etc). What I would like to know is if I is it possible send OSC messages via kontakt script to TouchOSC? Is there a KSP command that sends OSC messages? Contextualizing...
  6. jfino

    How to offset a group start time?

    Hi everyone! is it possible to offset a group start time? I have 3 groups, I want to be able to adjust each group start time with a slider. Any ideas? thank you for your help!
  7. E

    MIDI program changes, cc, Cubase and Vep

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've really hit a brick wall here, and would greatly appreciate any help. I've searched and read all about potential similar issues, but have come up shorthanded, despite learning a lot of new things along the way. So..please bear with me. I'm...
  8. HidenoriYoshi

    Layering Spitfire Chamber String to a full section?

    Layering Spitfire Chamber String to a full section? (Auto Divisi) As my question stated, how to layer chamber string to a full section? with an auto divisi system. We know that SCS has: 4 1st Violins 3 2nd Violins 3 Violas 3 Cellos 3 Basses 4 Patches that completes the articulations for a...
  9. T

    How to fix Multiple Time Signature timing

    Hey guys, is there a feasible way to have seperate listeners for multiple sequences, with different time signatures playing at the same time?. I have different note repeats that I want to sync together. But anytime I change the listener for anyone , It throws the note repeats timing off. Is...
  10. T

    Is it possible to create a Timer based Trial For Instrument?

    Hey guys, I'm currently developing a Kontakt Instrument and I'm wondering is it possible to have a Trial for my instrument. I kind of got it working but not really. I'm using a wait() function, within a while() loop, that increments a variable. And when the timer hits a certain number, to hide...
  11. D

    Help setting up a global controller knob as a macro

    Hey guys, I posted this in the Native instruments forum and was directed to check the manual, which I did and couldn't quite figure it out still, so hoping someone here will be able to help me! here is what I'm trying to do I'm wondering if I can get help doing the following. I'd like to...
  12. K5Addict2107

    Script help needed. evil dragon help !!!!

    Hey fellow scripters
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