1. greentuga

    Lass - i cant!!!

    Hi guys, Definitely, I can’t get LASS sound good to my ears. Period!!! I see a lot of tutorials, a lot of videos... o sketch some ostinatos and legatos, deal with modulation, volume, reverb... I can’t go write with this library. So, can you please give a little (giant) help to me? (I use Logic...
  2. greentuga


    Hi guys, I have LASS, String Ensemble from Audiobro, Aflatus, Adventure Strings and Soaring Strings. I like the Audiobro stuff, but it’s hard to make it sound “ensemble”. What tips and tricks do you have for the diferent libraries??? One note: I like to write individual lines and just use...
  3. S.M Hassani

    Interesting video from PluginGuru: (Sampler Engines Compared)

    Hi, I came across this video today. The results are quite revealing, and probably surprising for many people: Same Sample thru 9 Plug-Ins: Sound the Same? Will come back to this soon.
  4. Wunderhorn

    Sierra vs. High Sierra for Logic 10.4

    I am still on El Capitan at the moment but as we now know, Logic now requires one of the Sierra's. In addition to Logic I am running mostly VE-Pro6, Kontakt 5.66 and occasionally PLAY and the Best Service player. High Sierra has promised a lot of under-the-hood improvements, not to speak of...
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