key commands

  1. Lotus Lake

    Zoom shortcut not working in Logic 10.4.1

    Hi friends, I recently decided to switch back to Logic's default key commands and started building a new custom key command template. Since I switched to the default, however, I'm having an issue where the "control+option+click-drag" to zoom in and "control+option+click" to zoom out are not...
  2. Breitenbach

    Logic X - create new key commands

    Is there a way to create new key commands within Logic X that aren't part of their stock line up? This came about because I work in Logic X, and recently added 2 iPads to my setup to use both for midi cc's as well as to have quick access to certain key commands. Unfortunately, key commands...
  3. Phryq

    Making Reaper Notation like Sibelius

    Hi guys, so as some may know, Reaper now has built in notation. Reaper is much cheaper than Sibelius, or other scoring software, however, the workflow is much different. As someone who had been using Sibelius since version 2 (since I was a child) I couldn't change workflow. And so I've created...
  4. J

    Cubase - Macro or Project Logical for Automation Lanes

    Hey guys, I'm trying to setup a macro or project logical preset to do the following: Say I've selected a MIDI channel - When I hit the preset I want automation lanes CC1 and CC11 to open and Read enable. Does anyone know how to do this? Been trying all day and haven't been able to crack it...
  5. dtonthept

    Cubase Prefs/KeyCommands/Presets sync between machines?

    Hi Folks, I'm in the process of learning Cubase, and am spending a lot of time customising the program with preferences and key commands at the moment, though I can see this extending to the Logical Editor and beyond pretty soon. I have my main rig at my studio, then also a laptop where I...
  6. Andrew Goodwin

    How To Setup Junkie XL Touchscreen Macros In Cubase 8

    I recently watched Junkie XL's Tutorial about his Touchscreen setup and immediately saw some macros that I needed! So I figured them out and have made a video and blog post to go along. Huge thanks to Junkie XL for posting these, they been very inspiring! Video Version [