1. Soundiron Team

    Writing A Nature Inspired Track (Soundiron Session)

    In this Soundiron Session Craig Peters takes you through his track "Nature's Harmony". This was a demo written for the Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rumba Boxes, which is our newest release in the Hopkin Instrumentarium series. In this video Craig will deconstruct the track giving you insight into the...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rumba Boxes for Kontakt Player

    Learn more: https://soundiron.com/products/hopkin-instrumentarium-rumba-boxes Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rumba Boxes is a creative assortment of large wooden bass kalimbas from the mind of master instrument builder Bart Hopkin. This library features 2 unique handcrafted instruments with memorable...
  3. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron release Tone Morsels: An eclectic collection of tuned instruments

    Learn more: https://soundiron.com/products/tone-morsels ']Tone Morsels (previously Tuned Micro) is a powerful multi-instrument collection focusing on a variety of tuned percussion and unique stringed instruments. We took 14 libraries and selected a core set of samples that offer a grand...
  4. Dave Hilowitz

    Video Tutorial: Creating a Kontakt Instrument from Start to Finish + FREE KALIMBA KONTAKT LIBRARY

    In this video, I show you the entire process of creating a Kontakt Sample Library in four steps: 1. Recording 2. Noise Reduction (using iZotope RX), Editing & Chopping (using Reaper) 3. Sample Layout 4. and finally: Music As part of the video, I sample a Kalimba I found in a thrift store and...
  5. akox

    Origins of Audio Black Friday Sale |Up to 35% Off

    Hi guys! We've launched our Black Friday sales, with a discount up to 35% storewide! You can find with a discount all our sample libraries and soundsets, as well as Stavros Genaridis' Virtual Bouzouki and Rembetiko Instrument (kontakt player compatible), which includes 4 Greek folk instruments...
  6. akox

    30% off Storewide by Origins of Audio

    Origins of Audio celebrates Valentine's Day with all you music lovers! This is why we are offering a 30% discount on all our products, by using the coupon code VALDAY30. This offer will last until February 15. And you can still grab your free copy of Zebramatic
  7. akox

    Origins of Audio - Black Friday 40% off on Dark Kalimba

    EDIT: Last day to get 40% discount using the coupon: BLACKFRIDAY Pulse is also out! Be sure to check it out and download the manual! A video is coming soon this week! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Starting today...
  8. akox

    Dark Kalimba by Origins of Audio

    Thread moved to "commercial announcement". http://vi-control.net/community/threads/dark-kalimba-by-origins-of-audio.49634/ We apologize for the inconvenience! Origins of Audio
  9. SoundCues

    SoundCues releases "Kalimba Shakti De"

    Thumb pianos have a name.... SoundCues has released Kalimba Shakti De, a collection of 3 thumb pianos (including one bass kalimba, or marimbula) for Kontakt 4.24+. Mapped across a minimum of two octaves, this library offers 3 dynamic layers, 2 blend-able mic selections, and 5x round robin...
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