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  1. sailenox

    Junkie XL acoustic treatment in his studio

    Hey guys, i recently built my new studio desk and tidied up my studio. The next big thing is acoustics. I dont want to build a pro mixing/mastering room, but i want to mix and master as good as possible. Junkie XL once mentioned that he do all the mixing stuff on his own. I also watched his...
  2. nuyo

    How to get that fat JXL, 2WEI sound

    The question might sound simple to you but I'm sure a lot of people face the same or a similiar problem. My own mix sounds always much thinner than my reference tracks. There is usually to much harshness in the highs, a lack of stereo depth and "lowiness". When I compare them to other tracks...
  3. Dominic Stein

    Hello Everyone! :)

    Hi guys, my name is Dominic, 23 years old, from Dusseldorf Germany and play guitar, piano & drums. It is still my hobby but i would like to jump in to the industry in the near future. I am new in this forum and would like to connect with musician, composer, audio engineers, singer, producer etc...
  4. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  5. V

    Mixing Different String Libraries

    Hello there, I was recently watching some videos by Junkie XL where he discusses the score he made for The Dark Tower. And in it, he mentions how he mixes Berlin Strings with Hollywood Strings because the tightness of the Berlin Strings mixes well with the openness of the Hollywood Strings. I'd...
  6. V

    More Channels like Junkie XL's?

    I really love Junkie XL's Studio Time videos on his YouTube channel and I was wondering if there were any other film or tv or game composers doing anything like it, either on YT or some other platform. If any of you know of anything I'd love to check it out. Thanks! :D
  7. Aviad Cohen

    Web Designer for Film, TV, Animation & Video Game Composers

    Hello everyone, I'm Aviad Cohen and I am a web designer specializing in creating websites for artists and companies in the entertainment industry, especially composers for film, tv, animation and video games. My company AC Media Services is based in Los Angeles. My clients include composers...
  8. tav.one

    Artist name as a film composer.

    As a music producer I'm known as T.A.V and my real name is Tavleen Singh. I'm heading towards feature film scores as my primary genre. So should I start using my real name or stick with my current (relatively famous) stage name? Seems like using full name is the norm in film industry. Junkie XL...
  9. Ollie

    Mad Max: Fury Road - Brothers In Arms - Cover

    Hi, I recently decided to make a cover/mockup of the Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) track "Brothers In Arms" from the Mad Max: Fury Road Soundtrack. It was fun trying to match the sound design and synth elements and while these are not exact, I definitely ended up creating a lot of new and...
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