1. Arise

    Impact Soundworks Juggernaut - how does it hold up?

    This library came out around 2013 iirc, but does it still hold up well with its effects (risers, transitions, hits, etc.) ? Do you also find the electronic drums to be useful? I was considering picking it up to use as a sort of all in one sfx suite for cinematic sfx (risers, booms, whooshes...
  2. musicalweather

    Juggernaut at $79 - should I grab it?

    Impact Soundworks Juggernaut is on sale for $79. When I look at these hybrid libraries, I always wonder if they replicate what I already have. I already own Project Bravo, Rise & Hit, and several Heavyocity Libraries: Damage, Evolve, Evolve Mutations 1 & 2, Aeon Rhythmic, DM-307, and Vocalise...
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