1. Jacob Cadmus

    Boss Battle I - JRPG-Style Track - Symphonic Metal

    Hi everyone, I've got another battle track to share. I mixed some metal with orchestra, electronics, and a little bit of jazz(?) elements. All the rock instruments are my own playing, though I performed the drums on an e-kit triggering samples. Let me know what you think!
  2. Jacob Cadmus

    Another JRPG-Style Track - Boss Battle II

    Hey folks, here's a new track I did as a commission for a friend. It's the second of two "boss battle" pieces. I'm still writing the first one - backwards I know - I have them labeled as such within context of the project that it's for. Heavily inspired by Uematsu's work in the 90s. Let me know...
  3. Jorgakis

    My take on a JRPG theme

    Since I'm a huge JRPG-music fan, it's a guilty pleasure of mine trying to mimic that sound ever since I started composing. In particular, I tried to immitate the style of the Monster Hunter theme "Proof of a Hero" (no, not the superman march-esque part though;) ). Hope you like it and let me...
  4. 800mph

    [recruiting] Join in the creation of JRPG music collab: RMN Music Pack 2

    Greetings to all fans of video game music! We have started a VGM collaboration called RMN Music Pack 2 over at rpgmaker.net, our goal being to create an extensive album of video game music for everyone to listen to and to use in their game projects and other media for free. RMN Music Pack 2...
  5. N

    Symphonic fantasy track

    Just posted a new track, and thought of sharing it here:
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