joshua bell violin

  1. E

    Pull of a real crescendo using Joshua Bell violin?

    All I want is a crescendo that goes through a hole single note from beginning to end using poly mode in Joshua Bell for Cubase 11. Not just a crescendo accent in the beginning of the note. I have tried expression map to get a true crescendo, doesn't work. I have tried to set up articulations in...
  2. M Abela

    CLOSED Embertone Joshua Bell Violin

    Selling Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin (full version) for 135€ as I do not need it. PM me if interested. For the license transfer, I will be needing Name/Address/Phone/Email. PayPal only.
  3. Old Timer

    Joshua Bell Violin Plays Country

    I love country music and I love Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin. So I wanted to see if I could coax a simple country tune from this amazing sampled instrument. I've called it Joshua's Waltz. Hope you like it.
  4. T

    Joshua Bell Legato Issue?

    Hey guys, I just bought the Joshua Bell Violin yesterday and seem to have noticed an issue with some of the legato samples. I've noticed this issue in the transitions between various pairs of notes, but the most glaring one so far seems to be between Bb3 and Eb4. If you listen to the brief demo...
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