1. creativeforge

    8DIO is hiring right now! Just sharing this I received today, in case anyone hasn't seen it. (I don't work for 8DIO, just passing the message) :) 8Dio is currently looking for passionate and talented individuals to help us grow in various disciplines. We are hiring in the following 6 areas...
  2. B

    Looking for virtual teacher!

    Hi all, I'm looking for a virtual (zoom) tutor to teach me guitar and guitar composition using a VST. Anyone have any leads on how to find such a person? Basically, i'm never going to learn normal guitar, and I'd love to pay someone to teach me guitar, using LPX and Shreddage 3. If anyone knows...
  3. P

    I worry for the job environment after COVID-19

    As I sit and watch my local news, where all the anchors are sitting in their living rooms, some with green screens, some with plain white walls behind them, I can't help but think a lot of news agencies are thinking "why are we paying people thousands to produce this in a studio, this looks...
  4. Sam Batchelar

    What should I include in my CV when applying for composer assistant jobs?

    When applying for the job of composers assistant, would it be valuable to include in my CV a kind of portfolio providing links to example projects I have completed, examples of sound design I have done and/or sample instruments I have made. Or would it be better to focus on formal music...
  5. S

    Looking for Epic music composers!

    Good day. Im a fulltime Youtuber covering songs in the epic/orchestral style. Not keeping up with the work though, need to outsource my tracks to stay consistent. Looking for high end, top quality composers. Is this the place to announce this kinda thing? Not sure if I should share a link here...
  6. RoySamples

    Paid work. Creating V-instruments with DAWs own samplers

    Hello, We're a new branch of a well established studio in London. We have a very rudimentary piano sample library (8 dynamic layers, 8 RR, 1 microphone position). Job description Create an instrument using the various DAWs own samplers (for example: EXS24, AS, Structure etc). If you have...
  7. MarcJovani

    David Buckley- "You never know when a new opportunity will come. Focus on the things you can control

    Hi everyone, This is my second post and I'm very excited to share about this... I had the incredible privilege to interview the British composer David Buckley, who’s worked in the last Jason Bourne movie and is composing for the TV show “The Good Fight”. David moved to LA around 10 years ago...
  8. NI_Berlin

    Native Instruments is hiring a music technology expert!

    We're looking for a Partnering Manager (f/m) to join our product creation team at Native Instruments in Berlin. Please go to the careers section of the NI website for details - since I seem not to be able to put any links into this thread..
  9. syashdown

    Part-time assistant opportunity based in Bristol, UK

    Slate and Ash is a new sample library company in Bristol striving for a unique and characterful approach to sample libraries, with an ethos in cinematic, experimental and electro-acoustic sounds and pragmatic compositional tools. The company was co founded by Simon Ashdown and Will Slater, two...
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