1. A

    NEEDED: Javascript expert to create batch processing routine

    Hello everyone! I'm working for a composer, Chris Stone, in editing and creating a large orchestral sample library. I was informed of this website by a friend and thought I would post a paid job opportunity for anyone who can help us with a specific task; We are searching for a Javascript...
  2. M

    Looking for a Kontakt programmer (paid)

    My partner and I, have produced a library of the tyrolean folk harp. This kind of harp is made of wood and has fewer strings than a classical harp. To give you a better idea what the harp looks like follow the link: The library was...
  3. michalratkowski

    60seconds! - Official game soundtrack

    Hi there check out my official soundtrack for 60seconds! What do you think? Cheers from Poland Friends! :)
  4. SoundLift

    Composer looking for a small job at the moment

    Hi, I'm a music composer looking for a small job from anyone that needs music for a commercial, game or something similar. Thank you for your time.
  5. maxchristensenaudio

    Who here is available for paid scripting and design work?

    Hey guys, I'm making my first Kontakt library and I need someone to do the scripting for me. I'm already in talks with one scripter but I'm asking around to compare quality and prices. if you're interested then send me a message with an estimated price and some of your earlier works please...
  6. RoySamples

    Paid work. Creating V-instruments with DAWs own samplers

    Hello, We're a new branch of a well established studio in London. We have a very rudimentary piano sample library (8 dynamic layers, 8 RR, 1 microphone position). Job description Create an instrument using the various DAWs own samplers (for example: EXS24, AS, Structure etc). If you have...
  7. RRBE Sound

    Drum Recording Available

    Hello everyone! I am very glad to “announce” that I now offer custom drum recordings from Aarhus, Denmark. Although, I do not have a degree in drumming, I have been playing drums for 20 years. 8 of which have been with a variety of different bands with different genres. I mostly play in the...
  8. creativeforge

    NAMM looking for graphic designer in L.A.

    POSITION PURPOSE Responsible for helping build and maintaining association and trade show brand identities through marketing campaigns including print materials, website collateral, online/e-mail marketing, social media, video, sales proposals and other design mediums. Check the page. You have...
  9. Odin

    How to find work with video game music?

    Hi! I've been honing my skills for a while now, and would like to take my first steps into the industry. What is the best way(s) to get started nowadays? I've found this "guide", but it's 8 years old so I don't know if it's still relevant. And nearly all the games I've found set to be released...
  10. MarcJovani

    David Buckley- "You never know when a new opportunity will come. Focus on the things you can control

    Hi everyone, This is my second post and I'm very excited to share about this... I had the incredible privilege to interview the British composer David Buckley, who’s worked in the last Jason Bourne movie and is composing for the TV show “The Good Fight”. David moved to LA around 10 years ago...
  11. M

    Fee for a short film with a budget?

    Hi everyone, I just got my first paying job as a film composer. I have worked with the director in the past (for free on small productions) and he always wants to work me with again! Now he's making a 15 minute short film, but this time there is a bigger budget (including a music budget) and...
  12. octoberdustin

    (Can I Hire You?) NEED Playable Drum Kit for KONTAKT like Abby Road drums

    This is a posting for contract based work for scripting: I'm Dustin Burnett. I run a new boutique drum sample / loop company called THAT SOUND. We are entering into our third full year as a company and have been creating presets for most platforms except Kontakt with our...
  13. the_alien_thing

    Recommended pricing for a first job

    I've only composed for one commercial project, which was for a PSA that my wife did (which I did for free). This will be the first time that I'm charging for a project. I don't want to be part of the problem of degrading this profession for others, but I'm working with someone who is as poor as...
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