1. borghipablo

    Jazz Band recording Service

    Hello my friends! I need to record a Jazz band for a TV Show, I cant find Studios with that king of ensambles, can someone give a clue? thanks Pablo
  2. I

    Wallace Roney jazz trumpeter dies from coronavirus

    Another sad loss. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/apr/01/wallace-roney-us-jazz-trumpeter-dies-aged-59-from-coronavirus
  3. S

    Walk The Walk - Jazz in Eb (Audio Modeling Horns, NI Abbey Road Drums, Core Bass Pear, NI Pianos)

    The lack of distractions due to Covid 19 lockdown/stay home has caused me to go ahead and try some new genres in my compositions. Used Audio Modeling Sax and the new Trombone, along with a bunch of Native Instruments stuff and the Orange Tree Samples Core Bass. Let me know what you think and if...
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    A Swingin’ Christmas Medley

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re very well. It's been a while since I've released an original piece or arrangement, but this is why. Ever since I listened to Michael Bublé for the first time in 2009, my interest in big band swing and jazz standards sparked, and it's been a journey of repetitive...
  5. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production releases "SOLO Clarinet" for Kontakt

    Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Clarinet in B Library for Kontakt. The SOLO Clarinet Kontakt library is designed to allow the user to realistically simulate almost any melody that a real clarinet in any style can play - whether it's jazz, classical or folk. It was recorded using two...
  6. L

    Advice on Latin Music Kontakt Libraries (not Percussion).

    As posted in another thread here, I’ve gained much valuable information on Latin Percussion Kontakt Libraries for my current gig helping an Afro-Cuban / Latin Jazz Percussionist to record his music. As he is very adept on many hand percussion instruments, he wants virtual instruments which...
  7. Y

    New TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Podcast

    Hi Everyone The TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Podcast just launched. Here's the link to the latest interview we did with Peter Deneff, an accomplished Pianist and Jazz Fusion musician about his background, his involvement in the Los Angeles Middle Eastern Music club Scene, and his approach to...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Swingin’ Fiddle (Official Audio)

    Hey all, I wanted to share a recent piece of mine with you - Swingin’ Fiddle! I used Red Room Audio’s Bluegrass Fiddle in conjunction with the Swing! libraries to put this one together. Please enjoy! :D
  9. SoundChris

    Sailing towards better Days (Jazz)

    Hello guys, here is a new Jazz track that I wrote using the following virtual instruments / effects: * Embertone - Walker 1955 * Ilya Efimov - Les Paul Electric * Toontrack - EZDrummer 2 / EZX Jazz * Acousticsamples - The Upright * Izotope - Vinyl The track is dedicated to Mr. Hans...
  10. bayramjazz

    All my best jazz)

    MY BEST 7 JAZZ TUNES (in my opinion) Hope you' enjoy guys! etc.
  11. ChrisSiuMusic

    Realitone - Screaming Trumpet (A Review)

    Hey composers! Today I wanted to talk about a jazzy niche sample library featuring one of the best trumpet players in the world. Please enjoy!
  12. mojamusic

    The perfect strings sound ...not quite there but progressing

    Why are all of the demos for every string library PERFECT and convincing until I purchase them?:shocked: I have spend thousands of dollars buying (and that won't change) only to find that... there's still something missing. But what it it? more ambience? recorded? better legato transition? less...
  13. bayramjazz

    Is the sound too outdated?

    Hey, guys) I recorded this song 10 years ago, but I want to use it in my new album. Is the sound too outdated? Your opinion? Have a nice weekend!
  14. TomNoyd

    Rocker's attempt at swing/big band (music video)

    Howdy, It's been a while since I posted on here. I come from primarily punk/metal background and I've always had an outsider's love for crooner/big band music. So this was my feeble but earnest attempt at creating a swing/big band piece. If you're curious, it's off my album 'Threesomes With...
  15. ChrisSiuMusic

    Sonokinetic: Noir (A Review)

    I’m so excited today to review the phrase-based jazz library ‘Noir’ from Sonokinetic. If you’re looking for that extra flourish in your music, don’t think twice about considering this library. Enjoy!
  16. antcarrier

    Psychedelic/Classical/Jazz-Fusion/Prog tune

    Hello musos! I have just finished mixing my latest track. Its a mixture of electonica, jazz fusion, classical, and prog rock. There is plenty of fretless guitar and LinnStrument :) I hope you enjoy! Jon
  17. Cory Pelizzari

    Getting to the Bottom of "Swing!"

    Check it out here: https://www.projectsam.com/Products/Swing/1449
  18. Olmo

    Electric Keys Experiment

    Hi everybody! I'm Olmo, one of the two guys behind Fluffyaudio. I've just released a new album named "Electric Keys Experiment" with my friend Riccardo Barba (whom occasionally collaborated with Fluffyaudio). The project itself is called EKE. We would be glad to have VI-control users' feedback...
  19. I

    Counterpoint in Jazz

    Hello Everyone! As any composer/musician coming of age in the late 20th century, I was exposed to many disparate styles and traditions of music. Two currents of musical thought that especially impacted me were complex contrapuntal music as exemplified by Bach and Josquin, and mid-last-century...
  20. stigc56

    Best drum jazz midi loops - 3/4 & brushes

    Hi I need some advise about where I can find drum jazz midi loops. I have BFD + Superior 3 and Addictive Drums, so it would be nice if they could work with them. I have Groove Monkee and just about all the midi loops from the above 3 drum packages, but maybe someone knows where to find the "gold"!
  21. A

    My Utterly Spiffing Guide to Light Music - Part 3 - Complex harmony

    Continuing our foray into 40s and 50s Light Music orchestration and concepts. This time looking at complex harmony and several period scores. Hope you find it useful!
  22. bayramjazz

    Fusion Cuisine by Breezz Studio.

    Jazz fusion (also known as fusion) is a musical genre that developed in the late 1960s when musicians combined aspects of jazz harmony and improvisation with styles such as funk, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin jazz. During this time many jazz musicians began experimenting with electric...
  23. bayramjazz

    My first mix! lounge world by breezz studio

    Enjoy one hour of SMOOT JAZZ, LOUNGE MIX 2018 / LOUNGE WORLD by Breezz Studio! Composer Artur Bayramgalin
  24. Maxfabian

    What do you think? New Orchestral/Jazz track!

    Finally I had some time making music! It ended up being some orchestral/jazz stuff. What do you think? Any feedback is more than welcome:) Thanks for listening! Cheers
  25. ranaprathap

    Big Band Jazz interpretation of Toccata and Fugue in d Minor

    Hello all, A few days ago I went to a Jazz Club in NYC and they had this Big Band playing many original tunes. Amidst all this they played a Big Band interpretation of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in d Minor. I sounded really good and is unlike any other versions of the song I have heard. My phone...
  26. bayramjazz

    Smooth Jazz, Lounge tune "Toronto Lights" by Artur Bayramgalin

    The story of two girls with different destinies. Former girlfriends of childhood living in Toronto, each in its own way trying to find themselves in a big metropolis. Composer: Artur Bayramgalin / Артур Байрамгалин Lemon Jazz Records (Germany)
  27. J

    Hi from Georgia

    Hey, My name is Jody Hughes. I'm a full-time professional acoustic multi-instrumentalist from GA. I've spent the majority of my life playing guitar/banjo/mandolin and doing a bit of singing. Styles have been primarily jazz/bluegrass/popular music I've played on a national/internationally level...
  28. bayramjazz

    Nice Morning by Artur Bayramgalin

    We- that is Karmaloft Music - got some beautiful music dropping! Alongside a highly capable and beatifully versatile team Artur Bayramgalin presents his EP „All day long“. Smooth beats, jazzy and slightly funked arrangements, buzzy bass notes (Alexander Kartashov - bass) carefully acted vocals...
  29. TomNoyd

    Scumlords - Punk, prog, and noir - new album for weirdos

    After a year (or two) of procrastinating, I finally finished an album. This is my attempt at musically describing a street fight between punk, funk, blues, spy/noir, and prog rock. Vocals, guitars, and bass are performed by yours truly. As for Kontakt sample libraries, I used: -Session...
  30. Maxfabian

    Real or fake? (Number 2)

    I recently made a thread called "Real or fake?" and got a lot of good feedback from u guys and decided to make a new Jazz track. My aim is to make the trio sound as real as possible and I used the same libs as in the first thread: Ravenscroft 275 (piano), Trilian upright and VSL Jazz Drums...
  31. bayramjazz

    To Be Free (feat. Alina Aminova)

    Artur Bayramgalin - To Be Free (feat. Alina Aminova). The new single by Artur Bayramgalin - release on Tiger Grass Records on May 26th 2017.
  32. Maxfabian

    Real or fake?

    I just made a little jazzimprovisation and I only used virtual instruments. Ravenscroft 275, Vienna Jazz drums and Trilian`s upright. Do you think it sounds fake? And do you like what you hear? Cheers:)
  33. Vladinir

    News: SOLO Flugelhorn from CMP

    Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Flugelhorn Library for Kontakt.
  34. R

    Heat - big band mockup

    Track I wrote for a car commercial last year. www.rohandelivera.com/heat Sample mod brass / winds Orangetree Pear Orangetree vibes NI Scarbee Music Man Stirling NI Abbey Road 60s drums NI Hammond C3 Spitfire Albion 1 perc (Cymbals)
  35. SoundChris

    Soundtracks for Film and Games

    Hey there guys, here is my personal composer web-page. I am a multi-genre composer from germany mainly focused on orchestral, piano, jazz and medieval music. I am also creating hq library demos if needed. If you are interested in my art just check out my music at www.chris-schlee.com.
  36. SampleScience

    Mushroom Jazz in E Minor

    My attempt at jazz music, fully composed and sequenced by me: Fairly good, I might end up remixing it in a more electronic genre someday.
  37. Satzclock

    Centrifugal Satz Clock

    Greetings! I am Steve Kusaba and currently I am producing the Centrifugal Satz Clock (satzclock.com) the worlds largest musical production, 47 hours long. There are some very talented people who have played on it. Currently we are looking for singers who wish to participate. There is a...
  38. S

    John Johnson - Editor-in-Chief - Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

    I have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and am 70 years old now. I am semi-retired, and am still active, part time, in various projects. I have published numerous scientific books (three in 2014, one in 2015, and one due in 2017), along with dozens of scientific articles on biomedical research topics as...
  39. StraightAheadSamples

    SA! Jazz Horns Released by Straight Ahead Samples

    Alright everyone. After a looooonng road, a ton of work and some huge setbacks along the way, we're finally ready to release SA! Jazz Horns. We're really proud of this library and hope that you guys like it and find some good uses for it in your music. With SA! Jazz Horns you can finally...
  40. Vladinir

    NEWS: SAXBAND Soprano Saxophone from CMP

    Cmusic Production has announced the release of the SAXBAND Soprano Saxophone library for Kontakt 5. SAXBAND Soprano Saxophone library allows you to realistically imitate virtually any tune that a real saxophone could play. It was recorded using Mid-side technology with multiple articulations...
  41. rattlyandraw

    Rattly and raw present - martin france drums

    After a long time in development we are super happy to launch the RaR Signature Range with an incredibly detailed and realistic-sounding drum kit instrument for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player, featuring one of the world's finest and most technically skilled professional musicians - Martin...
  42. Saxer

    Moving Grid - Big Band Fusion

    Saxes are real Trumpets, Fluegelhorn and Trombones: Samplemodeling & Windcontroller Piano: Pianoteq Bass: Trilian Drums: XLN Addictive Drums