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  1. Aleela

    Which library for... this mockup...

    In your opinion, if I wanted to make a mockup of a piece from the soundtracks of "Dinosaur" by James Newton Howard, "Avatar" by James Horner, or any other soundtrack with a feeling of African rhythms, which libraries would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  2. Paul Ameller

    Batman The Dark Knight Orchestral Mock up

    Hi Guys, I've recently did a mock up of "A Watchful Guardian" from Batman The Dark Knight. Tell me what you think! I did it on Cubase 10.5 I've mainly used Spitfire for the short strings and CSS for the long strings. The Brass are a medley of Berlin Brass, JXL Brass and Trailer Brass (For the...
  3. Land of Missing Parts

    Transcribed: James Newton Howard - Unbreakable Theme

    Here's my midi mockup of "Weightlifting" from Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan). Music composed by James Newton Howard. Transcribed by ear from the original: In 2000, before Marvel CU and Nolan's Batmans, James Newton Howard wrote this very subdued and little-noticed take on what a...
  4. Land of Missing Parts

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