1. Manuel Federici

    Cubase 9 w/ Windows 10. Audio issues, RealTime Peak, Average Load

    Hello all, I have a technical question about Cubase 9. During playback or while playing, at some point the volume goes up and down or there is a sudden interruption for 1/2 seconds. There's a continuos real time peak. This increase when i play or when i open microsoft edge. I've tried all...
  2. MatFluor

    Summary Post: Questions concerning Fundraisers and finances of VI-Control

    Alright people, as requested, here is a summary post of the issues and questions concerning the Forum. IMPORTANT: This post serves as summary to make it easier for Frederick to answer the questions as good as he can. It is NOT intended to serve as discussion post where everyone give his...
  3. MoeWalsaad

    How do you protect your ears?

    P.S: I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section! a moderator action/advice may be needed. Hello Everybody! I wonder, what do you do to protect your ears during music production? and how do you prevent headaches and dizziness and ear fatigue? Because I work on music for long hours...
  4. R

    Arturia Prophet V2 Crashing Logic X 10.3.1

    Hello, I have recently experience severe crashes in Logic X 10.3.1 OS X Sierra with my Arturia Prophet V2. I recently upgraded to V3 and that seems stable. I still have a few sounds I really enjoy in V2. Have any Logic users experienced this? Many thanks.
  5. The Darris

    Cubase 8 Pro Expression Maps Bug

    Okay, I haven't used expression maps for quite a while now but I've spent the last few days creating a ton for my new template. I am wanting to test whether or not I prefer working with them or not. With that said, I am extremely pissed off at the fact that I spent the last two days creating...