intimate strings

  1. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : String Flow Collection by Ben Osterhouse

    Hi everyone! Here's my review of Ben Osterhouse's String Flow Collection. A wonderful bundle including a cello, viola and violin playing a particular technique that consists in rolling the bow accross the strings. If you're looking for strings with great texture and movement, this collection...
  2. C

    Dry Library for intimate "character" strings (sound examples in post)

    Hey all, I'm looking for a dry library for a close / 'noisy' sound - still clean, but intimate, with audible bow sound and a lot of character. I need to do ensemble work as well, so it can't be a 'Solo'-only library. Here are two examples of what I'm looking for: So far, my research leads...
  3. midiman

    Spitfire Orchestral Swarm vs Heavyocity Intimate Textures

    I am interested in getting a few opinions regarding which of these two is your favorite. Please avoid the typical "It depends on what you need it for" counter question. I am interested in hearing your personal favorites from your perceptive and the reasons for it. Preferably for people who own...