1. Manaberry

    [Thread] AMD/Intel CPU 2019

    Hi there. Computex is happening. AMD and Intel conferences are done. Now we have to wait until further announcement from AMD at E3 (mid June) and Intel might come with something this summer. Intel has revealed an improved version of the 9900K: 9900KS. Frequency has been increased on both base...
  2. PaulieDC

    Ready To Build a PC for VI Composing? Here's My Pick, Under $2300 and It Screams.

    Hey all, if you're newer to this and ready to invest in your first tower that you can be sure will give you some horsepower, I went online to and built a list for a PC for under 2300 bucks that will be a great first-PC dedicated for music production. I have an insane 14-core machine...
  3. G

    Intel SSD Octane Drives

    Have you seen the Intel Optane PCI SSD's. Man these look cool! Plus their's a video on the page of BT and his studio and how he uses the Optane drives.
  4. dman007

    Audio PCs and the Chip BUG

    Regarding the chip bug, how does this stand regarding Windows audio PCs, ASIO, audio interface drivers, and DAWs ? Thanks
  5. ranaprathap

    If you are planning to build a PC now, wait for Threadripper

    From what we are seeing from this video, the performance beats out intel's X299 platform in multithreaded work loads and hence if you are planning to build a PC now/near future, just wait until the rest of the benchmarks are out as it appears the AMDs' threadripper is offering more value.
  6. ranaprathap

    Amd ryzen is here

    AMD just released all the juicy details of their top tier RYZEN CPUs. Will you consider this over an i7 7700k, for example?
  7. M

    Your PCIe SSD choice : Samsung 950 PRO 512 GB vs Intel 750 Series 400 GB

    Hi, I mainly use Kontakt libraries (Spitfire Albion, BML, Percussion, Project SAM Symphobia, some Sonokinetic stuff, Orchestral Tools Woodwinds, etc...) and EWQL (Orchestra, Stormdrum 2, etc...). I have already installed a Samsung in my M.2 slot (but not tested yet with this new built) and I...
  8. G

    Intel 22-core CPU

    How's the new Intel 22-core CPU: And up to 385GB's RAM. That is crazy! Just don't look at the expected price.
  9. A

    SSDs have a new contender!

    So Intel and Micron unveiled their new memory technology: 3D XPoint "crosspoint". This is a new class of memory that can be used both as system memory as well as a NV storage. 3D XPoint can be used either as RAM or in place of SSD (But this will not be done for now, see sources) What's so great...