1. widescreen

    What are your favourite instruments?

    I searched for an identical topic but it seems that I am the first to ask that specific question: What are your favourite instruments? And why? Is there a sample library that matches your favourite instrument best? As I'm the starter of this thread I'd like to begin with my personal Top 7...
  2. ltreacher

    FOLKLORICA - virtual instruments inspired by Folklore project

    Hey! Folklorica is now live! Folklorica is a virtual instrument project designed and built by composer Lucie Treacher (me!), which uses tales, taboos and superstitions as starting points in creating colourful and conceptual virtual instruments for Full Kontakt 6.4.1...
  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Let's Talk About Dynamics

    Yeah, so uh... Yeah.
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    Checking Out: SOLO by Audio Imperia!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll discover the newest orchestral sample library by Audio Imperia, a collection of solo instruments designed to sit lyrically in front of your mix. Please enjoy! My personal favourites from this library are: - Cello (warm, rich, detailed) - Flute (full, nice...
  5. P

    Thread about non orchestral, smaller specialist instruments in a variety of styles (Folk, Celtic, Boss Nova, Greek, Traditional ,Flamenco + more)

    Hey all, Trying to make a thread about instruments, associated with all number of different styles, but on the whole NON ORCHESTRAL. A great example would be the Birth of a Trumpet, which is very popular for Jazz etc. Here are some more examples of what I am talking about from Dream...
  6. dman007

    What's your pick of the best Black Friday deals?

    What's your pick of the best Black Friday deals on sample libraries etc?
  7. xanderscores

    Mixing real viola/violin with OT samples - best practices?

    For my latest sample-based composition I commissioned a professional violist/violinist to record the solo string parts. Everything turned out great, but now I wonder what I can do to make the instrument parts blend really well with the rest of the orchestra (which is almost entirely made up of...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    A Guide To Traditional Chinese Instruments: A Video Essay

    Hi everyone! In this video, I wanted to take a deeper look into the traditional Chinese instruments heard in many pieces and film scores. I hope you learn and discover something from this presentation! ►► Download the slides for free! Click here →
  9. Bluemount Score

    OPENING - A happy new year track! (feat. NI Symphony Series + CSS + MA2)

    This one is already a couple of months old, but rather than forgetting that I ever made this I decided to release it as a single at this very fitting date :) Enjoy, happy new year!
  10. Bluemount Score

    Native Instruments / Soniccouture sale 2019

    I don't own anything by Soniccouture. Time to change that? Any recommendations regarding the current NI sale?
  11. dman007

    Seeking views on NI Symphony Series & Brass

    What do you think of the NI Symphony Series (Essential or full edition) - worth the money? In particular for Brass Better alternatives? How the alternatives fair against the EWQL Symphonic Library? Thanks
  12. M


  13. Transients

    Epic Orchestral/Cinematic Drums & Percussion Elements

    Can we try put together a list of all percussive elements/instruments needed for this kind of music? I am trying to set up a percussion template, which can get me started layering elements instantly without having to go thru the kontakt libraries each time. For the most part ive just banged away...
  14. ChrisSiuMusic

    Native Instruments & Sonuscore: Mallet Flux (Reviewed)

    Looking for a library with mallet instruments with a twist of sound design and pulsating rhythms? Check this library out.
  15. fretti


    Hi! I'm selling my full licenses of Session Strings Pro (the "old" version) and Komplete Elements MK2/Kontakt Elements Selection R2 Prices: Session Strings Pro: Sold (update to the "new" Version possible for 149€ now for an ultimate of 194 vs. 299€ full Version price; or just wait until NI has...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Final Hope (Official Audio)

    Happy New Year, fellow composers and musicians! To celebrate the beginning of 2019, I wanted to write a new uplifting and motivational soundtrack and leave you with a sense of fulfillment, hope, and resolution. Thank you so much for your support! Please feel free to subscribe in order to stay...
  17. dog1978

    My Top 15 Pianos

    I've been asked what my favourite pianos are. Here is a video. What are your favourites?
  18. MoeWalsaad

    Thomann big purchase, Should I wait for a sale season?

    Hello There, I am purchasing almost my entire new home studio gear and equipment from, and because I will be paying lots of money so I'm concerned whether there is gonna be a sale season coming any time soon that worth waiting for like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales.. etc...
  19. Soundlex

    FS: NI Thrill

    Hello everyone, I'm selling my full license for NI Thrill. It sells for $299 and I'm asking $179
  20. Sonixinema

    SONIXINEMA - Primal Sample Pack Release!

    Hi Everyone! To celebrate the two year anniversary of Sonixinema, we have released a Sample Pack with a handpicked collection of some of the best sounds from Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments! Including cinematic loops, dark textures, fierce risers and a selection of one-shots from an...
  21. A

    Realism in Orchestral Tracks

    This might sound like a very basic question, but I've been yet to find anything on the internet that provides me a decent solution or workaround. Let me inform you of my situation first - I'm 17 and have been dabbling in orchestration since I was 14. At the moment I am using a combination of...
  22. hozierschurch

    EWQL Transposing Instruments

    Just creating an orchestral template using EWQL Hollywood Diamond Orchestra but noticing that instruments which should sound an octave lower than written i.e. Double Bass, don't. Does this apply to all instruments with East West or is there a setting to change this that I can't see?
  23. Big Fish Audio

    Big Fish Audio: Green Tag Sale 50% Off Loops & Instruments

    Hey guys! We're running a 50% off sale right now on over 60 loop libraries and virtual instruments. It's running through March 27th, and no coupon is required. Sale page: Have a great day!
  24. Sonixinema

    Introducing Memory Box - Intro Offer

    We are really excited to kick the year off with our new library, Memory Box. A unique instrument that features articulations such as bowing, muted plucks, double stops and a variety of designed instruments which redefine the sound of a classic music box. Inspired by a traditional 19th century...
  25. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema - 50% Off Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments - Black friday

    Regular Price £59 Sale Price £29 Offer ends Midnight on Monday 27th November (GMT) Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments features an exclusive array of never before sampled instruments and found objects. From hitting glasses suspended in water to bowing large rusty wires, each instrument...
  26. dog1978

    Thrill review and interview videos

    I've done a big package about thrill. At first I shoot a little film for trying out "Thrill": Here is the review: And here a interview with Stephan Lembke of Galaxy instruments (check the english subtitles): And we couldn't find the spider after shooting the intro video:
  27. Time+Space

    Gothic Instruments release DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres

    Gothic Instruments are back with the next instalment of their DRONAR series of atmosphere creation tools for Kontakt! Dark echoing winds, deep rumbles, anxiety-inducing atmospheres all beautifully warped and exquisitely alluring, or the stuff of your darkest nightmares. The sounds in DRONAR...
  28. NI_Berlin

    Native Instruments is hiring a music technology expert!

    We're looking for a Partnering Manager (f/m) to join our product creation team at Native Instruments in Berlin. Please go to the careers section of the NI website for details - since I seem not to be able to put any links into this thread..
  29. A

    Learning about the different roles of the instruments

    Hi VI! This places sound like a place for me and my new interest :-) For a start. Do anyone know a good places for me to study Orchestral/Cinematic music? I am mostly self learned in producing music and do stuff without knowing what I do. Right now I could really use some studying in what all...
  30. morphido

    FS: 50% off on Native-Instruments Products!!

    All these NI products with a 50% discount or less! Anyone interested, please send a PM. Plugins: ABSYNTH 5 (AU/VST/AAX instrument plugin) - SOLD REAKTOR 5 (AU/VST/AAX instrument plugin) - SOLD DRIVER (AU/VST/AAX effect plugin) - SOLD Libraries and instruments: THE GIANT (Kontakt library -...
  31. L

    Sonixinema scoring tools presents - 'Primal' for only £59.99

    Primal is a stunning new library from Sonixinema Scoring Tools. It features 10 glass and metallic instruments, 30 textures, 20 transitions and 20 percussion loops with over 1500 rhythmical variations. What makes this library so special is that it contains instruments that were invented for...
  32. reutunes

    The Samplecast #10 is LIVE! The show for sample library geeks, plugin fans and musicians

    Hello Controllers (is that the collective noun? I've no idea) The Samplecast show #10 is now LIVE - Plenty of great features in the show this week including news, reviews, updates and free samples. The video version of the show is below and the podcast is here. Featured this week: Synferno...
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