1. Kubler

    Le Saut – Original animated short film soundtrack

    Hello everyone, I realized recently that I never posted this two-years old work, so here it is. During spring 2018 I scored “Le Saut” (“The Jump”), an animated short film made entirely in watercolors by a student from art school Émile Cohl in Lyon, France, as her graduation project. You can...
  2. TRKStudios

    "River of Life" - MIDI Demo

    Hope everyone is having a great new year!! I made a goal for myself to write more this year (outside of the work realm) and not let cues of mine just dust away in folders :) Been diving into the world of classical music a bit more and trying to let it inspire my writing.
  3. Neudzulab

    Chimeric Metal

    Hello to everyone! I am a beginner VI composer. As an Autodidact, I am striving to thrive on every subject. I'm currently working on creating my own genre of music. I publish my compositions on Youtube. This is my new hobby. Your opinions?
  4. S

    Have A Good Life - by Justin Stewart

    Hey folks, this is something I put together using SWAM Saxaphones, my usual Alecia's keys and some drum samples. I think I'm slowly getting better at arranging the SWAM instruments. In this case I just played 5ths throughout with the tenor sax on top and baritone on the bottom. Oh and for a...
  5. S

    Lofi/boombap/90s sort of hip-hop instrumental. (I'll return any feedback)

    Hey folks, this is just something I put together the other night. Some Goldbaby drums, komplete piano and synths and Orange Tree Guitars. Let me know what you think and if you leave a link, I'll be sure to give your music a listen as well. Cheers.
  6. S

    'Fight Music' new hip-hop/boombap instrumental track.

    Hey guys, this is something I just finished last night. Used a lot of Komplete stuff on this along with a splice vocal sample. Reaper and Renoise for the DAW. Let me know what you think. I'm pretty sure my bad mixing environment is resulting in less than stellar mixes, but hopefully it's not too...
  7. E

    Forever Requiem (Strings instrumental)

    A moving, emotional strings instrumental Hope you enjoy it! Composed using Cinematic Studio Strings. It's quite userfriendly, first time using it, but I can see progress with learning. Tell me what you think!
  8. S

    Sound Of The City aka some boombap, old school hip-hop.

    Another track with the SWAM sax. I swear I use the SWAM and Sample Modeling on everything lately.
  9. Knomes

    5 Pieces on Internet

    Hi, I post here the first five pieces that I shared on internet (a part from a 30 seconds piece of one year ago.) Here is the link to the SoundCloud playlist: To make these pieces I used: Reaper with OTR Cinematic Studio Strings Cinematic Studio Solo Strings Cinematic Studio Brass Ivory II...
  10. Dear Villain

    What Will Become of Us?

    I'm pleased to share my latest orchestral work, "What Will Become of Us?" featuring all VSL, including a blend of Synchron and Orchestral Strings. An orchestral tone poem inspired by "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Since our dawn to inevitable dusk A question implanted in our mind A question...
  11. Dear Villain

    How many are successful on Spotify with Orchestral Music?

    I'm just curious if anyone has had success in selling tracks/albums that are modern classical/orchestral (not epic/film) via Spotify, iTunes, etc. If so, have people found your music through related searches for other artists, or do you do a lot of promotion via social media and/or other...
  12. Dear Villain


    Vent time: So, after years of keeping my music low profile on my own websites, and working primarily with classical music for live performance, I decided to start a Soundcloud. I put up a few of my orchestral works (not my concert music, but more film/game stuff) and promoted the heck out of...
  13. bayramjazz

    Chillout, relaxing tune - "Daydreamer" by Artur Bayramgalin.

    "Daydreamer" gives us time for some reverie with charming keyboard resonance. Album Information: Title: "Perfect Day" 2014. Artist: Artur Bayramgalin
  14. Dear Villain

    Soaring...epic trailer/game music

    Thanks for checking it out! Dave
  15. leoniscaeli

    Apocalypse (Full Album Preview)

    Hello all, I am proud to announce that the album I have been working on for the last 4 months is now ready and will be out on 11.18.16. You will find in this video a 30s preview for each song. My album will contain 17 tracks : 1. Intro 2. Rise 3. Dawn 4. Interlude A 5. Prevail 6. Apocalypse...
  16. ChristianM

    Hello VI Community from France

    I'm french composer. I come daily to this forum since several months. I write instrumental music, rather quiet ;-) I'm not professional, just an enthusiast. I'm happy with a keyboard, Synfire pro and virtual instruments. I'm happy to exchange to you :-)
  17. mirrodin

    Short Orchestral Theme Brand for AZPBS

    Hello all! I recently completed a commission for Arizona PBS Central Sound at Eight. The station wanted a new brand thematic bumper for their broadcast and terrestrial radio bumpers and advertising. I produced the 10-second bumper as they wanted that one immediately, and then built outward to...