1. omux

    Berlin Symphonic Harps - install just one?

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting Orchestral Tools' Berlin Symphonic Harps as it seems absolutely unsurpassed in terms of realism and sound. However, as always, SSD space is at a premium and that whopping 79GB of samples is not insignificant! Does anyone know if it's possible to just install one...
  2. Vik

    Installing a library on a second computer - how?

    Hi all, I'm about to install some of my libraries on a MacBook Pro - some Spitfire stuff, Light & Sound Chamber strings, Kontakt of course, and maybe some single instruments . I've never done that before. Do I need to use installers like eg Spitfire Audio Library Manager, or can I copy folders...
  3. creativeforge

    Cakewalk projects files: install Cakewalk on Windows 7?

    Sooo, I'm not using Cakewalk Pro 9.03 anymore (I have a legal copy but using Mixcraft now), but I need to open old *.bun files to restore some old songs to remaster. I tried installing Cakewalk from the DVD, but no joy. It's opening the installer dialogue box, but nothing I click results in...
  4. d.healey

    Beginners guide: How to install third-party Kontakt libraries

    I'm often asked by people new to third-party libraries how to use them in Kontakt, so I've written a little article with some pictures and videos to help explain it. Click Here to have a read.
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