1. gohrev

    Cubase: Can't get Send for FX (Reverb) to work

    Hi everyone, I switched to Cubase Pro 10 yesterday, and although the learning curve is quite steep, it also feels very intuitive. No regrets. Now, the one thing I can't figure out, is how to get the FX track to "work". I inserted Spaces II for a simple little reverb plugin on the "Inserts"...
  2. Fredeke

    How to route outboard inserts in Reaper ?

    Hi. What is your prefered way of inserting analog gear in a track's signal path in Reaper ? (like a compressor, an EQ, or what have you) My own solution is quite unsatisfying: I disable the track's 'parent send' and route it to an hardware output. Then I create another track and arm record in...
  3. mcpepe

    How do you use the reverb?

    So how do you use the reverb/reverbs? -Do you use the reverb from the built-in hall mics from the sample library? -Do you use a reverb plugin and only use the close mics? or hall mics + reverb plugin? -Do you use an insert reverb and a send reverb? only a send reverb? -A short different reverb...

    Cubase/Nuendo PlugIns Insert Issues

    Hi there, I am hoping someone here will recognise this problem and be able to help. In which case I thank you in advance :-) I have recently installed Waves, iZotope, Lexicon and some other plugins. However, when I select any of the plugins for these, it is not displayed in the Inserts...
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