hybrid orchestral

  1. Timothy Schmidt

    RESONATE (Orchestral Album)

    Hi everyone! Today I released RESONATE, a collection of hybrid orchestral pieces exploring the intensity that develops from a combination of irregular rhythms and rhythmic layering. Neither trailer tracks nor cinematic cues, these works are simply experiments with various fundamental musical...
  2. Sarah De Carlo

    Back from the summer holidays ... New production: 'A Hero's Birth'

    The return from vacation was rather traumatic ... but our luck is to always find it where we left it: the music! Good listening, Sarah.
  3. SBK

    Recommend Soundiron libraries!

    Hi guys, Which libraries you recommend for hybrid orchestral music like from Soundiron? I have Mercury Elements, Olympus Elements, Apocalypse Percussion, Mars and Venus Choir, Hyperion Strings Micro, Voices of Gaia, Voices of Rapture And would like to hear what you guys use from Soundiron...
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