1. Thomas Kallweit

    Knitscher (16 minimals in one) - old scifi, horror, impressionistic comprovisations

    newest work, finally done. All about Knitschers /small/quirky creatures maybe... More to the genre of (old) horror, sci-fi, impressionistic.. probably - 16 short partly comprovised pieces (Knitschers) put into one adventure block (parts are also available isolated) Will post some videos for...
  2. Tyler Gillis

    Project ILL Extreme Gore Sound Design

    - Project ILL Extreme Gore Sound Design - Warning, Extreme level of gore in this video, but the music makes it fun. In this video, I'm breaking down one of my Sound Redesigns of the creature I like to call George from Project ILL. I'll also be going through some good starting places to record...
  3. Thomas Kallweit

    Update: The Knitscher-VideoThread (now with part 1 and 2 and 3 of "Knitscher") - old school SciFi, Horror...

    This is a short comprovisation / a starter scene from a complete work with 16 parts: Knitscher All more something from outer zones maybe in the style of old scifi / horror...
  4. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron: Iron Throne 2.0 | A Sinister Horror Scoring Collection (On Sale for $19 LTO)

    => LEARN MORE <= Iron Throne is a very eerie and dark collection of metallic percussion and semi-melodic effects, ideal for use in horror and suspense scoring, sound-design, trailer fx and post-production. We used viola bows on the throne edges to create sinister melodic and dissonant tones...
  5. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Soul Series Christopher Young Sale

    Soul Series Christopher Young Collection, Textural Worlds, & Orchestral Touch Christopher Young is one of my favorite composers - in part because of his deep understanding of the orchestra, but also because of his unique sensibilities for musical sound design. Whether it his dark and...
  6. Tyler Gillis

    How To Create Tension With Sound

    How To Create Tension With Sound I can't believe it is so close to Halloween already! I just launched my 3rd educational video on Sound Design. Let me know what you think! Horror is my all-time favorite genera of video games and movies, and in this video, I want to talk about the five biggest...
  7. gohrev

    The Initiation [Suspense/Ambiance/Storytelling]

    I had the most frightening dream the other night. Strange and familiar faces stopped talking as I entered this old, Venetian drawing-room. Nobody said a word. All held their breath. They just stared at me, perfectly still in their black clothes. I too, couldn't talk. It was as if I had no...
  8. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale We Combat Fear with Sound! Pre-Friday the 13th Sale + FREE Gift with Purchase Sale Ends 03/16 Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness $128 (Goes $198 03/16) Hybrid Tools – Eternal Darkness is a focused collection of unsettling, dark and hauntingly beautiful horror-based...
  9. ChrisSiuMusic

    Exploring ProjectSam's PANDORA: An Overview

    Hey all! Let's take a look into ProjectSam's latest offering: Pandora. Please enjoy!
  10. Cory Pelizzari

    Exploring the "Old School Horror" Style

    All links are in the YouTube video description.
  11. gwscores

    Sampling is Fun...

    I was bored at home over New Years so I decided to sample some instruments around the house. The result is an eerie, modern sound design bed using just the recordings of an Alpine Horn, Trumpet, a Crystal Glass and a Piano. All manipulated in Logic X using native plugins.
  12. Soundiron Team

    How To Compose A Horror Theme (Soundiron Session)

    In this special Halloween edition of Soundiron Session Craig Peters takes you through his composition inspired by horror. Musical themes in film scores can connect you to the story and characters in a very emotional way, and horror films are no different. Craig deconstructs his track showing...
  13. LeonRossMusic

    8DIO - Christopher Young Orchestral Touch

    Hi guys, As Halloween approaches shortly, 8dio kindly allowed me to review their Chris Young horror library. 8DIO - CHRISTOPHER YOUNG ORCHESTRAL TOUCH | Walkthrough Definitely recommend this one for any of you composing horror. :emoji_spider_web::emoji_jack_o_lantern:
  14. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Halloween Sale Starts NOW! Get 50% Off Select Libraries.

    Learn more: https://soundiron.com/collections/on-sale To celebrate the scariest month of the year, We're offering you 50% off selected libraries. This spine-chilling collection of products is guaranteed to induce fear in the hearts of many with everything from blood-curdling string risers...
  15. Sarah De Carlo

    Dark Obsession (Horror Trailer Music)

    Hi everyone. I present to you my latest production for the genre Horror / Thriller. I hope you enjoy it. Good listening, Sarah.
  16. R

    Drama / Horror themed Orchestral VST Suggestions?

    Hello, I'm working on a soundtrack for a horror film and i'm thinking of using some dramatic, horror-themed orchestral crashes, hits, rise-and-falls similar to the sound Christopher Young used for the OST of "The Grudge 2" (Which was amazing in my personal opinion). :thumbsup: Does anyone have...
  17. Drakie79

    Looking for composer for Indie horror game [FOUND]

    Hi, I'm a solo part time indie game developer and I have been working on a vampire adventure dungeon crawler game called "Small town thirst" You play as a criminal on the run that finds shelter in a church located in a deserted small town, he soon discovers he must face a large colony of...
  18. Vsevolod

    Percussion for a horror movie

    Hello! Can you recommend what I should use to emphasize the chase in my horror movie? I like the soundtrack from Annabelle: Creation, Conjuring 1.2. I use them as a reference. But my film is about the dark memories of the main character. They chase him. He often runs. I don't want it to be an...
  19. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - Save 50% on SICK Halloween deals!

    We're celebrating the most terrifying day of the year with a brand new episode of E.V.P. Patrol Squad and gutting prices on our entire horror collection! Sale ends Tuesday, November 6th! You can now get the complete ']Sick Bundle which includes the all 7 installments of our Sick series...
  20. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | Creating The Soundtrack To Hell

    Hey everyone! On this Soundiron Session Craig Peters takes you through his Sick 7 demo track. This demo ended up sounding like the soundtrack to hell! Since Halloween is right around the corner we thought this would be a fun one to breakdown. Learn more about Sick 7: Voices of the Dead...
  21. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Sick 7: Voices of the Dead - On sale now for $49!

    Announcing Sick Volume 7, a mighty tool chest of creature and human combat voice over kits, a menacing ensemble of eerie industrial percussion and a fresh supply of atmospheric horror and suspense sound design elements. This introductory sale ends Tuesday, November 6th There are 6 unique...
  22. akox

    Origins of Audio Black Friday Sale |Up to 35% Off

    Hi guys! We've launched our Black Friday sales, with a discount up to 35% storewide! You can find with a discount all our sample libraries and soundsets, as well as Stavros Genaridis' Virtual Bouzouki and Rembetiko Instrument (kontakt player compatible), which includes 4 Greek folk instruments...
  23. StephenForsyth

    Technical sound design exercise masquerading as a piece of music.

    So after my last piece uploaded here which was all traditional with no electronic elements I went the other way on this one and decided to work on my sound design.(All the risers/wooshes/pads/synths etc are all custom), with the secondary goal of working on doing a more "modern", louder and...
  24. akox

    Out Now - Z3bramatic: Horror Reimagined (U-He Zebra² soundset) w/ Intro Price + Easter Sales

    Hi guys! Z3bramatic: Horror Reimagined has just been released and is the final chapter to our Zebramatic soundset series. Once again, this soundset aims at dark cinematic scoring for film and video games. However, it contains sounds which are quite different from what you might were...
  25. JunoVHS

    Soundiron releases "Shudder" - dark glitches and evil drones

    Shudder is a collection of 501 uniquely mangled, destroyed, deep, nightmarish and glitched percussive samples - along with FX, stingers, risers, and all the drones you'll need for your next horror soundtrack. Each sound has been designed using hard-hitting sources like our industry-revered...
  26. Rectobiasi

    Bloody Sphere ( Quick Omnisphere 2 Demo )

    Hello everyone ! So, i just downloaded Omnisphere 2, and was so inspired by the possibilities that i quickly went onto the dark side ( which i like to do with most instruments ) and decided to do a very quick demo using only an 8 tracks multi with sounds i tweaked to hell and some i designed a...
  27. Peaslee

    Witness Soundiron's new horror doompocayplse - Sick 6: 666 - The Sickening

    Awwww yeah, it's that time again. We're back with another Sick and this one pushes things to the limit of awesome. Sick 6 is a horror-themed cinematic trailer effects library for composers, sound designers, animators, film makers and game developers. It includes over 4GB of sound-designed...
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