1. P

    Berlin Brass still a viable Library for Media Music in 2021 ?

    From what I can gather from my research, those with BB love the tone, but wish that it had a true "FF" layer, compared to some other libraries. I also note there were a fair few posts about small dynamic errors etc with the library , and odd programming decisions. With all this in mind, and...
  2. Meredithmoo25

    French Horn player and composer available for remote session work

    Hi Everyone, My name is Meredith and I a professional French Horn player and Composer, but currently paying the bills doing remote session work on the horn. I am a seasoned session player having performed on soundtracks for Disney, Marvel, and Pixar as well as with artists such as Sir Paul...
  3. E

    Smart Voice Split on Kontakt

    Hello, Is there another sample library (preferably orchestral) that have smart voice split feature like session horns and session strings? Here's an example: Thank you.
  4. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Infinite Brass

    Get it here: https://www.aaronventure.com/infinite-brass Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/corypelizzari Albums: https://corypelizzari.bandcamp.com/
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    A Swingin’ Christmas Medley

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re very well. It's been a while since I've released an original piece or arrangement, but this is why. Ever since I listened to Michael Bublé for the first time in 2009, my interest in big band swing and jazz standards sparked, and it's been a journey of repetitive...
  6. Bluemount Score

    OT MA1 Horns a9 vs. Cinesamples Twelve Horn Ensemble

    I'm in fact very happy with my fff MA1 Horns and don't really know of anything better. Still, does anybody own both and could provide a comparison to the 12 Horns Library from Cinesamples? Do 3 more Horns really add something worth noticing? Do they get as loud as Metropolis Ark? etc.
  7. Genki

    Spitfire Studio Brass Core - Worth it?

    Hey guys. I just got the Spitfire Studio Strings (standard version), and I would like to get some brass to accompany them. Now it should be noted I can and am making use of my EDU discounts, so I basically have 30% off of all of their libraries. I don't really see reviews of the Core version of...
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Studio Brass

    I worked my butt off to get this video up as soon as possible, but... ... Don't bother with this one. Free Patches & Multis...
  9. barteredbride

    FS: VSL libraries - 50% off. Plus FREE shipping and e-licenser.

    Hi everyone, I´d like a quick sale so I am selling my 6 Vienna Symphonic Libraries all together as one bundle: 1. Orchestral Strings 1 (standard) - violins & violas 2. Orchestral Strings 2 (standard) - cellos and basses 3. Brass 1 (standard) 4. Harp 1 (standard) 5. Fanfare Trumpets (a6)...
  10. amadeus1

    6 Horn Comparison - Audiobro, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, 8dio, VSL, Synchron

    Hey guys, A walkthrough of 6 Top Brass Libraries and their French Horn Ensemble. Thanks, Bill
  11. Arise

    Trumpets in trailer music

    For those here who write trailer music (mainly the hybrid style), how often do you use trumpets? I am just asking as I would like to know how big of a place they have in trailer music, as I dont hear them much in this genre...French horns, low brass instruments sure, but trumpets not so much...
  12. Arise

    Performance Samples Caspian as a first/main brass library - thoughts?

    I have Oceania and love the ease-of-use and performance based sampling (no articulations or keyswitches needed). Caspian has the same thing going on, which makes me interested in it, and I need a brass library. Kind of a shame it doesn't have a tuba though. Do you guys think it's worth it to...
  13. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns (A Review)

    Hey friends! I’ve uploaded a review of Orchestral Tools’ newest library Glory Days: Big Band Horns. Please enjoy!
  14. TomNoyd

    Rocker's attempt at swing/big band (music video)

    Howdy, It's been a while since I posted on here. I come from primarily punk/metal background and I've always had an outsider's love for crooner/big band music. So this was my feeble but earnest attempt at creating a swing/big band piece. If you're curious, it's off my album 'Threesomes With...
  15. bfreepro

    Review: 8Dio's Century Brass Ensemble

    8.5/10 "Century Brass is a very good library, but it’s note quite achieved greatness yet. The wealth of articulations and versatility, as well as the realism and detail captured in the recordings, are some of the highlights of Century Brass. These standout features are slightly marred by...
  16. John Judd

    Horn Section - Funk/Soul/Motown

    Hey folks, Looking for horn section recommendations: funk/Soul/Motown Hopefully including bari sax Looking for a VST instrument, but would take sample packs as well if you thought they were must haves. NI Session Horns just doesn’t sound that great in the demos, so I’m avoiding it. Sounds...
  17. amadeus1

    Symphony Series - Brass Ensemble Walkthrough

    Hey guys, Here's a link for the Native Instrument library on sale until 7/1/18. Thanks, Bill
  18. Cory Pelizzari

    What's Up with Auddict's Master Brass?

    UPDATE - I was cross-checking some of the affected waves with Thorsten Meyer of Strong Mocha, and he sent myself and Dorian from Auddict an example of him fixing one of these waves with RX6 within minutes - so apparently this problem was easily fixable this whole time, but someone from Auddict...

    Sample Modeling Brass Horns, how to make them sound huge?

    Hi all, I love Sample Modeling instruments (as I said many times) and I'm trying to achieve something especially with horns. Infact, playing them directly without EQ or reverb results in a pretty dry sound which is nice to work with. For Star Wars like music they sound pretty well by adding...
  20. Grim_Universe

    Star Wars Main Title with Sample Modeling and Adventure Brass

    At last I had time to experiment a bit and to test all my latest thoughts about the virtual orchestra. So, after Cinematic Studio released their solo strings, this library became a necessary addition to the main library. I tested it a bit and liked result a lot. And then I thought: "Ok, now we...
  21. reutunes

    Chris Hein Horns for 66% off!

    Hey Controllers... For me, Chris Hein Horns has always been one of those libraries that everybody talks about but I've never been able to justify at the price point. However, now it's 66% off at €169 over at VST Buzz - so there's no excuse not to pick it up. 24 GB of horn solos and sections...
  22. Grim_Universe

    Orchestral music for film "White Day" (Cinematic Studio Strings, Berlin WW, etc.) *updated*

    Hi, guys! At last I finished music for my first short film called "White Day", where I participate as a composer. It was a very long way to go, because when the director asked me to compose music for his film I was faced with a problem: I had absolutely no clue how to write music for deep...
  23. StraightAheadSamples

    SA! Jazz Horns Released by Straight Ahead Samples

    Alright everyone. After a looooonng road, a ton of work and some huge setbacks along the way, we're finally ready to release SA! Jazz Horns. We're really proud of this library and hope that you guys like it and find some good uses for it in your music. With SA! Jazz Horns you can finally...
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