hollywood orchestral woodwinds

  1. TRON 1.0

    Make ensembles in EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds Gold

    Hi y'all. I assembled a template from Composer Cloud Gold stuff and am recreating a Williams' theme. And I'm curious whether it's possible to fiddle somehow with EW HOW solo instruments to make ensembles a2. Options: 1) Double the track and play with panning. I'm afraid this may screw up the...
  2. hozierschurch

    EWQL Hollywood Diamond Instrumentation (Woodwind Patches)

    Am I correct in thinking that all woodwind patches are of individual instruments and as such, they should be orchestrated that way? For example, if I am writing a part where 2 flutes play in unison, I should have 2 patches playing the exact same thing until such a point where they play divisi...
  3. Jetzer

    MIDI mockup of The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer (cover)

    Did this about a year ago, don't think I ever shared it here. Fun to listen what my mockups sounded like a year ago, that solo cello though...ugh. Learned a lot from doing this + it was a lot of fun! Can recommend it to anyone. The piece is called "A Small Measure of Peace" from the original...
  4. Jackles

    EW HOW - Oboe noticable transitions

    Hi all, I'm using EW Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds (latest version), and I think it sounds great. Very expressive, and yet playable. The oboe sounds especially convicing, except for those quit dramatic volume changes during legato transitions. I know it's a common problem in the world of...
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