1. V

    Need help with early reflections...

    Hey everybody, I’ve been doing a deep dive and trying to learn as much as I can about reverb and using sends (instead of just putting a reverb on the instrument channel). One thing I’ve seen a lot of people do is create multiple sends for different types of reverbs or for different instrument...
  2. greentuga

    Lass - i cant!!!

    Hi guys, Definitely, I can’t get LASS sound good to my ears. Period!!! I see a lot of tutorials, a lot of videos... o sketch some ostinatos and legatos, deal with modulation, volume, reverb... I can’t go write with this library. So, can you please give a little (giant) help to me? (I use Logic...
  3. greentuga

    Help/Tips for strings...

    Hi guys, I have LASS, String Ensemble from Audiobro, Aflatus, Adventure Strings and Soaring Strings. I like the Audiobro stuff, but it’s hard to make it sound “ensemble”. What tips and tricks do you have for the diferent libraries??? One note: I write individual lines and, sometimes, use...
  4. H

    Thoughts on new build?

    I know this build is capable of handling large sessions.What I'm curious about is if I go with a 7700k/8700k would that make much of a difference in performance? i79700k is overpriced where I live.
  5. V

    How would you make this Solar Fields pad?

    Hey there, I've been trying (and failing) to make the opening pad sound in this song.It's the one that starts around 0:20 and plays throughout most of the song. Not the high pad but the low, oscillating one. I know he did a Future Music series on this song and he showed his effects chain but I...
  6. E

    Cubase 9.5 Hangups

    Hi! I have a nuisance with my cubase where the mouse starts spinning and I can't do anything for a couple of seconds. My midi keyboard still works, but I can'tdo anything in Cubase. Everything else works fine during. Anyone else experience this?
  7. E

    I think I F'ed up

    Had trouble opening a project in cubase 9.5, saw somewhere you could rename your vst folder so I did. It opened now, but everything loaded in the Kontakts and Play vsts are gone. Is there any way to fix this or do I actually have to load new kontakts and all the instruments again?
  8. B

    Logic X / Cubase Scripter Idea / Pitch / Question

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this is the wrong forum. When I'm writing chords for a section, I often find myself lowering CC11 to compensate for the volume boost of doubling or tripling up samples. I started to wonder if this could automated using the Logic Scripter. To expand: - I start by...
  9. E

    Cubase Upgrade

    Hey! I am downloading the update from Cubase 7.5 to 9.5 and was just wondering if there's anything to worry about when installing this? Will my libraries and VSTs and everything carry over or should I wait until I have a whole day to do this? Cheers!
  10. B

    Logic X Conundrum with articulations

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to set up some Spitfire stuff in Logic using Articulation maps. I'm using UACC KS and for the most part we have smooth sailing. One hitch though: I'd like to have all my Violin patches loaded in the same instance in Kontakt. For my purposes this would be: Vln Legato...
  11. A

    Programming Cinematic Studio Strings

    I use Studio one and would be grateful if you could tell me how to best answer these questions for S1: 1. How do you write in Modulation/ CC1 data for CSS? I look at the midi examples Alex W has posted on youtube and it looks like there is a CC1 swell (like a smooth triangle) almost on every...
  12. RRBE Sound

    Advice Wanted: Selling/Upgrading Mac Pro (late) 2013.

    Hi all! So last year I bought a used Mac Pro (Late) 2013 model for a great price, and I have been very happy with it. These are the specs: 32GB RAM 4-Core Xeon 3.7Ghz processor 4GB Dual AMD Fire Pro D300 2GB video cards 256GB Apple SSD However, I am now considering this: upgrading my Mac...
  13. Dirk Ehlert

    Template Consulting

    Hey guys n gals, since I've arrived in LA I had several composer friends ask me for help in setting up their composing rigs for using VEPro and / or general Cubase / system tips and tricks / training. So I thought, if there is a need for such things, why not just officially offer it. So here we...
  14. GrimeBrett

    Help - Instachord/Instascale in Cubase 7

    Hello, all. I'm not able to run Instascale in Cubase 7 because I can't send the MIDI output of my Instascale instrument track into the MIDI input of another instrument track. When I select the MIDI input of my instrument, it doesn't show Instascale as an input option. Anyone know how to...
  15. FrenchTubist

    Help: Dorico, Finale, Cubase... Which software is the most suitable for me?!

    Hi Guys, I'm a new member on the V.I Planet :emoji_earth_africa::emoji_earth_americas: and I'm asking your help and advices. For many years I used mainly Finale 2010 to write and compose my projects. But now I want to enter in the 21th Century... I'm looking for a software that could mix the...
  16. Ganampf

    Cubase 9 Pro - Fixed lengths don't work

    Hello! Nowhere did I find anyone with the same problem, nor a solution; so maybe you can help me: I want my Midi Notes to be all the same length. I had always used the "Fixed lengths" function for that matter; so I chose e.g. 1/16 as the quantize setup, select all notes, and I chose fixed...
  17. A

    Realism in Orchestral Tracks

    This might sound like a very basic question, but I've been yet to find anything on the internet that provides me a decent solution or workaround. Let me inform you of my situation first - I'm 17 and have been dabbling in orchestration since I was 14. At the moment I am using a combination of...
  18. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X Transcribing MIDI to XML/Sib file (help wanted)

    Hello Everyone, I am having some trouble transcribing a track I composed, from MIDI to a ''real'' readable score. I am using Logic Pro X, and I have done this with smaller composition, containing fewer instruments before. However, I always had (In my experience) the sheet view in some weird...
  19. MarkusL

    A little help with Best Service ENGINE? (GUI creation)

    Heyo! I started creating simple instruments (find Cabin Sampling at Patreon if you are interested) with Best Service ENGINE, not the best sampler necessarily – I know – but fits well to what I am doing and it is free. How do I create a custom GUI for it? I've tried looking for help from the...
  20. Jeradatherton

    Spitfire Strings Question

    Using Chamber Strings: I want to swell into the note from silence riding my dynamics controller but even when it is on "0" there is always a little bump noise when the note starts. How do I avoid this?
  21. Akarin

    Please help me validate my learning path

    Hey all, Sorry in advance for the long post or if this is not the correct category for this thread. I'm in need of you expert advice to validate the learning path I set for myself for the upcoming weeks/months/years... yeah, probably years. First, I want to give you a little bit of feedback...
  22. D

    Needing help/opinions

    I am looking to expand my VSTS. I am in dire need of a good drum kit. The music I am looking to create/am creating is very similar to Olafur Arnalds... my issue currently is drumkits though. His song 'Near Light' has some percussion/drums being used that I've never heard before. What program...

    Cubase Pro / Nuendo Panning Bug !!!

    Hello everyone, I'm having a 'pull my hair out day' over Cubase. I've rebooted my Mac earlier today (due to a power outage) and reloaded Nuendo (version 8) and the current project I'm working on, and noticed that all of the MixConsole channel panners have somehow been reset to the far left...
  24. B

    How can I improve my orchestral mix? Short Williams-esque Cue

    Hey EVERYONE!!! FIRST TIME, LONG TIME COMING! I've been getting into doing these mockups recently and am wondering if any of you guys, with much more expertise than little old me, can point me in the right direction to getting a more convincing sounding orchestra! I think it sounds okay...
  25. V

    How to Program Drums

    Hello, I'm in need of some tips of how to program realistic sounding drum rhythms. I'm trying to make very "rockish" drums kind of like the ones you hear in Man of Steel using The Grange or Studio Drummer. But no matter what I try, they don't sound human or realistic at all. Now yeah, I know...
  26. M

    Enabling/Disabling KONTAKT Instances: RAM Cache?

    When enabling a couple of KONTAKT instances in an orchestral template (less obvious in "multi-timbral"-type templates, very obvious in "disabled track"-type templates) and disabling them afterwards, a fair amount of RAM seems to still be assorted to those instances. In other words, having just...
  27. thov72

    Piano w/strings....aww... help.

    So the last few pieces I posted here were folk-y, but since I´ve bought SCS/SSB this year I am focusing more on orchestral. Wrote this piece in Notion and then tried out SCS with it. I always wrestle with string sounds and it never ever sounds as good as other people´s. Especially in this piece...
  28. V

    Need help with some making some sounds

    Hey guys, so the soundtrack for the latest Deus Ex game (Mankind Divided) came out last week and I absolutely love it. Honestly I love all of Michael McCann's work and I like a lot of Sascha Dikiciyan's work as well. I've been listening to a lot of soundtracks that have the sort of...
  29. V

    Beginner Composer - NEED ADVICE

    Hey guys, I want to start producing orchestral music on a more serious level than I have been. I've been doing it as a hobby for a couple years now but I really want to start taking it seriously. Up till now I've been using a Macbook Pro with 16 GBs of RAM. However I always find myself...
  30. E

    Library composer vs. Game Composer

    Hello guys! Just having this question going in my mind lately, thinking to decide on the long therm for which goal to go and which path to take and to invest more energy/money in. At this point, I'm working for various libraries, its not that bad job, always dynamic, interesting, crazy life...
  31. enosisback

    I've reached my limits in terms of humanization/mixing. Please Help me.

    Hello fellas ! This is a rearrangement/orchestration of different themes heard in a french show called Kaamelott. I would love some feedback, especially on the mix and humanization. I worked a really long time to get that "phantom menace" sound (not saying I achieved it) and I feel like I've...
  32. C

    Mixing Beginner, Help with Muddy mix and general EQ

    Hello everyone! I have been composing for a while now but the overall mix does not sound that great. I feel the mix always sounds muddy. I have done my fair share of research into it and have tried some Eq. Here is an example of something i composed (not complete): I think Cinebrass is the...
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