1. K

    Heavyocity Gravity: worth it in 2021?

    Considering getting heavyocity gravity while it's on sale. Is it worth it in 2021 or are there alternatives that came out in the past 5 years that are better? I'm specifically interested in the impacts and whoosh designers, partly for scoring but for song as well. I'm looking for something...
  2. J

    FS / Trade NI Session Horns Pro and Kinetic Metal

    Hi all, I am departing from some NI libraries I have not been using very much since I acquired them, here are the prices (which includes paypal fee): - Session Horns Pro £120/€140/$165 - Kinetic Metal £35/€40/$50 I offer discounts for multiple licenses. For trades I am currently looking for...
  3. E

    Heavyocity Master Sessions Ensemble Drums

    Looking for Heavyocity Master Sessions Ensemble Drums (assuming Heavocity accept 2nd hand licenses) if anyone wants to sell. thanks
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