harry gregson-williams

  1. ashtongleckman

    Chronicles of Narnia - Score Analysis

    Hey all! I wanted to share my new analysis of Harry Gregson-Williams' Narnia soundtrack. I've attached the Cubase session, MIDI file, stems, and final WAV down in the description for a free download if you guys are interested in following along. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Pincel

    Media Ventures studios circa '99

    Hi! Long time lurker around here, first time posting. I saw a cool post recently with a photo from Hans Zimmer's Studio in the early '90s from an EQ magazine article, so I thought I might share some pages out of the April '99 issue of Keyboard Magazine, which featured an article about Media...
  3. Karma

    Disney/Fairytale Wedding Piece

    To give a little background behind this piece... my brother recently got engaged and a few people around me suggested that I compose a piece for his wedding day. His fiance is a big Disney fan so I decided to try and aim for something along those lines. Lots of inspiration taken from...
  4. MarcJovani

    David Buckley- "You never know when a new opportunity will come. Focus on the things you can control

    Hi everyone, This is my second post and I'm very excited to share about this... I had the incredible privilege to interview the British composer David Buckley, who’s worked in the last Jason Bourne movie and is composing for the TV show “The Good Fight”. David moved to LA around 10 years ago...