1. W

    NotePerformer Sibelius Two Harmonics on one Stave don't play

    I use Sibelius Ultimate version 2019.12 on a MAC with NotePerformer 3. Has anyone noticed that If you have more than one harmonic note on a stave of a string instrument neither note plays back. This is the case with separate parts as well as writing a divisi chord. Using other configurations...
  2. N.Caffrey

    Violin artificial harmonics

    Hi, could someone help me with violin artificial harmonics? I know the correct notation requires to have the note you want to play written 2 octaves below, with a squared note a perfect fourth above. This works for high notes, but for lower notes how should I approach this? As I should use a...
  3. A

    NEW SSL Analog Strip for In-the-Box Mixing

    What you guys think of it? https://www.soundonsound.com/news/ssl-fusion-analogue-colouration-box-debuted-aes I'm very curious...looking forward to check that out.
  4. James Marshall

    What's this playing technique?

    Hello everyone, The string player here (violin assumed, but please correct me), plays a sustained note and after about 5-6 secs switches to some what sounds like to me some sort of strong vibrato harmonic-like tone. It's happens throughout the piece. What is the player doing here? I've heard...
  5. amadeus1

    Berlin Strings Expansion B - Celli and Basses

    Here's a link to the Berlin Strings Expansion B for Celli and Basses. Mainly sul pont, sul tasto, and flagolet articulations. A variety of each.
  6. amadeus1

    Berlin Strings - Expansion A - Special Bows 1

    Hi guys, I just posted a video describing the content of Orchestral Tools Strings Expansion A They're on sale until May 09.
  7. V

    Good Strings/Solo Strings Libraries with flautando??

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new Strings and Solo Strings Library (currently using EWQL Hollywood Strings). As EWQLHS has flautando and harmonics only in 2. Violins, I'm really interested in getting one with flautando patches in Violas and Celli as well, and maybe harmonics. Recorded con sordino...
  8. R

    Using Saturation Instead of EQ

    Hi Everyone, I've been mesmerized by the Alan Meyerson video like most of us here. I've googled and googled about using saturation instead of EQ (as he says he does regularly) and have turned up next to nothing. I'm very interested in this secret technique so I'm going to share my thoughts and...
  9. soniceldorado

    50 % off everything - audiowiesel's Limited Black Friday Sale in ON

    Hello, We at audiowiesel started the Limited Black Firday Sale with 50 % off all Kontakt libraries. This also means, that you have the unique opportunity to get the updated Hammered Acoustic Guitar Full Bundle for only 49.5 $ (reg. 99 $). Prices starting as low as 4 $ for SUB. Thanks for your...
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